I wrote this a long time ago, but forgot to add it on . I'm still writing invader zim in the 40's, it should be up by saterday or sunday

Thirty minutes later and a few more cups of tea to calm their nerves, everybody agreed that what they had witnessed was a zombie. There was little time to mourn, they talked of what needed to be done next. Hatter had gone inside, leaving Hare and Alice debating.

"Maybe he was the only one..." He bit at his nails threw his glove.

Alice shook her head, "You said Pinniped was sick too. I think it's like rabies, it starts with the bite."

"Even so, what can we do?" Alice knew Hare was scared, but she wanted him to see reason.

"We can tell the Queen. Maybe she might know. Besides, her palace is bigger and safer than here."

Hare nodded, "G-good idea. She'll protect us... But what if we run into more of those things? We can't even see Pinniped if he decides to bite us!"

Hatter came out, a contraption strapped to his back, "Which is why I have invented the Make-R-Deader."

"Um, that looks like a vacuum." Alice sighed skeptically.

"Was a vacuum. Now loaded with the broken china I couldn't throw away." Hatter propped up a dummy, "But watch this demonstration..."

He held out the hose attachment and aimed at the mannequin. Pushinh a button, hundreds of glass shards impaled the dummy, "Do you know what this means?"

"We don't have to do the dishes!" Hare jumped up.

Hatter smiled before shaking his head, "No. I invented something that didn't backfire."

"Congratulations, Mr. Hatter..." Alice smiled sadly, "let's hope you don't need it."

Hare thought a bit before running in the Hatter's house and running back out with a fencing sword and a golf club. He handed Alice the sword before taking a practice swing, "We all might as us all have protection..."

"What does that have to do with... Oh you meant against the zombies...yes, good idea." Hatter blushed, momentarily misunderstanding his friend.

The Dormouse came out of his teapot, "Don't leave me here alone!"

Hatter picked up Dormy and placed him in his coat pocket, "We wouldn't do that..."

"Well you almost threw me to a zombie." He whimpered.

"I'm sorry..."

Alice spoke up, "Look, we should get going before it gets dark. I wouldn't want to run into one at night."

Rabbit sighed, somewhat content with his day as he set down a tray with lemonade served on the patio table, the ice clinking in the glass in a peaceful melody. The Queen was practicing croquet, she had a match against the Duchess the next day and losing was not an option. She was about to swing when...

"YOU'RE MAJESTY!" A shrill cry called out making her miss her target. She looked out to the sunset to see the Hatter and the Hare, Alice in tow, racing towards her.

"What is it now?" She humphed.

Hare was the first to reach her. Though he was out of breath, he tried to explain, "Z-z-z...

"Z-z-z what?"

"Zombies!" Hatter cried out falling to his knees at her feet.

The Rabbit rolled his eyes, "Oh for Heaven's sake, what is it you two are conjuring up in your little minds this time?"

"It's true Mr. Rabbit! We saw it." Alice exclaimed, catching her breath.

The Queen paused. Now she can expect such shenanigans from Hatter and Hare, but Alice was a different matter, "What exactly was it you saw?"

"The Walrus...he tried to attack Hatter... We swear he was dead. Alice even had to stab him but it didn't faze him." Hare shook uncontrollably.

"He's really dead now though.." Hatter nodded.

The Rabbit grew dizzy, and sat down. He grabbed a glass of lemonade, drinking it down to help him from feeling faint.

"...And we think there's more. He was bitten by Pinniped." Hare added.

The Queen shook the two men clutching to her and started to pace, "Alice? You know better than anyone. Please tell me he was already dead."

Alice nodded, "I've seen car accident victims look more lively than he did. I think it's like rabbies, it starts with a bite. But quicker."

"Is there any way to kill something already dead?" Rabbit squeeked.

"The head. That's how Hatter killed the Wal.. the zombie. Stop the brain, that will kill anything."

Hatter nodded, "How true that is..."

Rabbit froze as a he remembered something, "Does a fever have anything to do with it?"

"Yes, I think so." Alice nodded.

"Ballocks!" Rabbit tugged at his ears, "One of the card gaurds went home earlier, he said he had a fever. He didn't look too good either."

The Queen sighed. Then she noticed Alice's sword, "Please, that won't do much good. Come on, we'll get you suited with something better."