Hello everyone. This is Zarathustra101 speaking. I wasn't sure if I was actually going to do this but I guess I have no choice. As a lot of you know, I have been receiving large amounts of hate on this site. Why, I don't know. It's disheartening to get a ton of emails from this site and have them talk about how I write like a teenage girl. If you didn't know I am a teenage girl. This is a fanfiction site for crying out loud. We are here to read fanfiction and fanfiction only. There are people of all ages on this site. I understand criticism and I welcome it fully. I am not Stephenie Meyer and I will never be. I am writing this story as a hobby while trying to deal with the issues and problems in my life while working on all my music.

I don't normally do this but I feel as if I have to get things off my chest. I published this story on July 7th, 2011. This story has grown with me. As my most successful story I've ever published, I feel proud of it. As I read it over, I realize how much my writing has changed. Not only my writing changed though, my personality changed, my friends changed. Every aspect of my life changed and as I'm growing, I see things differently now.

Writing this story got me out of a hard time in my life because of the fact it makes people happy. I have been spending so much time making other people happy that I forgot about myself. I was twelve years old when I started typing this. I am fifteen now. I am about to be a high school sophomore. I am at the point of my life where I have to start figuring out what I'm going to do. I did decide. I want to be a singer. I want to form a band and put the music I've written out in the world. I want to help the young members of society deal with the problems that are becoming more and more common.

I am working on getting my name out there so I can follow my dreams. I would like to say officially: I'm back and I'm better than ever. I've been rewriting this story and I think I'll add the changes right on it.

I'm restarting my YouTube channel too. There are no videos yet as I took them all down. I think today or tomorrow I'll have my first video uploaded.

Can you do me a favor and maybe subscribe to my channel? I need all the views I can get so when I post my music I can get tips and pointers.

My YouTube is: soniatheoutcast

Twitter: soniaisnotdrunk

Instagram: soniaisnotdrunk

I posted my other social media so people can contact me as I shut off email notification services for this site. I only check PMs when I log on and stuff.

I will probably add a chapter to this story later today. I have editing to do.

Thank you for reading this rant. It means a lot to me. I love all of you! Thank you!