This is my take on the alternate ending of Beastly. Movieverse

I do not own Beastly, but I own the actors who play…just kidding lol.

"She don't know what to do, so she go to school to go on that trip."

I freeze at Zola's words, my heart plummeting to my stomach. How could I have not answered the phone? Will was right. I was a bonehead. I run faster than I used to run before the curse and into the school. Gasps everywhere.

I look to the sign. Crap! Machu Pichu trip has departed. My chance with Lindy…ruined. Not to mention breaking the curse. But, the curse wasn't important now. Lindy was. We loved each other.

"Who are you?" a voice demanded.

I pause for a second, composing myself. "I'm me. Inside out."

Before anyone could say anything, I run to a nearby park and check my messages. To my relief, Lindy said she wasn't leaving because she didn't want to go anywhere without me. I didn't want ot go anywhere without her, either.

Butterflies fill my stomach, as I hear her voice on the other end of the phone. What's wrong? Voices. Yelling. She gives the address. I run as fast as I can, dodging cars and sliding past bystanders. I bust into her apartment.

A man held a gun to her sweet head, her normally brave eyes terrified. The moment I jump on him and toss him against a wall he shots at me. Pain rips through my body. She tells me she's getting help.

"No, Lindy." I stroke her cheek. "Stay right here. I was someone else. So ugly and you…I love you."

My body feels ready to give out, but I can hear her tell me I'm beautiful and that she loves me. The scent of roses fill the air. She pushes off me, gasping. I sit up, noticing I got my looks back. She had broken the curse!

"It's okay," I try to assure her. Now what? She's still crying. Maybe I should've stayed beastly looking. Maybe she liked me better then.

She sobbed, "I don't understand."

Panic increases in my voice. "It's me, Hunter. It always has been. There was a curse."

She raises her eyebrows. "There was a curse?"

I beg, "But, I wanted to help you. Then, you came to me and I was in love with you."

Taking a few breaths, Lindy asks me to stop. Tears fill my eyes. Does she think I had been using her, that I would leave her now that my looks were back? Was she remembering the jerk I was before? I never thought I would fall in love with someone like this, the way love was supposed to be. Pure. Not based on sex or looks or wealth. I can't lose her now.

I turn my head, not wanting her to see me cry, but the most amazing thing happened. She realized it was me! Her voice softens, as she repeats it and we kiss.

By the time for Senior prom, I Pick Lindy up from her house and we arrive at the dance. Sloane gave me her fake smile. "You've changed a lot since you came back."

The girl I once called my girlfriend seemed hateful, as she scoffed at mine and Lindy's outfits.

I tell her, "It's what's underneath."

She rolls her eyes. "Whatever", then stops off with Trey.

Lindy turns to me. "Thanks."

I hold her in my arms. "No problem. I think it's time for us to dance."

Lindy smiled cheerfully. "I'd love to."