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Kurt looked at himself in the mirror adjusting the navy and red blazer and brushing imaginary pieces of dirt off the shoulder aiming for his usual perfection. He brushed his hair back petting it down so that he didn't ruin his sculpted hair and sighed at his reflection. He knew he looked fabulous; he always did, but the feeling that he should tone it down hit him more so than ever before.

His outright personality, accompanied by his fashion sense, is what caused him to be here in the first place. McKinley wasn't safe for him anymore. He thought he could deal with Karofsky's threats. He was just a homophobe, no matter how much Kurt hated it; he was going to come across many more of these in his life.

But then Karofsky kissed him and threatened his life, and Kurt's mission to spy on the Dalton Academy Warblers took on a whole new meaning.

Kurt had spoken to two boys, Wes and David, who explained what Dalton was like.

"We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying" Wes had told Kurt, having noticed a look of sadness in Kurt's eyes, replaced by a small amount of hope when he took in what Wes was saying.

That night Kurt had sat in his room for hours and cried.

Kurt hadn't wanted to leave McKinley; he had found a second family there that accepted him for who he was, but the constant fear of being shoved into his locker, and now killed, weighed heavily on his shoulders. And it was crushing him.

Kurt's bedroom door had opened and Burt and Carole walked in taking in Kurt's appearance. With the tear tracks on his cheek and swollen eyes they knew something was clearly very wrong.

Carole marched forward and pulled Kurt forward into a hug, Kurt let out a whimper as Carole pressed into one of the bruises on his back as she wrapped her arms around him.

Kurt told them everything, about the kiss, about the threat, and about Dalton. By the next Monday he was enrolled at Dalton Academy for boys.

With one last check of his appearance, Kurt turned away from the mirror, grabbed a bagel from the kitchen and got into his car to start the long drive to Westerville.


Kurt pulled into the parking lot and looked up at the intimidating building in front of him. It was so obviously a private school, what with the uniforms and brass iron fences surrounding the buildings and Kurt wondered if this was where he really belonged.

Well, Kurt knew he didn't belong here. Of course he didn't, he belonged at McKinley with Mercedes and Tina and his step-brother but that was no longer an option for him. So it was with a great amount of apprehension that Kurt entered through the main doors and waited at the desk, his stomach full of butterflies as he considered the task ahead.

Kurt would have to start all over again. Not just in his classes, which would without doubt be harder than those at McKinley, but with his friendships and social life.

Obviously the no tolerance policy on bullying would make Kurt's life a hundred times easier, but Dalton wouldn't be able to completely protect him. What would happen if someone started to harass him and no one realised? Kurt knew the world was full of people with hatred, and he refused to have his second kiss from a boy stolen from his as well as the first.

Having taken down Wes and David's numbers from their previous meeting, Kurt was able to text him and query what he was supposed to do on his first day. Within minutes chattering could be heard coming down the hallway and Wes and David appeared sporting a perfect Dalton uniform and beaming at Kurt.

"Kurt! You made it man!" Wes shouted to Kurt as he neared him.

"Yeah," Kurt said shyly, "But I don't really know what I'm supposed to do now..." he trailed off as he looked around at the impressive interior, all dark wood, leather furniture and ceiling high bookcases lining the walls.

"Don't worry about it, we got your back" David replied, noticeably more relaxed than Wes who still had a slightly manic grin on his face as he looked at Kurt.

"Umm..." Kurt looked at Wes quizzically confused at the boy's seemingly intense happiness at his presence.

David hit Wes up the back of his head, "Wes stop it! You're scaring him away! Don't be too alarmed, Wes is just a very happy boy because he has been looking for a countertenor to join the Warblers forever. He feels it is his missing piece. And he thinks you are the man for the job." David told Kurt, "But don't feel pressured into joining, it's fine if you want to lay low for a while", David finished his speech and gave Kurt a reassuring smile.

"Oh... you actually... want me...?... In your club?" Kurt was confused by this invitation. He knew the Warblers were respected at Dalton, but why would they want Kurt?

Wes looked a little downcast before speaking, after a particularly meaningful glare from David. "Oh right, yeah, you don't have to or anything, it would just be freaking awesome if you did" he finished, his voice regaining some excitement as he tried to win Kurt over.

