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Omake 3: Mew's Task; A Companion for Magic's Champion

After being assigned the task to find a worthy companion for Magic's Champion, Mew immediately began wondering what type of Pokémon would make the best companion. She soon came to the conclusion that in order to find the perfect companion for the new Child of Fate and Prophecy, she would have to learn everything she could about the child. Path chosen, the little pink cat-like Pokémon trailed after Celebi (who had been tasked to guide the Chosen One of Old to Magic's Champion) so that she could be there when both of the Children of Prophecy met for the first time. And so Mew stuck to Celebi's side as she flew across the known world towards the distortion caused by the powers of Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga.

It wasn't long before the two tiny Pokémon were settling own in the branches of the tree where they sensed the portal bringing the child would appear. Mew felt Jirachi Teleport to Celebi's side just a few minutes later but paid no mind to the Wish Pokémon as she felt Celebi begin wrapping her magic around and through the tree upon which they were perched. The air all around the trio rippled as Time inside of the tree froze in response to Celebi's machinations. All of the Legendary Pokémon in the area shivered in anticipation as they felt a spike of unfamiliar magic ripple through the area.

"Bii! Cel, cel, bii! Celebi!"

"Mew," Mew readily agreed as she shot up into the air to float far above the tree while she searched along the human road for a glimpse of the man who had been the boy who had once been named the Champion of Pokémon.

She found him a few minutes later and she felt her heart swell with fondness as she simply watched the man walking along the road with a very familiar yellow Pokémon perched upon his shoulder. Oh how she loved the man and the faithful pikachu that had helped save the world time and time again. If ever there was a human she would have wished to bond herself to, it would have been Ash Ketchum. The only thing that had stopped her from forming said bond was her restless nature; she constantly flitted from one place to another, never sitting still and always chasing after the many curiosities that captured her attention.

It would not have been fair to take Ash's heart knowing she'd never stay by his side despite how much she loved him.

Sighing wistfully, Mew dropped back down to where Celebi and the others waited to let them know the Champion of Old would be there soon with a crisp, "Mew, mew."

Just minutes later, the man and his pikachu stepped into view from around a small bend in the road and Mew snatched up her tail in her paws as she fought against the urge to greet him. She had a task to complete and could not allow her desire overshadow her duty. Her attention was yanked from the object of her desire seconds later as Celebi's magic swelled to a crescendo as the portal shimmered into existence at the base of the tree. Eagerness filled the little pink cat-like creature as she dropped her tail and peered through the leaves for a glimpse of the promised child.

Pain shot through Mew's heart the moment a tiny human child crawled out of the portal. It broke her heart to see a mere babe so mistreated and a surge of unfamiliar rage rushed through her at the obvious harm someone had heaped upon the little one. And then came a wave of wonder and awe as she felt the stirrings of the magic lurking beneath the darkness that was weighing down on the child's soul. It was pure, innocent, and powerful; even bound as it was by the evil that had been tied to the child.

There was a brief moment when Mew felt nothing but fear as the child unknowingly stumbled in the wrong direction and incited the ire of a large flock of wild spearow that had already been agitated by the earlier swell of negative emotions from her and her fellow Legendary Pokémon. As one, all of the Legendary Pokémon in the area prepared to defend the child only for the Champion of Pokémon to rush into the fray before they could act. Relief filled Mew the instant she saw Ash gather the child in his arms and she couldn't resist giving into the urge to execute several backwards loop-de-loops as her heart swelled with joy and hope.

Once she brought her emotions back under control, Mew found that she was the only one still in the area; the rest of her fellow Legendary Pokémon had either gone home or followed after the two humans. Humming to herself, Mew glanced towards the direction of the small town where she sensed the darkness twined around the child's soul before she glanced off towards the north as she contemplated the task she had been assigned by Arceus. After a few minutes of internal debate, she decided that she didn't know enough about the boy to find him a worthy companion and promptly shot off towards the boy. If her decision to follow the child for a time allowed her to satisfy her curiosity at the same time; well, no one would blame her for curiosity was as much a part of her nature as her playfulness was.

