I'm pushing myself through a crowd of people, tears and smiles alike. A room so full of life, filled with the aftermath of death. There, kneeling on the ground, a woman, cradling her lifeless child in her arms as her sobs fill the room. I took to long, I didn't run fast enough, I didn't dream soon enough, this is my mistake. Parent's hugged their breathing children,
their cries echoing off the walls, but my attention lies solely on the woman next to me. I had failed her. It didn't matter that I had saved those other children. Their was a childless mother whose life was ripped away from her when her beautiful daughter had breathed her last breath. Time passed, people faded. Soon, all that was left was the lifeless child and her mother.
The little girl, Sophia, still clung lifelessly to her mothers hand, just as she had when she had taken her last breath. I watched as the mother slowly caressed her daughters cold swollen face, as her cries turned to a soothing hum, attempting to lul her already dead child to sleep.

They needed the childs body, as they began to clean up the crime scene. They slowly detangled the mourning mother from her child, and I approached cautiously, lighting grazing her shoulder. My mind flashes as I'm on the ground, the since mourning mother was now viciously pounding her fists into my face for what seemed like an eternity. She was ripped off me, "Why didn't you save her?!" she cried, "How come you didn't save her?" as she slumped down to the floor, sobbing.

I couldn't take it anymore, I felt as if my body was on fire, I couldn't breathe, I needed to escape. I pushed through the police officers at the door, allowing the cold winter air to fill my lungs. The bright lights of cameras surrounding me, I pushed past the urging questions and accusations, making my way towards the dark narrow alleyway, finding comfort in the silence. I leaned against the wall, breathing in, the pressure I had felt against my chest now gone. They had already questioned me, I was free to go. The only problem was, I had nowhere to go. In that moment though, the urgency to move on echoed in my mind, I needed to go. I mustered what strength I had left in me and proceeded to exit the alleyway, narrowly avoiding the reporters. I didn't enjoy the idea of leaving that woman, I needed her to understand, to see that I had tried. I had tried...

I walked till' the sun came up, trying to put as much distance as I could between Ohio and I. I had a dream, a vision in other words. It was odd at first, I had only ever had visions of division. It was different last night, it wasn't about division. It was about saving those people. Those doctors, children, patients...the innocents.
But, now, I needed to forget, I needed to move on

That's what Nick would tell me to do, he would tell what happened wasn't my fault. That I shouldn't blame myself. He had always been there.
I shook my head, pushing the thoughts away. Nick was gone, he wasn't my Nick anymore. He was different. Allowing a woman to control his life, I wanted nothing to do with that man.

It's been 3 weeks. 3 weeks since I got into that cab and rode away from him. I feel empty, I'm alone again. Sure, I had ways to make money, to keep myself fed, clothed.
I just...hate being alone. Espeially now, after what happened at the hospital. Again, I shook my head. I needed to move on, I needed to keep going.
I would make myself strong, I wold make myself independent. I'll show the world that I can do it. I'll show Nick that I can do it.