I have to apologize for my unexpected extended absence. I have recently been living out of the country as an exchange student, but now I am back in the good Ole U S of A to continue my school career. I have been trying to find the muse to continue this story (and my others), yet I have only been able to get so far – until today. I received a review for another one of my stories (Thank you!) that asked for an update, and I took it as a sign from the Universe to get channeling. This is short and sweet and hopefully you will enjoy. Also the song mentioned is really beautiful, but it's not necessary to listen to it.

So, without further ado, the next installment of Mutations-

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Live and learn Jubilee.

She always loved the Fourth of July, the warmth of the air and the cascading colors glossing across the sky. It was always a befuddlement as to why it was only a select few times a year that the colors rose up high, but especially on this night. The colors were always bright and there so just so much joy encompassing the entirety of the people. There were cheers roaring as the boom sent a shockwave chasing after the lights but always falling short. As she got older her parents would hand her a stick, once it got dark enough, which would glow and spark from one end. That was her favorite moment, when she was able to hold the mystic glow in her hand. The feeling of complete jubilation during the jubilee of the freedom of the country would be felt by every child regardless that they did not fully understand the implications of what was happening. She thought the lights were the greatest thing ever.

As she grew the feelings were still there and she found interest in pyrotechnics. She wanted to dazzle everyone just as she had been dazzled by colors that danced their way across her vision as a child. Although over the years the spell that was cast from the previous gleaming jewels the briefly touched the sky, she still found joy in watching the explosions because although brief they were still beautiful. She remembered a hidden wish that as a child was her greatest desire, to be the jewels in the sky no matter how brief. If she could only touch what they offered to be one with them, then she felt that she would know what true elation would be.

Sometimes everything we've ever wanted is right at the tips of our fingers.

There you have it, hopefully 2013 will bring a fresh start and vitalize these neglected stories of mine. Please let me know what you think. I appreciate every single review and everyone that has supported and continues to support me and this story. I can't believe that this story has over 4,000 views. Thank you everyone.

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