Over the course of the next nine days, Mew watched the child and the man that held her heart with unwavering intensity. She ached inside each time the child cried out in his sleep and longed to cuddle up next to the little one to ease the fear she could feel radiating from him. Outside of the Ketchum home, Lugia's storm raged on with the help of Zapdos in order to keep the other humans away for as long as possible. Even Lugia's energy was not unlimited though and on the eighth day the Guardian of the Sea was forced to let go of the storm that had ravaged a large portion of the Kanto Region.

That same night, Ho-oh was forced to intervene in order to save the child from certain death; the little one's infection and the fever that accompanied it had pushed the child dangerously close to death. It was one of the little one's heartfelt pleas during the healing process on that last violent night of storm and death that gave Mew the spark of an idea as to what kind of Pokémon would make the perfect first companion for the boy. Her conviction in her choice would be reinforced as she watched the little one's first tentative interactions with the Champion of Old on the ninth day.

The child needed a mother to love and protect him.

Mew set out on the afternoon of the ninth day to find a proper mother for the little one. It was a task that was not as simple as it first sounded; after all, Arceus had commanded that the child's first companion be strong in body, mind, and magic. A newborn Pokémon would be too weak in body as would one too old. A strong mind did not necessarily mean a stubborn mind or a mind filled with endless facts. And while all Pokémon possessed at least some magic, some species were far stronger magically than others. Then there was the fact that not all of the Pokémon that qualified based upon those three requirements would possess the nurturing nature of a mother that Mew knew the little one would need.

Bird Pokémon were notoriously good mothers but they were not very strong in magic or body and they tended to be rather featherbrained in Mew's opinion plus the child had been attacked by spearow which would make bonding with another flyer difficult. Cats also made good mothers and were very strong magically and mentally but they were somewhat weak in body and tended to be solitary creatures and Mew knew that the little one would need more than just one companion. Stumped, Mew Teleported herself to the Sinnoh region in order to bespeak the Lake Guardians; Azelf (the Willpower Pokémon), Mesprit (the Emotion Pokémon), and Uxie (the Knowledge Pokémon).

She spent a long night discussing the matter with the three fairy-like Pokémon and eventually they came up with the name of a single species that was physically strong, mentally strong (and highly intelligent), and full of old magic; the ninetales. The fox-like fire Pokémon were also known to be fiercely protective of their children in addition to being very loving and affectionate.

After thanking the trio of Lake Guardians for their help, Mew returned to Kanto and sought out the largest concentration of ninetales. She found them residing in the Lost Wilds between Kanto and Johto and excitedly hunted amongst the packs to find a magically strong, young mother with an open mind and an open heart. She found her easily enough and shadowed the young mother to be for an entire hour to make certain that she was the one. At the end of that hour, she was satisfied that her first choice in companions would fulfill all of the requirements; both those that Arceus had given her and the ones that she herself had decided were necessary.

Happy with her selection, she took herself back to the home of the man that held her heart to check on the little one and see how he had faired over the past twenty-four hours and to make certain she hadn't misread him during her earlier observations. Mew grew frantic when she discovered that humans were attempting to interfere with Magic's Chosen and the bond he was to have developed with the Champion of Old. She ached to intervene but the decree issued by Magic herself forbid her from showing herself and so, heartsick and worried over the child's renewed suffering, Mew trailed after the human machine that was carrying the little one away from his protector.

It was at that point that she realized that the machine was carrying the child closer to the Lost Wilds where she had discovered his first companion and Mew perked up. Filled with renewed energy, the little pink cat-like creature darted away to find the Legendary Beasts. She found Ho-oh first, as the Rainbow Pokémon had witnessed the same interference that Mew had and gone to search for the same trio of Legendary Pokémon for which she had been looking. Once the five of them gathered, Mew quickly conspired with Ho-oh, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou in order to bring the little one to the Lost Wilds to unite him with his chosen protector and companion.

