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(Samantha's birth)

"Rose, you're cutting off all the circulation in my hand," Dimitri whined when I squeezed his hand a little too hard.

Grunting out loud and turning toward him, I told him to: "Piss off! You're the reason we're in this mess! God. Fuck. Shit. Muther—Ahhhh!"

I squeezed my with every part of me and pushed as hard as I fucking could. When the contraction passed, I suddenly felt over exhausted and sad. We had been at this for hours and no such luck. Samantha was being stubborn, just like me, and didn't want to come out of my vagina. I was just about ready to tell the doctor to just stick his hands in there and pull her out. Oh God. Here comes another one.

I started yelling and poor Dimitri used his other hand to cover his ear nearest to me. "What are you doing?" I asked him when it passed and I was out of breath. I felt like I was hyperventilating for godsake. I didn't know what to do with myself other than push. Ugh. Push has got to be the most annoying word in the world. My stupid doctor and Dimitri have said it so many times today that I swear if I hear someone else say it, I'm going to slap them

"Push, Rose!" My doctor said and so help me, I moved my leg and kicked his shoulder. He glared at me, but I glared right back. Asshole. Get this baby out of me!

"Rose, no kicking!" Dimitri ordered me after the doctor got my leg back into the stirrup.

I squeezed his hand even tighter and tugged on it as hard as I could. Just as I had wished, his face came down to mine almost instantly. I looked him dead in the eye and said, "Do not tell me what to do right now! I—," I looked at his teary eyes and the redness of his face and broke down, "I love you so much. I can't believe this is finaly happening."

Dimitri's eyes widened at my attitude shift and smiled widely. I still didn't loosen my death grip on him though.

He planted a small kiss on my lips but then another contraction came. His lips were on mine when this happened and well, I...

I bit him, and didn't stop until the contraction was over. I tasted something in my mouth and brought my hand up to my tongue. Blood.

I had bit him so hard he was bleeding! "Oh my God. Dimitri, I'm sorry! I think we need another nurse in here for Dimitri's—Ahhhh. What is that?" I screamed at the doctor when I felt something in my lower regions.

He dared to laugh at me. "It's your child, Rose. Push!"

"What?" I asked like I was clueless, I looked at the doctor wide-eyed and then my eyes went to Dimitri who was sucking on his lip and trying to keep a smile on his face.

Dimitri nodded at me and rested his forehead on mine. He whispered in my ear, "Almost there. Push. I know you can do it, baby. Just one more."

And then another contraction came, and I grabbed Dimitri's head and held it in my hands, so he was as close to me as possible, as tightly as I could. Almost midway, I felt something pop out of me and then I stopped pushing. That had been the baby, right? Because I didn't know if I could push anymore.

Dimitri's eyes were full of love and happiness when he stared at me. His eyes shifted to the child crying at the checking station on the other side of room. She was crying, that was good. Her cry sounded so beautiful.

I smiled completely satisfied and kissed Dimitri, trying to make up for the evil things I had done to him today. I was a total bitch, but I knew that he'd forgive me. It was all worth it in the end.

The nurses weighed Samantha and then brought her over to us saying, "It's a girl," though we already knew.

I started doing that laugh/crying thing when the nurse placed her in my arms. I cradled her to me and Dimitri leaned over my shoulder, still holding my hand, and we both gazed at our beautiful child.

Already I could see bits and pieces of us in her. She had Dimitri's beautiful eyes, and my lips. I smiled contently and kissed Dimitri before looking back at the angel in my arms. She barely had any hair yet, but from what I could see, it was a lighter shade of brown than mine.

I loved to admit that she looked more like Dimitri than I. I licked my lips and croaked out, "She looks exactly like you."

He laughed happily and then kissed my temple before saying, "She looks more like you."

Then we got into this little cute argument of who she looked more like. I won of course, because I was too exhausted to argue, even if it didn't involve yelling or actually being mad. I handed her over to Dimitri when my arms starting getting to weak to hold her.

He stood up and rocked her gently around in his arms and I knew sleep was coming soon for me. I could just feel it.

My eyes were already drooping.

When I woke up next, I was surrounded by two more people. I sat up quickly, but then regretted it. My back was sore, as were my legs, because of the odd position I was in when I was in labor. I was still doped up on some medication, so I was exactly all here, but I could tell what was going on.

Apparently Dimitri had invited them all in to watch me sleep.

Haha. Nah. My man invited them in to see our beautiful Samantha.

