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Kurt was walking briskly down the road, eager to get away from the November cold. He was hurrying along trying to shield his design book under one arm from the fierce wind and holding his scarf close to his neck with the other, attempting to retain as much body heat as possible.

Kurt still wasn't hugely familiar with New York, he knew what he had to know to get around and everything else was in the background. Which is why Kurt really hated the rain for deciding to throw itself down whilst Kurt was on this unknown street.

Of course Kurt had no umbrella, you never carry one when it actually rains, so in an attempt to save his designs, he darted into the nearest coffee store and found a table.

Kurt joined the queue, cursing its length and just wanting to be sat down right now and take this soaking wet coat off.

When Kurt finally got to the front of the queue, he ordered and paid, waiting to be presented with the steaming cup of coffee.

When Kurt picked the cup up it was like instant happiness, spreading warmth through his body. God he loved coffee.

He turned around to find an empty booth, but stopped in his tracks when his eyes found a man buried deep in a book munching on a cookie.

Kurt would know that head of hair anywhere.

He slowly began to walk over, arguing with himself whether to find an inconspicuous table somewhere else where he wouldn't be seen, or whether to approach Blaine.

Apparently the latter argument won because before he knew it, Kurt was standing over Blaine's table, completely unprepared with any kind of greeting.

"You know those are bad for you?" Kurt said before he could stop himself. Okay, so apparently bringing up health concerns was how Kurt went about meeting people these days.

Blaine stopped reading mid-word with the cookie frozen in his hand on its way up to his mouth.

His head shot up, knowing exactly whose voice that was, but unable to believe it was actually him.


Kurt smiled and gave Blaine a nod of the head, "Yep..."

Blaine sat staring at him for what was socially an unacceptable amount of time, then all in one movement, he cleared his things from the table so Kurt could sit down.

"Sorry, I'm taking up all the room. Did you want to sit down?"

Blaine shut his book and moved his bag from the other seat, not taking his eyes off Kurt's face.

"You look... well" Blaine told Kurt awkwardly, but it was true. Kurt seemed to be glowing, despite his soaked appearance and wet hair, his skin was bright and his eyes were alive.

Kurt smiled, "Yeah, well, I guess New York has been good for me."

They shared a smile, simply taking in each other's faces. Blaine thought Kurt looked older, more mature, and Kurt was busy appraising Blaine's current style with his curly hair free and stubble covered jaw.

"Speaking of New York," Kurt started, "Why are you here?"

Blaine laughed at Kurt's blunt question, he clearly hadn't changed that much. "I got offered a job here, head of department... so, here I am."

Kurt had so many questions, "Wait, so you... live here?" On reflection this was definitely a stupid question, but Kurt's brain was working a little slowly.

"Yes, Kurt." Blaine smiled at Kurt's expression of shock.

"But what about Dalton? You loved it there..."

Blaine's face fell at the mention of his previous school. "Um... that place had... bad memories."

Well, now they had acknowledged the last year, the mood took a noticeable turn.

Blaine crumbled a piece of his cookie in his fingers, not wanting to look at Kurt when he spoke. "How was McKinley?"

Kurt took a sip of coffee, "It was good, it was nice being back with everyone, Karofsky actually became a better person. But it's nothing like here. I'm so... free" Kurt smiled at having made it to New York.

Blaine smiled in return, "I know what you mean."

The conversation trailed off and both men sat in silence, feeling wary about where this was going.

"So... what did you end up doing?" Blaine asked, hating the awkward silence.

"Fashion and Design. Blaine," Blaine looked up, "Are we going to talk about us, or are we going to skirt around the subject and then leave here not knowing? Because I personally think that us meeting here, isn't a coincidence."

Blaine's eyes filled with sadness, "I just don't want to hurt about it anymore, it's been so long, and I still don't think I'm over it."

Kurt reached out and placed his hands over Blaine's, stilling the nervous movement. "Talk to me."

Blaine had become so good at hiding his emotions, but seeing Kurt again had brought it all back. His eyes watered and his voice wavered as he began to speak.