Entei was sent to speak to the Guardian Nine that stood watch over the Lost Wilds in order to prevent them from interfering with their plans. Raikou was sent to find Mewtwo in order to request the powerful psychic's aide in guiding Ash Ketchum to the Lost Wilds so that he might collect the child and take him home once the child had bonded to his first companion. Suicune was then sent to watch over the ninetales that had been chosen as companion and mother to Magic's Champion to insure that nothing happened to the young mother or the litter of pups she carried. That left Mew and Ho-oh to watch over the child and make certain that he safely found his way into the wild.

Things were going perfectly right up until one of the humans that had taken the child had slapped him. Sure, it hadn't been very hard but after everything she'd seen and felt that the little one had suffered through it had brought forth the unfamiliar rage that Mew had felt upon first laying eyes on the child. Before she regained her senses, Mew lashed out with a Psychic Attack while Ho-oh (who had been equally incised by the unwarranted attack on the child) fired the dark attack Punishment at the same time. The moment the two attacks brushed up against the child on their way towards the man that had dared harm the little one, the magic in them was pulled into the child by his magic where the duel attacks unlocked a rare gift.

"Mew," Mew gasped in shock as the gift that they had inadvertently unlocked immediately flared to life in the little one.

Ho-oh let out a hiss of agitation and self-castigation and the two of them both flinched as the magic in the air around them flared in irritation before fading to forgiveness as it dissipated; Magic was irritated by their interference but also understanding as she knew they'd only been acting in defense of her chosen champion. Clutching her tail, Mew curled up in remorse as her eyes remained riveted on their charge. Not long after that, things took a turn in their favor as the man attempted to get rid of the little one. Mew quickly encased the box he'd been locked into with one of her pink bubbles to protect it from being damaged when it was thrown from the train while Ho-oh stood ready to heal the child should he be seriously injured by the fall.

The landing was rough and the crate bounced and rolled a few times but didn't appear to be harmed. Ho-oh then used Ancient Power to open the crate so they could make certain that the child hadn't been seriously injured. Both Pokémon were pleased to find that aside from a few scraps and bruises, the child had survived the tumble unharmed. Mew then left Ho-oh to watch over the child while she went to find her chosen companion so that she might start influencing the young mother. Oh, she wouldn't force the female ninetales into bonding against her will but she would encourage the soon-to-be mother to look beyond the child's humanness and see the wounded child inside.

By the time the child had stumbled deep into the Wilds and passed out in a clearing, Mew had enticed the mother into crossing his path. The little pink Pokémon twirled in glee when the ninetales didn't hesitate to investigate. She did, however, tickle the young Pokémon's conscience each time it looked as if she was going to abandon the child where he lay. Silently reminding her that he was just a helpless child just like the pups she carried in her womb. In the end, Mew had chosen well for the young ninetales picked up the child and carried him back to her den.

Leaving Ho-oh, the three Legendary Beasts, and the Nine Guardians of the Lost Wilds to watch over the child, his new mother, and his human protector, Mew flittered off in search of the little one's second companion. This time, Mew wanted to find the boy a friend that could grow with him. One that was playful enough to make him laugh and small enough not to be intimidating. It would take her almost a year to find a suitable match.

She'd searched high and low during that time until she stumbled across a clutch of newly laid dratini eggs and soon noticed that a single egg had, for some reason, been abandoned just minutes after it had been laid. Running her little paws over the egg, she used her telepathic abilities to brush against the mind of the unborn dragon Pokémon and found a hardy little dratini with a playful and friendly nature. Like when she'd first found the mother ninetales nearly a year earlier, Mew knew the little Pokémon inside of the egg would be worthy of being companion to Magic's Champion. Collecting the egg, Mew immediately took it back to Kanto only to find that the Child of Prophecy and the Champion of Old were not at their house and there was no sign of the mother ninetales.

Mew then traveled to the Lost Wilds where she discovered that the young mother was preparing to give birth to her second litter but that the child was no where in sight. She worried that the ninetales had abandoned the little one, only to learn from the Guardian Nine that the winter had been too harsh for the child and that a young vulpix from the female ninetales's litter had taken her place at the child's side. Mew understood then; the mother had raised the child as her own and then sent him into the world to make his own way much as she did with her trueborn pups.

