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My chance had arrived as Melan Blue returned to Brigadoon with the Creis Marine. A bright light shined from the Pasca chamber, indicating that the Creis was there and placed herself within the key space. However, nothing happened. Brigadoon was still ailing, so the Creis had failed to fix our world. I rushed to the chamber not only to find the Creis, but because I knew Melan would be there. I was correct; he was there. I ambushed him and the Creis Marine with a full-on attack while staying within the shadows, announcing my prescence to the traitor. I felt a bitter laugh in the back of my throat as he spoke my name in surprise. "Oh", I thought, "So the mighty Melan Blue remembers me. After 100 years in the Funny World, he remembers his former comrade"I used my discs to create a ricochet of blasts to nearly destroy him. I watched him fall to the ground as he twitched in pain from the damage I inflicted. My eyes focused on the traitor; my one-time comrade; my distraction. With fury burning within me but keeping an apathetic composure, I fired another blast in hatred into Melan's back as he gave a choked gasp.

The Creis Marine witnessed the massacre I inflicted on my ex-comrade pleading why I would do such a thing. My answer: "Because he betrayed us". "Stupid." I added to myself, describing the Creis Marine. Yes, the Creis WAS important to Brigadoon's safety and it was rude to insult her, but at the moment she was becoming a nuisance. She needed to get out of the way as I laid punishment and exacted my needed revenge and closure upon Melan.

Before my final strike, Pyon appeared, attacking and flying towards me to cease my violent actions. How dare he stop me from exacting my retribution and revenge upon the traitor; wasn't Pyon wronged by Melan as well? What I was about to do to Melan Blue was unlike a gunswordsman but it felt to be the right thing to do. Whom better to exact punishment than one whom you once called comrade.

I look down to see and hear the Creis Marine's desperate cries for Melan to not die. Why does she care so much for him? Why would the person that kidnapped her hold significance to her? She acted as though she cared for him. For some reason, she was pissing me off.

Before I struck Melan again with my gun, Pyon held his to my head. He asked: "Why did a gunswordsman end up like this? WHO MADE US GO THIS FAR!" I wondered the same thing myself; why were we forced to destroy one of our own? The only difference was that right now...I was willing to go that far. "Goodbye, Melan Blue..." I said to myself; I almost felt sorry for the fool.

My gun readied my final blast to exterminate Melan until a great tremor occurred with the chamber and the Creis City. It appeared to be a negative reaction to a foreign object. The Creis City suddenly dispersed and everything and everyone were thrown violently along with it. I had already blacked out and could not remember where and how long I had been out, but I guess it doesn't matter now.

What did matter was the question as to why did the Cries Marine fail in restoring Brigadoon to its stability? Wasn't she supposed to heal our world? WAS she the one to heal our world? If not, then who was she? ...Well, for her sake...she had better think twice before getting involved with Melan. I will not tolerate anyone, not even some little girl getting in the way of my mission to destroy Melan Blue. For it shall be a shame if she meets the end of my sword.