Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Jaspeth
Prompt: Alive
Dedication: For starry-nights88 because I thought she needed someā€¦ intense loving -grin-


It was an emotion Jasper didn't feel often, at least not to this terrifying degree. He had nearly lost Seth today. Watching his lover celebrate with his pack, Jasper mused over how dependent he had become on the shifter healing ability. It had been years since he had had to worry about losing Seth.

But he nearly had today. It had been much to close.

Finally Seth left his pack and approached Jasper. They shared a look and without another word walked away from the celebration. Neither touched the other on the way back to their house.

Once inside they headed straight for the bedroom. Still not a word was spoken between them. The door slamming made Seth turn to Jasper. He was frozen in his spot by the fierce look in Jasper's golden eyes. His breathing and racing heart was the only sound that filled the room.

Jasper stepped forward, closing the distance between them. He took Seth's wrists in his hands and held them above his head. They stared at each other for another long moment before their lips crashed together. The kiss was violent but full of passion.

Jasper switched his hold on Seth's wrists to one hand, the other coming to cup his lover's cheek gently, the bruises still healing and fading. His thumb stroked the edge of one of the bruises before his fingers trailed down Seth's neck and his chest. His fingers stopped just above the hem of Seth's shorts.

Going to the button and zipper on the shorts he undid them and let them slip from Seth's hips on their own. Their tongues danced against each other as Jasper tilted his head and he deepened the kiss. Seth moaned and his arms went around Jasper's neck.

Keeping Seth close, Jasper stepped back. He guided Seth toward the bed and slowly laid him down. Jasper watched Seth stretch out on the bed as he pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it somewhere on the floor. He undid his own pants and slid them down. Once fully undressed Jasper climbed on top of Seth. Claiming his lips for another deep kiss, he ran his fingers up and down Seth's sides.

Seth chuckled into the kiss, squirming a little escape Jasper's fingers. Finally Jasper's hands came to his own and their fingers intertwined. The kiss broke as Jasper entered him, Seth throwing his head back with a cry of both pleasure and pain. Usually there was prep time before Jasper entered him but after everything that had happened today he understood why there wasn't any now. His healing abilities took the sting away within seconds and he fell into the pleasure.

They made love desperately and urgently. Jasper's fingers tightened between Seth's as he claimed Seth's lips again. He needed to feel Seth, every inch of him. Seth's racing heartbeat filled his ears and spurred his rhythm as he thrust into Seth. This time, one of the few times, this wasn't about their pleasure. This was about Jasper reassuring himself and every fiber of his being that Seth was alive. That Seth was alive and that he was here, with him.

They came together, both crying out loudly. When he was finished Jasper buried his face in Seth's neck. He kissed the warm skin over and over. If he had been able, he would have had tears falling from his eyes. He took a deep breath, taking in Seth's unique scent.

Silent minutes stretched out between them. The only sound in the room being Seth's breathing and his heart slowly calming. Seth's finger squeezing his again prompted Jasper to speak.

"I almost lost you today," he whispered.

"I know," Seth whispered back, laying a kiss of his own against Jasper's cheek. "But you didn't. I'm alive. I'm right here."