From there, Mew Teleported to Ho-oh's side only to find the Rainbow Pokémon sleeping deeply atop the Bell Tower in Johto where the fire bird made his home. The little Pokémon felt at a loss at that point as she hovered above the Bell Tower while petting the dratini's egg while she tried to figure out how she was going to find the little one so she could give him his next companion. She knew that Celebi, Lugia, and Ho-oh as well as Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga had all fulfilled the tasks assigned to them by Arceus which left only herself and… possibly Victini, Cresselia, and Darkrai still working to complete their assigned tasks. Perking up, Mew closed her eyes and concentrated on Victini first.

Two minutes later, Mew was floating beside the squirrel-like Pokémon with large ears as he crunched his way through a large pile of what looked like freshly made poffins. Mew watched the Victory Pokémon devour seven of the poffins before she finally shook herself out of her reverie and let out a giggle as she called out an inquisitive, "Mew?"

"Vic, vic ni!" Victini cried as the large eared Pokémon jumped in fright, scattering his poffins all over the place.

"Mew," Mew apologized with another giggle as she wrapped a pink bubble around herself to protect herself and her precious cargo from the Flame Burst attack the duel fire and psychic type Pokémon reflexively fired at her. She then scolded the other Pokémon. "Mew! Mew, mew! Mew! Mew, mew, mew, meeew!"

"Vic! Victini ni! Vic, vic tini!" Victini fired back in return, his voice more than a little touch sullen.




"Vic, vic tini ni," the squirrel-like Pokémon finally replied after Mew used Telekinesis to gather all of his scattered poffins in silent apology for frightening him.

Mew thanked him with a final, "mew," before she teleported to Mr. Coronet in the Sinnoh Region to search out the Hypno that Victini had found to help free the Child of Fate from the darkness that bound his soul. She hadn't been in the area very long when a Pokémon addressed her telepathically.

"Hello, playful one, I have been waiting for you."

Mew spun happily before she used the thread of magic tied to the mental voice to Teleport herself to the Pokémon's side and found herself floating upside down in front of Hypno. She giggled happily before somersaulting twice to right herself as she hugged the little one's unborn companion close to her and smiled at the Hypno.


"Yes, that is correct; I am the one that Victini asked to help Fate's Child. The little one is still here on the mountain; Ash Ketchum carried his soon to be son from my home just this morn. The child has grown in the year since he first stepped into our world and he shall flourish under the care of the Champion of Old."

"Mew, mew?"

"Yes, the darkness smothering his soul and his magic has been removed. It was powerful evil magic but the child fought against it as I guided him through the nightmare he had been trapped inside by the Bearded Demon."


"Yes, the little one was traveling with his Pokémon companions; a yearling vulpix and an infant ponyta."

"Mew? Mew, mew. Mew?"

"The three of them were very close; the vulpix especially. No, the child no longer felt terror in the company of Pokémon; the mother ninetales taught him well and as yet holds a place in his heart."

"Mew! Mew."

"You're welcome, playful one. Please help yourself to a few poffin before you leave; it will take both of Prophecy's Children another four days to reach the small human city at the base of the mountain."

Mew ended up staying with Hypno for the next four days, resting for the first time in close to a year as her fellow psychic Pokémon took care of the little one's next companion. Feeling refreshed and excited to know that she'd soon be able to deliver her precious cargo to the child she'd quickly grown fond of (despite the fact that she'd not spent much time with him), Mew collected the egg from Hypno, thanked him for his hospitality, and darted off down the mountain in search of the man that held her heart and the child that filled her heart with hope.

She caught up to them just as they boarded the human flying machine and promptly turned herself invisible when the little shiny vulpix glanced sharply in her direction. The little pink cat-like Pokémon shivered in excitement as she felt the constant ebb and flow of unrestrained and untainted magic flowing around the child. His soul shone brighter than ever and she couldn't help but preen knowing she'd helped free the child from chains that had bound him to the darkness. She let out a soft giggle and danced in the air for a few minutes as the machine took the skies before she dashed after the scent of the little one's magic racing on the wind.

