Sorry I haven't put up a new one in forever! I've just been a bit sad since I heard Merlin is ending. This show Merlin has actually changed my life and now that it's coming to a close...

Anyway I hope you enjoy this :)

"Pick up the pace Mer-lin!" Arthur shouted from his horse.

"Do you really need all this food? You look like you've had more than enough." Merlin replied. The knights laughed at the pair's banter.

'Arthur is so demanding sometimes,' thought Merlin. 'Most times in fact. I wish he'd disappear for a while so I could take a break.'

As Merlin daydreamed, Arthur spotted a rapidly growing black dot in the sky. "What the-", the king exclaimed, as a giant falcon snatched him off his horse.

'Oops,' Merlin thought. 'At least he won't be around to throw anything at defenseless servants.'

I figured the fandom needed some more happiness during this dark time so... yeah.