"Um well thanks I guess, I'll think about it" Kurt gave the two boys a small smile and then turned to the middle aged woman that had just taken a seat behind her desk in a smartly fitted suit and a genuine smile on her face.

"How can I help you dear?"


Kurt's morning was fairly uneventful. At least to him it was.

He hadn't been shoved into a single wall or tossed into a dumpster, and there hadn't been any snide remarks about his styled hair or higher than normal voice.

So when it got to lunch and David and Wes were accompanying him to the lunch hall to find a busy table with three spare seats waiting for them, Kurt was overcome by emotion and was struggling to register this level of acceptance.

David went around the table introducing various boys to Kurt who exchanged polite greetings and many enthusiastic smiles and questions about him being an addition to the Warblers.

Once again David came to Kurt's rescue asking the guys to stop bothering Kurt and telling them that Kurt would join if and when he felt at home at Dalton and not before then.

"Hey," a brown haired boy spoke up from across the table, Thad, Kurt remembered his name being, "Where are Jeff and Nick?"

Another Warbler with lighter brown hair, Trent, spoke up, "Detention, Obviously."

David sighed from next to Kurt, "I swear those two are gonna get kicked out the group. If not the school".

Wes laughed loudly, "What did they do this time?"

"Well," Trent began, "you know that rain storm the other day? Yeah well Jeff and Nick turned up to maths absolutely soaked, so rather brilliantly they decided that rather than sit in wet clothes all lesson, they would hang their clothes on the radiator. Needless to say Mr Davison wasn't too happy when he came in to find his least favourite two students relaxing on the chairs, feet up on the table wearing nothing but their boxers and socks."

Thad stepped in, "And that's why we won't be seeing them this lunch. Or after school tonight. Or possibly ever again."

Everyone on the table laughed boisterously at this story clearly both impressed and amused by the mysterious Nick and Jeff's antics. Apart from Kurt who was obviously shocked by this story and the amount of nakedness involved in it.

Wes noticed Kurt was stunned by this tale and decided it best to warn him, "Kurt I would get used to this kind of thing if I were you, it happens on almost a weekly basis" he told Kurt smiling and laughing clearly reminiscing about other episodes of Nick and Jeff's madness.

The group began to split into separate conversations and Kurt looked around the table at the carefree boys chatting animatedly.

David noticed Kurt's longing face and leaned in to whisper to him, "Seriously Kurt, this place is gonna be good for you. Trust us."


After Kurt's apparent acceptance into the group of boys at lunch, Kurt's afternoon passed by with him in an increasingly happy mood. And to top it off he had English last which was one of his favourite classes, something he was genuinely enthusiastic about.

Kurt entered his English classroom and looked around the class, in the corner there sat two boys who looked deep in conversation, albeit it a devious looking discussion. Maybe this was Nick and Jeff, the Warblers' notorious comedians.

The blonde one looked up at Kurt and gave him an appreciative glance before giving him a subtle look up and down, smiling at Kurt and then turning back to Nick.

Kurt was confused, was he... checking him out? No of course not, the blonde was cute and wouldn't be interested in Kurt. Besides he most likely wasn't even gay.

Shaking his head he turned to the teacher who had his back to him writing his name on the board, "Excuse me Sir? My name is Kurt Hummel; I just transferred here, could you sign my slip?"

The teacher picked a pen up off his desk and looked up at Kurt.

Oh wow, thought Kurt, ok so his English teacher was gorgeous, that was fine, he could deal with that.

Kurt watched his teachers eyes dart over his face. Wow, did two people just check me out in two minutes? Kurt immediately backtracked. This man was a teacher, out of bounds, and is if this perfect creature would even be single! He probably had a model wife at home and two stunning little children running around his garden. Ok so Kurt was maybe getting a little carried away. But the point remained; Kurt should stop thinking about his English teacher as if he stood a chance with this Adonis.

His teacher took the piece of paper out his hand and Kurt couldn't help but notice the roughness of his fingers against his routinely moisturized skin.

"I'm Mr Anderson, there's a spare seat on the left for you" he told Kurt who, still a little dazed, turned and walked over to the empty seat taking the spot next to the blonde he had seen upon entering the classroom.

As Kurt looked up to begin listening to the lesson, his eye's found Mr Anderson's from where he sat.

Looking into the warm hazel colour he rested his cheek on his hand and sighed, content with his view.

Ok so maybe Dalton wouldn't be so bad after all.

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