Once she caught up with the flying machine, she finally tasted the little vulpix's magic twining around the child's magic and she was pleasantly surprised to discover that the little male's magic tasted very similar to the magic that had drawn her to the mother ninetales. Mew gasped softly before letting out a giggle of pure joy as she realized that it hadn't been the mother ninetales that was meant to be the child's first companion; it had been the unborn child she'd been carrying at the time that Mew found her. That's not to say that the mother hadn't been important; she'd been very important as she'd been the mother that the child had needed at the time and she'd taught him how to open his heart. Feeling inordinately pleased with herself, Mew playfully danced about on the threads of magic skating across the sky.

She spent the rest of the day following the near family about as they traveled to another city, spoke to the other humans, took their Pokémon for a check up, and spent the night in one of the buildings with the other humans. Mew would have tried sneaking the child's egg into the room where they slept if not for the tiny vulpix diligently guarding the room against intrusions. She didn't mind needing to stick around a little longer; she enjoyed watching the child and was glad for the excuse to be allowed to stay close to him (which in turn allowed her to stay close to Ash).

The next day was spent much the same as the day before; shadowing the two humans and their Pokémon companions as they met with friends, explored the ruins, and celebrated the child's birthday. Seeing the small birthday celebration gave Mew the perfect way to give the egg to the child without needing to expose herself or place the egg in harm's way. That night, while the boy and the man slept, she flitted about the town looking for a human that could help her and soon found him in the caretaker of the local Pokémon Nursery. She then searched amongst the Pokémon staying at the Nursery until she found a trustworthy glameow to watch over the egg for the night.

Once the egg was safe and secure, Mew returned to the room where Ash was sleeping with the little one and used telepathy to slip into Ash's dreams in order to plant a small seed of desire that would encourage the man to take the child to the Nursery before they left town. She lingered as she watched the seed take root and sprout before she reluctantly withdrew and just as she was tempted to visit the dreams of the little one, bright flame blue eyes locked onto her light blue eyes (though she remained unseen) and warned her away. She jumped a bit at the unexpected interference but only smiled and sent the vulpix a mental giggle of pure joy before she popped away in order to sew the rest of the seeds of inspiration that would see the little unborn dratini safely in the hands of Magic's Champion.

The next day, Mew was once again dancing with anticipation as she sensed the little one's magic drawing nearer to where she was hovering far above the nursery watching over the child's egg. Everything had been going according to plan as the caretaker of the Nursery collected the egg from glameow first thing in the morning. She then watched as Ash ushered the child into the building and the caretaker led the pair on a tour of the facility before she gave a slight nudge to Ash in order to get him to speak of the child's birthday. Another nudge prompted the caretaker to hand over the egg along with warm birthday wishes and Mew giggled and spun on her tail as the little dratini's egg was carefully tucked into the child's backpack.

The pink Pokémon then waved her tail and shot up higher into the air, content to return to her worldly explorations until she skidded to a halt and pulled her tail around so she could chew on the end; recalling how she'd been slightly mistaken on which Pokémon was to be the child's first companion. Mew briefly worried about something going wrong with the bonding between the child and the unborn dratini until she thought up the perfect solution; she'd stay and watch over the boy until the egg hatched to make certain nothing happened to the egg or the child. Decision made, Mew dove back down towards the earth and soon caught up with the small group.

The next five months passed by in a blur of laughter and joy for Mew as she watched the once broken child heal as he basked in the love he'd found with the man that held Mew's heart and the Pokémon he'd to whom he had bonded. She'd just about burst with excitement when she witnessed him making his first every human friends and felt as if she could fly straight to the moon the day Ash became the child's father. The longer she watched over the pair the more she wished she didn't have to watch from a distance. Only the presence of the very intuitive little vulpix kept her from making her presence known to the two humans; the little fire-fox was highly protective of the little one.