Dimitri's eyes met mine from where he was across the room and he came to me. I searched for the baby and saw her in Lissa's arms. Christian was beside her cooing to my child with a sappy look on his face. Who knew Christian was a sucker for babies? I guess everyone was really. I had a feeling Samantha was going to have everyone wrapped around her finger as she grew up.

Dimitri's hand grasped mine and he sat down in a chair beside me. Brushing a few hairs out of my face, he brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it gently. "How are you feeling, love?"

Smiling as wide as I could, which wasn't very wide I might add, I confessed, "I'm still exhausted, but inside I'm feeling like the happiest person in the world."

He nuzzled his face into my cheek lovingly and disagreed. "No, I think I'm the happiest person in the world right now."

I kissed his head. "Nope, it's me."

"No—" I wrapped his head in my arm and pushed his face into my neck so he couldn't speak.

I shushed him quietly. "No time for this. I want to hold my baby again."

Lissa's head popped up and she stood up carefully, holding Samantha like she was the precious thing in the world. When I caught sight of her small body wrapped in the pink blanket, I knew for sure that she was.

I held her with one arm and used the other to pull gently on her lower lip.

"She's beautiful," another voice came from the door.

The four of us looked up and found Adrian standing there with a shy smile on his face. I nodded for him to come in and didn't even bother with being nervous of his presence. Dimitri and Adrian were cool with each other now that Adrian had found someone else. I smiled at the thought of the sweet girl he had met, Jill, and how she was becoming a good friend of mine.

The others made room for Adrian and he smiled hugely at the baby, assessing her. His eyes made their way to mine and I could see his immense love for me still there. His hand darted out and rested on my forehead. He leaned in and kissed my forehead, whispering only to me, "You're going to be a wonderful mother." But Dimitri seemed to hear it and smiled, placing a hand on Adrian's shoulder.

Dimitri spoke to me, "He's right, Rose."

Then, I smiled to the both of them and kissed Samantha's face.


Today was the big day. I let out a huge big breath as I stared myself down in the mirror.

Through the reflection, I could see Lissa, Jill, and Mia all clustered together behind me. They stared at me in wonder, and I finally took in the full picture.

The people who had done me up today did a wonderful job. I actually looked flawless for once, but don't tell Dimitri that, 'cause then he'd insist I was flawless everyday.

Laughing to myself, I flatened down my dress around my stomach area, a little self consious about my body after having Samantha. It was over a whole year since her birth and I had been working hard to lose the weight for this day.

Lissa noticed my uneasiness and came to my side. She grabbed my hands in hers and made me look in the mirror.

"Rose, you are perfect. There is nothing wrong with your figure. Look," she said showing me my stomach in the mirror. She made me turn for a side view. "There's no lump in sight. You have rock hard abs that put Dimitri's to shame." I laughed and shook my head. She was wrong, but it had made me laugh.

I don't think anyone's abs could put Dimitri's to shame. He had the most magnificant body on Earth. And he was going to be all mine tonight.

"Thanks," I said and then a bit nostalgic. "It seems like it was only yesterday that you had your wedding."

She laughed and rested a hand on her own growing belly. Five months or so after I gave birth to Samantha, Lissa came forward with the news of her own pregnancy. It was funny, I thought, as we both stood in the mirror. Our places were flip flopped. Now she was the pregnant bridesmaid.

"Rose, please, don't make me feel old."

"Oh sure. You're the same age as I am, and I am not getting old any time soon."

"Good to hear. Now come on. It's time."

I took yet another big breath to try and calm my nerves and I set off with her and the rest of my friends. I had wanted a small wedding, and so I got it. There weren't many people in attendance, only the people that counted.

Well, except Stan. He was here, but only because he heard about it through Mia and when I sent Adrian his invite. At the time, Adrian was working at the music shop again, but now he had quit and was starting to build his own architect business. His family had the money, so why not. I was glad he decided to follow his true talents and that I didn't stop him anymore.

He and Jill were going strong, and he seemed truly happy with her. I didn't mention the way he felt about me since the letter and song he left for me when he went away a long time ago, but from time to time, he'd say something unbelievably sweet that would make me believe he still had feelings for me. I just hoped that his feelings for Jill would continue to grow and he'd fully love her like he did me.

The four of us all stood in a line.

