Drabble thing.

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Doesn't Merlin have many names or something? I kind of imagine him having a few thousand names.

Is this a drabble? It's exactly 100 words. Someone tell me if it's a drabble or not cuz I'm not entirely sure. I'm still new to Fanfiction world.

Gah, I'm such a newb aren't I?

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A visiting noble named Lord Anasian was chatting with King Arthur when the court sorcerer came up to the table.

Anasian, being the polite man he was, introduced himself and asked his name.

"Well, I go by many names." Merlin explained.

"Then what are your names?" the lord asked, expecting there only to be a few. Merlin pulled out a very long piece of paper and began reading.

"Well there's Merlin, which I normally go by, and Emrys, and Dragonlord, and…"

And Merlin listed a few hundred more.

"Oh." The lord said several hours later. "I'll just call you Merlin."