Even after the dratini hatched out of his egg at the end of those five months and successfully bonded with the child, Mew couldn't bring herself to leave. She'd grown addicted to the taste of his magic and the growing playfulness that his magic exhibited as he continued to grow by leaps and bounds. When the child started going to school once again, Mew would split her time between watching over the child and keeping the lonely dratini company throughout the day. Playing with the little water dragon was almost as much fun as dancing in the wind with the child's magic; the dratini firing his water gun at Mew while Mew would catch the water in a bubble and then dump it on the dratini (to the dragon's delight).

Just four months after the hatching of the dratini, things would take an abrupt turn for the worse when another human attacked the child due to the gift that Mew and Ho-oh had unintentionally unlocked. Mew had been playing with the little dratini at the time when both Pokémon had felt the little one's magic spike in anger and then again in fear before all traces of his magic suddenly disappeared. She'd become frantic over the sudden loss and sent out a telepathic cry for help even as she Teleported herself to the school; the little dratini latching onto her at the last second.

They popped into the classroom where she'd last sensed the child's magic and saw the man kick the little vulpix. Ho-oh arrived just seconds later and lent the wounded vulpix his strength as the fire-fox let loose a Fire Blast attack. Mew, seeing all of the children in danger due to the vulpix's anger and pain, quickly wrapped them in pink bubbles to protect them as the classroom exploded outwards. She stayed there to continue protecting the children from the flames until the child's ponyta and Ash's pikachu burst into the room to lead the children clear with the help of the man that ran the school.

She grew a little frantic when she didn't see Magic's Champion amongst the children as they were led from the room and left dratini behind (the little dragon diligently using his water gun to put out the flames) as she frantically searched for the little one. Without the threads of his magic to lead her to him, it took Mew close to an hour to locate the child at the hospital where he'd been taken by the humans. She stayed just outside of the child's room, watching over him, until he woke. Over the next handful of days Mew agonized over the changes in the little one as he withdrew back into his shell once more; she felt she'd failed Magic's Champion.

After a week passed without change, Mew came to the realization that her task had not yet been completed; the child needed one more companion that could adapt to any situation in order to better protect the child. Determination filled the little pink Pokémon and she took off into the sky to begin her search.

This time, the search would take her four long years to find a suitable companion for the little one. During that time, she'd found any number of Pokémon that would have been a close match but she had hesitated to select one of them because she was determined to find another perfect match. Once she found the Pokémon, she coaxed and enticed the little female to follow her to the child. They only made it as far as town the humans called Ecruteak City in the Johto Region (where Ho-oh lived in the Bell Tower) when she finally realized the Pokémon was carrying a litter of young and wouldn't be able to travel much further without risking herself or her young.

Mew promptly chose an innocent and friendly human to watch over the chosen companion while she left to bring the little one to his new companion. She was in luck! The boy was already traveling through the Johto Region when she found him and she was a bit surprised to find that he'd found himself two new companions during the years she'd been away from his side. She frowned briefly as she wondered if the child would accept another Pokémon before she shook off her doubts; the one she'd spent all these years searching for needed him as much as he needed her.

Taking a closer look at the two new companions, she found that the little delibird was fairly young; not much older than the dratini that had hatched out four and a half years earlier. The little bird was brave, sneaky, and utterly devoted to the child. The trapinch, on the other hand, was far older than all of the other Pokémon; that family of dragons (flygon, vibrava, and trapinch) being nearly as long lived as the dragonite, dragonair, and dratini. He was a rather grumpy individual that was also serious, loyal, and a touch bashful. He brought both experience and balance to the small group that was filled with playful, jolly, impish, and slightly naughty natures of the other four Pokémon.

Nodding to herself, knowing that her final chosen companion would fit right in with her hardy and adamant nature, Mew gave the man who held her heart gentle nudges to get him to visit Ho-oh's home. It didn't take much to convince Ash to take the child in that direction; the man already having business to attend to there. She only wished the pair would travel faster as she disliked leaving the child's final companion all alone knowing she was rather defenseless at the moment due to how close she was to giving birth. The little pink Pokémon actually darted back to the city to check on the little mother-to-be when the family was just a couple of days away from the city.

