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"You can let go of me now." Yue told Lenolora, but she did not so much as loosen her grip on him. Yue sighed, or as well as he could, since it was hard to breathe with Lenolora squeezing him. She was strong, but he wasn't going to admit that she was hurting him. He had his pride.

He was inclined to yell at her for having just run up and embraced him as soon as she saw him, but then, he knew he wasn't going to have any luck with getting her to listen to him. He owed her, after all, since she had as good as saved his life. But didn't she realize there were people watching!

But, then, Yue was used to that. With the exception of Merleawe, a recent addition, few of his friends seemed to care much about the repercussions of what they did. Which was why he had to worry for them. He supposed he would be worrying for Lenolora now, too, since she had been exiled from Caldia, and the King of Viegald had decided she could remain in Viegald... and because of her military abilities and knowledge of Caldia, Yue knew she could be a great help if there ever was a war between Viegald and Caldia. And since he imagined, like it was with Vaith, it would be Yue's duty to inform her of the situations she would be facing.

For example, the majority of Viegald's court attempting, with varying degrees of success, refrain from laughing. This was part of the reason Yue was so nervous; he hated being the center of attention. Especially when the attention involved silliness.

Still, if he could get through the rest of the day without dying of embarrassment, he supposed everything would turn out for the better. After all, a tension-filled stalemate could drag on for decades without progressing into all-out war, and even if it did, with Vaith, Merleawe, and now Lenolora all on Viegald's side, Yue imagined his beloved country would at least stand a fighting chance, especially since he had one less worry now that Agros was doing time for his part in the embezzlement scandal. Yue and Merleawe had informed the king of Agros' treason, but they had all agreed it was too risky to publicly accuse him of such. Instead, although Agros was informed his true crime was treason, for the sake of the unity of the nation, he was being persecuted for embezzlement and perjury.

Besides, he could get used to having Lenolora around, as long as she didn't distract him too much from his work. She could be annoying, dragging him into arguments at the most inopportune of times, but, deep down, he liked it when she was around. It was nice to have someone familiar to talk to.

Being around someone who seemed fixated on him would take some getting used to. He didn't doubt he would someday either be pressured into marrying her or forced into breaking her heart, but he would decide when that day came. In the meantime, he was more concerned about not being bested by her when it came to banter, though he'd have to make sure to remind himself to keep focused on his work.

But he supposed, embarrassment aside, being hugged didn't feel all that bad.

Merleawe smiled to herself. She had been surprised when, as soon as the King of Viegald had granted her plea to remain in Viegald, Lenolora had dashed over to and hugged Yue, but, then, she hadn't seen him in a while. And Merleawe realized that Lenolora was probably surprised to see him alive and unharmed, since she didn't doubt Yue hadn't bothered explaining to her that he had gotten her message about the bomb.

She had been even more surprised when Yue hadn't yelled at Lenolora. Yue was usually sensitive about his personal space. She supposed Yue really did like Lenolora, deep down. And she was sure everything would turn out well. Merleawe was there. She would work to protect Viegald, and she could do so with a glad heart, knowing that other issues had already been resolved.

Agros was doing his time, and wouldn't endanger anyone else. Merleawe doubted the King of Caldia would just sit still and let things unfold, but, by the sounds of it, the king had found himself in hot water with his wife, who was now doing more of the running of the country than he was, and she seemed to have little interest in going after Viegald; she seemed more interested in maximizing the efficiency of Caldia's farmland to support their growing population, rather than reaching to other countries for more. After all, Caldia's harsh taxes on farmers tended to make sustaining the food sources fairly difficult.

And if Caldia effectively had a ruling queen, then some of the sexism, even in Viegald, would probably start to dissipate. Besides, aside from Minister Diplomas, Minister Agros had been Merleawe's main dissenter, anyways. And even Minister Diplomas had let up, now that Merleawe had decided to accept Fern as her body double. She would just work hard to not be in danger in the first place, so Fern wouldn't have to be in danger, either. And since then, Fern had seemed at ease.

"Yep, I knew this was going to get interesting...!" Vaith laughed, and Merleawe turned to him, smiling as well, but noticed that Vaith looked a little bit bitter.

"You're not going to let Yue have her that easily?" Merleawe challenged, and Vaith shook his head, still smiling.

"No, I'm just wondering why I can't express my feelings for the person I care about that freely." Vaith said. Merleawe, for some reason, didn't particularly feel like asking Vaith who it was he cared about. No sense letting love get in the way of work.


Note: Well, I guess that's the end. There were just a few issues left at the end of the series that I wanted to clear up, and I think I took care of most of them. But, then, the difference between peril and peace, from a political standpoint, seems to be more of a matter of attitude than anything else. I guess, someone else, looking at the few loose ends I've left, could make a big deal out of them, too.

Maybe I'll write a sequel, maybe not.