"I didn't get over you. I thought it was ridiculous, you transferring schools because of us, but then I got offered another job and I knew I had to take it. Because that classroom reminded me of you every day. My apartment reminded me of you every day. It was like one day you were everywhere and then the next day you were gone. And it hurt because I knew you were going to college. College is where you experiment, I should know," Blaine added bitterly, "and that's where you were going. But I was stuck on you. You honestly did change me, Kurt, for the better of course, and then I resented you for that when you were gone because there was a void in my life. I couldn't sleep around to fill it because you hated that, and it was you that made the hole!"

Kurt began to rub soothing circles into Blaine's hand to calm him down, hating that he did this to Blaine.

"Maybe it would have been better if we'd never met." Kurt said sadly.

"No! Don't say that. Don't say you regret us." Blaine spoke fiercely, gripping onto Kurt's hands. "Why do you always have to be the strong one? I sit here breaking down and you're comforting me? You deserve better, Kurt."

"Shh" Kurt whispered, "Don't blame yourself. With hindsight, maybe it's better things happened the way they did.

Blaine looked defeated and pulled his hands away, "So you're glad we broke up?"

Kurt pulled Blaine's hands back to his, "That's not what I meant."

"Then what do you mean, Kurt? Because right now it sounds like you wish we never happened!"

"Blaine, we're not in Ohio anymore, we're in New York."

"I'm aware of this, Kurt."

"Look, the reason it went so wrong before, the reason it was never going to work, was because you were my teacher. No matter how happy we were, that was always looming over our heads. But you're not my teacher anymore. We're just two men that met in a coffee shop."

Blaine's eyes lit up, "We can be together."

"Yes we can." Kurt said this with a smile, watching Blaine's eyes flood with hope.

"Do you still want to be together?"

Kurt rolled his eyes at Blaine, and then leaned over the table to press a chaste kiss to Blaine's lips. "You're kind of slow for a head of department." Kurt whispered when he pulled away.

Blaine beamed with happiness and brought Kurt's hands up to his lips, peppering each finger with small kisses. "So we're really doing this?"

"We really are."

Blaine looked like he was about to burst into song, "I can't wait to take you out! And introduce you to everyone!"

Kurt giggled and went back to drinking his coffee, "Yeah, and now you can meet my Dad!"

Kurt laughed when Blaine's face fell, "Um... how exactly would he react to you dating an... older man?"

Kurt snorted, "Blaine I'm kidding, we should do this right, take things slowly."

Blaine's eyebrows furrowed, "How slowly?"

"Oh my God, I'm dating a sex addict." Kurt joked, watching Blaine scowl at him.

"Not fair!" Blaine declared, leaning into Kurt, "But how can you expect me to resist you when I know you're so... talented."

Kurt's breath hitched at the feeling of Blaine so close to him, at having Blaine's lips next to his sensitive ears.

Kurt worked on his breathing and then with a cracking voice replied, "Slow, Blaine."

Blaine leant back in his chair and smiled at Kurt, admiring the flush on his cheeks.

Kurt looked away from Blaine, gazing out the window, "It's stopped raining."

"So it has, where were you heading?"

"I was going home. I stayed late working on some designs." Kurt replied, gesturing to the book on the table.

"Ever the hard worker," Blaine smiled, "come on, I'll walk you home."

Kurt went to put his coat on but Blaine stopped him, "You can't wear that, it's soaking, take mine."

Blaine handed Kurt his black jacket and stood up, putting his book back into his bag.

"Blaine, I can't take this, you'll be freezing."

"I'll live Kurt, besides, I want you to have it. I'm going slowly, see? Walking you home, I might even kiss you goodbye!" Blaine was laughing as he spoke.

"When I said slowly, I didn't mean seventeenth century slowly. I simply meant you weren't going to be jumping me in a coffee shop."

Blaine laughed as he held the door open for Kurt, allowing him to exit the shop, "I've missed you, Kurt."

Kurt smiled at Blaine and reached out to take his hand for the first time in public.

"God, I just want to shout to everyone that you're mine! It feels so good to not have to hide." Blaine declared, stroking Kurt's hand with his thumb.

Just as Blaine was about to enquire where Kurt lived, a clap of thunder sounded and Kurt jumped beside him.

"I guess the rain's coming back..." Blaine said, as the heavens opened and rain began pouring down around them.

"Blaine if this book gets wet, I will kill you." Kurt told Blaine, though the sparkle in his eyes told Blaine he wasn't actually angry with him.