Mew was thrilled to find the Pokémon had given birth and with the help of the little human girl well on her way to recovering from her long journey. She spent several hours admiring the newborn kits and even nudged two of the little female kits towards the little girl that had been taking care of the mother; to reward her for all of her help. Mew then rushed back to Ash's side in order to urge him to hurry as she was growing more and more excited about the moment when the little one would bond to the final companion she'd chosen for him.

When Mew returned to the city with the small family in tow, she immediately drew Magic's Champion towards where his new companion was waiting for him. She could sense the wariness in the young vulpix as he immediately recognized her presence; though the little male had never actually seen her (only sensed her). She was just considering sending the little fire-fox a calming touch when disaster struck as both she and the Child of Fate caught sight of a shadow darting around the corner towards where mew had been herding the child. Mew immediately recognized the shadow as the ghost of the mother eevee she had selected as the child's final companion and she dashed up and over the building to find a terrible sight.

She was just getting ready to teach the humans that had dared to attack her chosen when Magic's Champion confronted them himself. Curiosity cut through Mew's anger and she tipped her head to one side as she watched the unfolding scene below. The dainty little cat-like Pokémon's eyes grew wide in amazement as she saw a glimpse of the strength inside of Magic's Champion as the young man that had once been a frightened boy faced the other humans unflinchingly side by side with his Pokémon. Mew absently protected the tiny eevee kits as she watched the five companions finish the fight with the help of the little one's magic.

Mew then grew sad when Prophecy's Child mourned the loss of his last companion and Mew cried a tear of her own as her heart ached for the lost bond. At the same time, she felt hope because the child that filled her heart with hope had grown strong during the years she'd been searching and the first two companions she'd chosen for him had grown alongside of him. When the child sought to claim the orphaned kits, Mew nudged the human female that had shown up with Ash to allow the child to take them and reinforced the attachment that two of the females had formed with the young human girl that had cared for the mother eevee.

The next few days were spent watching over the child and the newborn kits and Mew soon came to understand that even though her final choice of companion for the child had not bonded with the child, her task was complete. Magic's Chosen was protected and loved and that was all that was needed. In that moment, the thread of magic that had tied Mew to the child released her and she sighed sadly knowing that she'd never again watch over the child on his journeys. That night, Mew slipped into the child's room as he slept and curled up against him for a moment; seeking and offering comfort as she accepted that this would be goodbye. She then stood up and timidly walked forward to kiss the child's sleeping brow as she cried a single tear that splashed down onto his face.

Mew then turned to go only to find herself face to face with the vulpix. The two of them stared at one another for a long minute before the little fire-fox reached forward with his paw to wipe away another tear that clung to her eyelashes as he solemnly stated, "Pix. Pix, pix."

"Mew," Mew murmured in reply as she closed her eyes and gave the vulpix a warm smile before playfully making a little pink bubble pop itself on the vulpix's nose.

She giggled as the vulpix sneezed in response. She then somersaulted a couple of times in the air before she darted out of the child's room to say goodbye to the man that held her heart. As she hovered over Ash, Mew let her little paw trail down the side of his face as she drank in the peaceful expression he wore on his face as he slept. She smiled again as she recalled the long months she'd watched over him and the little one years earlier and how close the two of them had grown over that time. Mew knew the two of them would be safe and happy together. Letting out a soft giggle, Mew Teleported out of Ash's room and speed off across the sky as she headed home to the Tree of Beginnings for a well deserved rest.

Behind her, from his perch on the Bell Tower, Ho-oh silently watched her go before he resurrected the spirit of the mother eevee and sent the brave little Pokémon to Professor Elm who would find her a home with a fine young man two months later.

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Anyway, now you know which companions Mew was responsible for finding; Firasia (the mother ninetales), Trickster (the runt from Firasia's first litter), Splash (the little dratini), and the eevee (the mother and partially her kits). The rest Harry found all on his own. And while her choices didn't always work out the way she planned, they all worked out for the best in the end. And even the momma eevee got what she wanted in the end; a companion.

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