Prom Stories from Hell: The Angel and Devil

Inspired by Meg Cabot's 'The Exterminator's Daughter'.

Chapter 1


It sucks being an angel and it sucks being forced to attend the prom. I see no significance whatsoever in going and I can't understand why people my age enjoy it- well I guess that's due to not being human, but an angel; a guardian angel to Lily Crossly aka. Promzilla. I'm in Starbucks with Lily and all her admiring friends; they're all in giggles and hysterics about who's taking who to the prom. I'm just pretending to act interested and trust me; it's starting to prove hard- the caffeine in my coffee can't stop me from actually dozing off.

"What about you Evelyn?" Chrissie calls from across the table. All eyes avert to me causing me to blush; I know it's pretty sad- guardian angels blush and for a pathetic reason too.

"Huh?" I whisper. To be honest I hate attention (unlike Lily who thrives on it and being the most popular at our school), I just prefer to blend in- it's my JOB to blend in.

"She's going with no-one sadly, she's hitching a ride with me and Richard", Lily says actually looking sympathetic. Bless her but I'm not really bothered. Why would I be? I'm not here to be a typical teenager and worry about silly things. Lily thinks I'm too reserved and calm which in her head means I'm suffering inside- Lily is a good friend and everything but sometimes I do get annoyed by her...blondeness. I mean come on! Suffering? From what- the fact that I'm hitching with her and Richard? Puh-lease, has she seen what goes on in the world; people are dying and starving- that's suffering!

The crowd AWW'S and nod their heads sympathetically at me- thoughts like 'poor sad little Evelyn Foster' passing through their mind and I couldn't care less. I'm content being little and plain. I'm happy having brown eyes and long blonde hair; it's what makes me 'ME'.

I just smile back awkwardly and turn my wrist to look at my watch; I should really be getting home to plan what needs to be done for the day (which is only TWO days away!) because it's not going to be easy seeing as Jacob and his team are going to be scouring for young girls to give to the Devil himself to control- the boys, in this generation, are a bit harder to control so Jacob doesn't bother. There'll be angels on sight to prevent this from happening.

But what's worse is that yesterday I got a tip off from a fellow angel that Lily has been made Desirable No. 5 which basically means that if controlled she'll bring misery and depression because her future predictions state she'll be very influential in our generation. So I need to work harder to stop Jacob and it will NOT be easy seeing as he's very angry with me for making him lose his last mission. So as you can see prom nights are not be very enjoyable for the angels of the world because if the devil workers succeed-it will prove to be prom night from Hell which means we fail and destruction for the future roams. So yeah, I do have MAJOR work which thankfully doesn't involve searching for a gown and tiara.