"How is this my fault? Come on, I live down here." Blaine pulled Kurt down the sidewalk until they arrived at the door to an apartment block.

Kurt pulled the door open and was inside quicker than Blaine blinked. He laughed at Kurt and then went inside too, walking up the stairs with Kurt following behind him.

Blaine opened the door to his apartment and waited for Kurt to enter, locking the door behind him. Kurt was taking Blaine's jacket off, hanging it on the coat rack and was studying his hair in the mirror hanging on Blaine's wall.

Blaine threw his bag on the sofa and grimaced at the feeling of his wet shirt clinging to his body. He peeled the shirt off and turned to put it in the laundry basket, when he noticed Kurt watching him from the doorway.

Kurt was eyeing Blaine's chest hungrily, he was such a man. Dark hairs littered his chest and if anything his muscled seemed to be even more defined.

Before Kurt realised he had moved, he was stood in front of Blaine with his hands running over the newly revealed skin.

Kurt was touching Blaine so tenderly and Blaine couldn't help but sigh into the touch. "I thought we were taking things slowly?" Blaine whispered, looking straight into Kurt's eyes.

"We were, but they you started stripping in front of me"

Blaine wrapped his right arm around and placed his hand on Kurt's lower back, with one tug he pulled Kurt towards him until they were as close as physically possible.

Kurt leaned into Blaine and nuzzled into the crook of his neck, placing kisses up and down whilst still running his hands all over Blaine's exposed body.

As Kurt was doing this, he undid the buttons of his cardigan and threw it to the floor next to him, honestly not caring about where it landed.

When Blaine felt Kurt undressing himself, he reached his hands to the bottom of Kurt's t-shirt and pulled it up, exposing Kurt's flawless skin.

Their bodies arched towards each other, tan skin meeting colourless skin, and with this new contact, Kurt dipped his head forward and locked his lips with Blaine's.

Blaine brought his hands up under Kurt's arms and held Kurt's body close to him. He moved his lips against Kurt's, familiarising the feel and taste all over again.

Kurt was running his hands through Blaine's hair slowly, separating the soft curls with his fingers and paying particular attention to the short hairs at the top of his neck.

Blaine pulled back a little from Kurt, and stared at his flushed face. He brought one hand up to run his thumb over Kurt's bottom lip, and then dived back in, sliding his tongue into Kurt's mouth.

Kurt moaned when Blaine's tongue touched his, they slid against each other, exploring each other's mouths.

Blaine took Kurt's hands and pulled him in the direction of the bedroom, not wanting to lose any contact with Kurt.

When they got to Blaine's room, Blaine guided Kurt to sit on the edge of the bed while he went to draw the curtains, the dim light from outside coming through Blaine's red curtains causing the room to be cast in a dark red glow.

Blaine walked back over to Kurt, who parted his legs so that Blaine could stand as close to him as possible.

Kurt locked eyes with Blaine and undid the zip of his pants, pushing them down and waiting for Blaine to step out of them.

When he did, Kurt pulled him forward again, positioning his face at the same level as the tent in Blaine's boxers.

Kurt exhaled and Blaine could feel his warm breath through the material. He reached in to Blaine's boxers and wrapped his fingers around Blaine's hard cock, gently pulling it out of the confinement of Blaine's underwear.

The feeling of Kurt's delicate fingers and the cool air made Blaine shiver and he reached forward to hold Kurt's hair, which was still damp from the rain.

Kurt stroked Blaine's cock upwards twice, then still holding him, leant forward and licked a firm path from the base to the tip.

Blaine tried to thrust forwards into Kurt's mouth but the strong grip on him prevented him from doing so.

Kurt was thoroughly enjoying himself, licking Blaine up and down and every now and then focusing completely on the head, hollowing his cheeks and sucking fiercely.

Blaine could already feel his stomach tightening and he gasped at the sensation, "Kurt... stop... it's too much..." Blaine panted.

Kurt pulled back, his lips glistening with spit and looked up at Blaine with a smirk, "What happened to that stamina of yours?"

"It's been a while." Blaine replied, looking Kurt straight in the eyes.

Kurt frowned, "How long is a while?"

"Since last December." Blaine whispered.

Kurt looked like he was about to cry, "You mean... you haven't been with anyone else?"

Blaine shook his head, "Anyone else wouldn't have been you."

