Heart Reborn

Chapter 1


Bella P.O.V.

"You don't love me?" I swayed on my feet. A lightheaded feeling washed over me. He wrapped his arms around my waist as support. I fell into them for comfort. Was this some stupid joke? Could we all just laugh and go home?

"Bella, I'll always love you. But you're not good enough for me. I can't risk you being around our kind anymore. I'll even make it so It'll be like we never existed here." He seemed like he was silently laughing at me. The pathetic human who couldn't do anything right. The human who always needed protection. "You're too weak."

"Then change me. Edward, don't do this to me! Take me with you! You promised me in Phoenix, that you would never leave me! Was that a lie? Did Alice and the others leave?" I was furious. After I trusted him with all my heart he is just going to abandon me like this. I couldn't believe it.

"I thought my staying was best for you but it's not." Edward sighed. He hugged me and I caught the last of his scent. "You're useless. I don't need you anymore. I don't want you. Go do what you pathetic humans do and just cry. I don't want to see you ever again. Now promise me one thing."

"Anything." I vowed as tears trickled down my face until I couldn't see.

"Don't do anything reckless or stupid. Charlie needs you."

"If that's what you want…" I fell to my knees as he dropped his arms and ran. My body went numb and I couldn't feel anything but the tears flowing from my eyes. He left me. My other half left me… the whole. Why? All I could do was scream out in agony, and that's what I did. "Aagghh!" I fell completely to the ground and it started to rain. I didn't want to go home. I didn't want Charlie to see me like this. Cool arms wrapped around me slowly picking me up. Two pairs of red eyes looked at me. Vampires.

"You're Isabella Swan aren't you?" The vampire girl looked about fifteen.

"Y-yes. Who are you and what do you want?" I asked angrily. I never wanted to see another vampire again.

"Oh, forgive me. I am Jane. Jane Volturi. This is Demetri. He did me the favor of tracking you down. Aro wants to see you in Volterra." Jane responded. She was short and had blonde hair tied back into a neat little bun. Her red eyes looked striking against her pale skin. They were bright even in the dark rain.

"The Volturi? Is this a death sentence? If so, I'll gladly go." I responded looking down. My clothes were muddy and my eyes were red and puffy.

"If you died, Aro would be very unhappy. You might want to clean up a little bit first." Jane sighed. She was clearly uninterested.

"I don't want my dad to see me like this." I muttered knowing she could hear me.

"Is that your house?" she asked me.


"No one is home." Demetri. Alec. Guard the private jet. See that there are no intruders." Jane said bored. I had no idea there was another vampire there. Alec was his name. He looked back at me before dashing off with Demetri at his side. Jane picked me up and carried me through the window to my room. I pulled some random clothes and walked into the bathroom to shower. After that was done, I wrote a note to Charlie. I walked into my room and Jane had a duffel bag packed with all my things.

"We'll get you some cuter clothes when you get there. Let's go." She gave me a wink. She put me over my shoulder and jumped out my window. We ran to the private jet. She handed my bag to Alec. "Make yourself useful." she muttered. I was suddenly sitting besides Alec on the palne. "By the way Isabella-."

"Please, call me Bella."

"Okay then Bella, Aro has a gift that allows him to read any thought you've ever had with physical contact." Jane explained. I looked at her. She must have saw the drowsiness in my eyes when she took me to a small room in the back of the jet. It was a small white room with a bed. "Rest up. When you wake up, we'll probably be in Volterra." She turned and walked out.

I didn't know when I fell asleep. I woke up with three worried vampires standing over me. I realized I was crying when silent Alec asked me what was wrong. I put my hands over my eyes and continued crying. Alec cocked his head to the side and wrapped his arms around me. "I'm sorry… I just…" My throat constricted. I couldn't breathe.

"What made you upset?" Alec asked me.

"Memories of what happened yesterday." I cried, soaking his shirt. He rubbed my back in a soothing manner. "I'll tell everyone when we get to Volterra."

"Very well." Alec lifted me up. "Wow, you're very light surprisingly." He smirked.

"What are you trying to say?" I joked. "I happen to eat vampires for breakfast."

"Whoa. Let's see you try that puny human." We both laughed.

"Oh it's on!" I got into a dumb boxing position.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we've landed in Volterra. Bella, meet up with Demetri. I'm going with Alec." Jane said and walked to her brother. I jumped off the last step and tripped. Demetri caught me.

"Clumsy, aren't we?" He threw me onto his back and ran to Volturi castle. A man who reminded me of Emmett and a short petite girl came to greet us.

"Hello. I'm Heidi and this is my mate, Felix. Aro is delighted to meet you. Come. This way." Heidi led me to a huge room. Pillars were next to three thrones.

"Ah, Isabella. Nice to meet you. I am Aro. This is Marcus." He pinted to a brown haired vampire. "And this is Caius." He pointed to a blonde vampire. "We are the three kings of the vampire world."He glided over to me and touched my hand. "Amazing. I cannot read your thoughts. What a wonderful gift! A mental shield! Brilliant! Surely…you would be a fine addition to the guard." He clapped his hands.

"Sure. Anything to forget about the Cullens."

"You know the Cullen coven? How is my dear friend Carlisle?"

"He's fine. They all moved from Forks, Washington and left me." I started to cry and that's when Jane and Alec walked in. Tears were streaming down my face. Alec ran up to me. Aro bent down and looked at me.

"Tell me the story. What did the Cullens do?" Aro asked.

"They left me… you see, Edward Cullen and I were in love but he left me. He said I was useless and didn't want me anymore." When I finished, the tears wouldn't stop. Alec pulled me into a hug.

"It's okay Bella. He's not worth your tears." Alec conforted.

"When do you want to be changed?" Aro asked me sympathetically.

"A couple of months from now." I responded wiping the tears away.

"Very well. Alec and Jane will be your personal guards. Alec, take her to her room." Alec nodded and ran to my room. He carried me all the way there.

"Thank you."

"No need. I have to talk Caius, Marcus, and Aro. Call me if you need anything." I nodded and he left.

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