I got this idea from reading a story a long time ago. Unfortunately I can't remember the author or the title of the story, but if I come across it again I will definitely give them the credit they deserve for inspiring this. I hope you enjoy this; I appreciate any and all feedback.



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Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a beautiful girl…

Isn't that how all fairytales are supposed to begin? Too bad this wasn't really a fairytale. This story begins with a young girl, named Raven. Like most young girls she dreams of starlight and fancy castles, and she is constantly playing dress up and pretend. She lives in a daydream, and she doesn't wish to escape. She wants to be a princess, a firefighter, the president, a gymnast, a teacher, a mommy, an actress, and sometimes she pretends to be different animals. Whenever an adult asks her what she wants to be her instant reply is a joyous everything. The adults will then chuckle good naturally because she is just a kid, but what no one knows yet is that she will eventually achieve her dream. She will eventually be able to be everything, just not how anyone expected.

Raven is so inspired by her dream, so lost in her fantasy of make believe that she is in every play the school does. Being an actress is what feeds her fantasy; she can pretend to be a princess or a firefighter. Being an actress is exactly what she does now, but people will see it and appreciate her abilities to become the character. As the young girl grows older she becomes trapped in her fantasy pretend world of acting, she loses herself.

As she grows older, like all other beings, her body goes through changes. What no one knows is that Raven has a special gene in her DNA. Raven always believed she was special, she just never knew how much. Her mind has been filled with fantasies and dreams of once upon a times and pretend. While her body is changing, that special gene is triggered during the rehearsal of a play. It goes unnoticed at first, but she slowly becomes the character. Time goes by and the changes are slow, sometimes her eyes seem to change colors. It isn't until the summer that the changes become drastic. She wakes up one morning and to her shock her skin is blue. She thinks it is some type of joke at first, and she spends an hour in the shower trying to scrub the blue away. She hides in her room as she cries; she doesn't understand what is happening. She wishes and begs and pleads and prays to beings that she never believed in to help her. She just wants to look normal. She wants to look like herself and be herself again more than anything else, so much that she even stops fantasizing and dreaming. But Raven never stops pretending.

Raven's story ends here, it doesn't end in happily ever after.

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