Kurt stood up and captured Blaine in a searing kiss, "I love you so much Blaine Anderson."

Blaine smiled and lowered Kurt down on to the bed, "I love you too Kurt Hummel, now let's get these pants off."

Kurt lifted his hips up and Blaine took his jeans and boxers off in one go, exposing Kurt completely. Kurt opened his legs wide, and looked down at Blaine who was standing at the bottom of the bed. Enjoying the view, Blaine slowly kissed his way up Kurt's left leg and then blew hot air over Kurt's cock.

"Oh, Blaine..." Kurt breathed.

Blaine sat up and reached into the draw next to his bed where an unopened box of condoms sat next to a still sealed bottle of lube.

Blaine returned to his place sat on Kurt's thighs, and Kurt reached a hand up to Blaine's.

"Are you clean?" Kurt asked, hoping Blaine had been tested at some point in the last year.

"Yeah... you?" Blaine asked softly.

"Of course," Kurt nodded, "No condom." He took the packet out of Blaine's hands and dropped it on the floor next to the bed.

Blaine sat himself in between Kurt's legs and spread them further, giving him access to Kurt's aching hole.

He leaned down and flicked his tongue out, darting over Kurt's entrance. Kurt groaned loudly and pushed himself down, trying to get Blaine to give him more.

"Yes, Blaine... again!"

Blaine was happy to comply and let his tongue run around the hole, enjoying the way Kurt tried to impale himself further on Blaine's tongue.

Blaine didn't let up on this torture, and eventually Kurt sat up, unable to take it anymore.

"Now, Blaine" Kurt whispered as he rolled on to his front allowing Blaine better access.

Blaine slicked up his fingers with lube and slowly prepared Kurt, but Kurt was too worked up.

"I'm ready Blaine, please get in me now!" Kurt growled.

"I don't want to hurt you, Kurt." Blaine grunted, as he continuously thrust two fingers into Kurt.

"I want to feel you, please... now." Kurt was absolutely desperate and decided to prompt Blaine further by pushing himself up with his arms onto his hands and knees.

Blaine moaned at this movement, and after a second of rubbing lube over his cock, thrust into Kurt in one fluid motion.

"Oh God!" Kurt cried, hurting from the intrusion, but nevertheless wanting more of this beautiful pain.

Blaine stilled where he was, breathing deeply in an effort not to move. When Kurt pushed back onto him, Blaine lost it and pulled out of Kurt until just his head was still inside Kurt. Blaine pounded back into Kurt's hole and cried out at the feeling.

Kurt was so overcome with the sensation of Blaine inside him that his arms gave way and he lowered his head to the bed, gripping the covers with his desperate hands.

Blaine had gripped Kurt's hips and was pounding into him with long, deep thrusts. When he was certain he wasn't going to last any longer, Blaine reached around and pumped Kurt's weeping cock in time with his thrusts.

Kurt was completely over stimulated and at the unexpected contact of Blaine's hand on his shaft, he came undone with his orgasm ripping through his body.

Kurt's walls clenching around Blaine was his undoing, and he spurted into Kurt, hot pleasure running through his veins.

Blaine slumped forward onto Kurt, though he was careful not to crush him.

Kurt turned his head to the left and leaned up to kiss Blaine gently, smiling when Blaine's sated body tried to respond enthusiastically.

Blaine rolled off Kurt and hissed when the sensitive skin of his cock slid out of Kurt. He kissed over Kurt's collarbone and his neck, enjoying how Kurt squirmed beneath him.

Kurt turned to face him, already beginning to feel the dull ache of where Blaine pounded him.

"I can't believe I found you again," Blaine whispered, tracing his fingers over Kurt's cheek, "this is what I wanted all along. To be able to be with you all the time, whenever we wanted."

Kurt laughed, "So you weren't into the student teacher thing?"

Blaine smiled, "I was until I nearly got fired."

Kurt watched Blaine's face frown at the memory. "I'm so sorry about what I did, Kurt."

"Shh, Blaine, we're over that. We're starting again, remember?"

Blaine smiled down at Kurt's angelic face and rolled onto his back. He pulled Kurt to lie on his chest and pressed a kiss deep in Kurt's hair, "I love you Mr Hummel."

Kurt buried his head in Blaine's chest, wrapping his arms around the man, "I love you too, Blaine."

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