Jill had just finished making her way down the aisle, and now it was Mia's turn. She was still working at the music shop, and as far as I knew, she was seeing Stan. It was kept a secret, because of their large age difference, but after she talked it out with me, I understood her. She was in love. Love had no age limits. She could do whatever she wanted, and as long as she was happy, then I was happy.

She made it to her spot and I swore I saw her wink at Stan in the front row.

Lissa's hand grabbed mine for a quick second and squeezed. Now she was leaving me. I took a few calming breaths as I watched my best friend walk down the aisle. It totally reminded me of when she had done the same for her own wedding.

But, not this time, a little voice in my head said. No, this time it was my turn.

As she made her way down the aisle, Christian stood beside Dimitri with his eyes locked on her. His eyes drifted down to her bulging stomach and smiled. He was just as caring for her through her pregnancy as Dimitri was. I smiled and knew that they would become great parents.

Speaking of parents, believe it or not, my two parents sat in the front row as two of the few guests we invited.

Abe and Janine hadn't seen too much of each other in the past few years, but were civil enough to come together for my big day. They hadn't met Samantha prior to today and became smitten with their grandchild the moment they saw her. In fact, my mother had Samantha cradled in her arms right now.

Once Lissa made it to her spot as my maid of honor, I smiled and finally dared to start walking.

I didn't dare look at Dimitri yet. I wanted to wait until I had actually made it half way down the aisle.

Right now I was taking in all the guest who had shown up and made eye contact with Olena, Dimitri's mother. His whole family had been able to come for our big day and I was nothing but gracious. They were a big group and they had shown me nothing but love the moment we met.

His mother was the sweetest woman I'd come to meet. She even beat Lissa out, surprisingly. His grandmother, Yeva, was a completely different story. We had come to like each other, but that was only after bickering nonstop. She was hardheaded, just like I was and when you put two people who are so alike in the same room, its bound to get ugly.

After giving them all a huge smile, I finally looked ahead at my man who stood with his hands locked together in front of me.

I never thought the wedding emotions would get to me, but they did.

I started crying as I got closer and closer to him.

He was so handsome, and I couldn't believe that I was finally going to become his forever.

His lips parted shyly and he looked at me with complete adoration. I had a feeling the look on my face was not much different.

I reached him, and couldn't help but pull him down to me for a kiss.

I heard a few guests laugh at my urge, and then actually blushed. Dimitri whispered in my ear, "You're supposed to wait until the end to kiss me."

Placed a hand on his cheek, I shook my head and then eyed my daughter.

"I don't think I've ever been one to play by the rules."

Dimitri smiled and then the wedding carried on.

As we made our vows and said our 'I do's', I had an overwhelming sense of contentment.

I was truly happy. I couldn't believe that this was all mine.

Not only did I get the amazing friends, the beautiful child, and the best man in the world, but I also got something mouth-watering...

The chocolate wedding cake.



"I'm so stuffed," I mumbled in Dimitri's arms as he carried me—yes, bridal style—into our suite.

Both of our parents had dished out the cash in order to get this place. He walked us in and now I could finally see why this room had been so expensive.

It was nice. Super nice. And the bed looked very comfortable, like it was the perfect bed for us to be showing our love for each other tonight.

Dimitri and I had already talked it over. There were going to be no condoms tonight. No birth control.

If we were meant to have another child, then it would happen.

Plus, the naked feel of each other was thrilling to the both of us, with no inhibitions. It would be the perfect love making.

Dimitri decided now was the time to be funny, "Just wait ten minutes and you will be."

I laughed and when he set me down, I started rushing out of all the stuff I was wearing.

In record timing, the two of us were on the fluffy bed and kissing.

He pulled back just as it was getting good and looked me over.

Dimitri's lips inched up into a smile and he kissed me again. "I love you so much Mrs. Belikov."

I wrapped my arms around him and whispered against his lips, "I love the sound of that," I tugged on his lower lip playfully, "and I love you too."

And ten minutes later, I was definitely stuffed.

When I went to bed that night, I had the biggest smile on my face.

Through the ups and downs Dimitri and I had had in our whole relationship, we had actually made it.

And to think it all started in a clearing with just me, Dimitri, and that damn beautiful dog that I missed.

I owed it all to that dog.

I fell asleep soon after Dimitri wrapped his arms around me and dreamt of the first time we met.

It was perfect then, it was perfect now.

And the way Samantha's tail wagged happily in the dream made me believe that it would perfect for the rest of our lives.

So here's to the perfect life and all the days of it.

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