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Note: Not related to my other fic, I'm trying to write a fic that is as logical, plausible, and nonviolent as possible. This is my best shot at it. I hope you enjoy.

"You're looking pretty gloomy." Vaith remarked, taking a seat next to Yue in the conference room. Yue didn't look up, and was intently staring at a stack of papers in front of him. Vaith peeked over his shoulder to try to read them, wondering if they were the reason Yue seemed so depressed. But, as far as Vaith could tell, they were just a stack of research reports. However, Yue noticed Vaith's attempt to spy on him, and spun around and glared at him. Vaith held his hands up in the air, knowing Yue wouldn't actually hurt him - well, he was fairly sure Yue wouldn't hurt him - but the gesture was automatic.

"Are you surprised?" Yue asked, and Vaith nodded. "Then you're an idiot."

"Hey!" Vaith protested indignantly. "I just don't happen to see any reason for you to be so gloomy! I mean, the threat of war is all but gone, we have Mel as our Master Wizard, everything's at peace, right?" Vaith asked, but then realized a possible explanation for why Yue had been so quiet and irritable the previous few days. "Oh. Are you upset you're no longer the Magical Department's top dog?"

"Not particularly." Yue said, turning around again so he was once more facing that stack of papers. "I wasn't entirely comfortable handling all that authority, anyways. True, I was doubtful for a while if Merleawe truly had the talent needed to hold the position, but she's already accomplished much in her few weeks in office."

"Okay, so why have you been so gloomy? I'm not the only one concerned here; Glenn and Mel have been worried that you're shutting yourself off from the world."

"Then they both care too much about things that aren't their business. I can take care of myself." Yue said, then added under his breath, "At least you actually bother to tell me in person when you think something's amiss, even if you take your time in bringing it to my attention." He grumbled. "Anyways, Merleawe ought to know at least some of what's bothering me; she mentioned it herself just before her appointment. We aren't at peace, per se. Officially, we are, but, as Merleawe said, the king of Caldia is just trying to test us. I'd imagine he's trying to see if we listen to his suggestions after a few empty threats, rather than him having to forcibly take control of our country. But he's a bizarre man. I can't follow whatever irrational "logic" he uses to make his decisions; all I can do is follow the repercussions of his decisions and possible outcomes of possible future decisions. It's entirely possible he has all but placed Merleawe as our effective head just to give our nation a sense of unity, to make a war more entertaining for him by giving us a sporting chance."

"Uh... but... hey! Yue, that's not nice! You seem to be implying that our military's a pushover! Can't you have a little bit of faith in me! We worked our asses off, trying to improve our nation's defenses, and now you're saying we'd have been squashed like a bug if we fought Caldia!"

"Keep your voice down, you fool!" Yue snapped, and Vaith scowled at him. "Do you want the entire palace to hear us?"

"Well, you're a wizard. Can't you cast a kekkai or something?"

"Protection magic isn't my specialty. I mainly deal in curses and elemental magic. You know this, Vaith." Yue pointed out.

"Okay, fine. But why are you bothering to tell me all this? I mean, you don't usually let anyone know what's on your mind."

"You're the Commander-in-Chief, Vaith. You really ought to know this information, and you don't seem eager to go about learning it on your own."

"Wait, what? I'm the Commander-in-Chief? I thought I turned down your offer." Vaith asked, and Yue sighed irritably, clenching his hands into fists, and inadvertently crumpling up the paper he held. Vaith winced.

"Vaith, can you remember anything! Merleawe instated you as Commander-in-Chief the instant she returned from informing her family of her appointment!" And Yue thought I was being too loud? Sheesh... Vaith thought.

"Uh... oh. You're right." Vaith said, remembering now. "Oh, and you're also upset because of General Lenolora, right?"

"Vaith, I really do not want to talk about that right now." Yue snapped, uncrumpling the paper, and looking out the window, but Vaith couldn't help noticing a slight blush on his face, and fought successfully to keep from laughing. "Anyways... just remember to be more cautious. I shouldn't have spent all this time talking to you; I'm getting behind in my work. Now, please. Leave me alone."

Note: Okay, so we have round one of Yue's worries out there. Next, I think I'll put Merleawe on the stage to discuss her problems. And this time, I'll try not to make as many errors with her characterization as I did in my previous fic, since I've had months to practice writing as her.

Also, I apologize for there not being any action. Don't worry, there will be action once I've finished setting everything up and establishing the characters' mindsets. In addition, on a similar vein, once the action starts, this fic will cease being a featureless flat plane of dialogue and I will add descriptions of settings, characters' appearances, etc., as they appear.