This is just a little idea I had in my mind when I was at dance camp. I figured since Mike and Brittany are such good dancers, they were made for each. Or are they? o.o

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I woke up this morning feeling… different. It was a Monday morning during the summer but I still had to wake up early. I would only do such a thing for something I love, like dance. I love dance with all of my being. Even though I'm not the brightest, I sure do understand dance like it's nothing. I hopped out of bed full of energy this morning. I skipped out of my room and jogged toward the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, which were covered with braces, and combed my blonde hair into a tight ponytail. I ran back into my room. I pulled my tights on and my bright red leotard as I watched Saved by the Bell. I always liked to watch them before I went to school during the school year. I pulled my Capri's on over my footless tights and pulled a sequined shirt over my read that read "Live-Laugh-Love". I slipped my foot into my pink sandals, grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

"Good morning, everyone!" I said as I jumped down the stairs. I heard the groans from my parents as I went into the kitchen and took a seat. I looked down and Lord Tubbington was resting against my chair. I picked him up and snuggled with him.

"Brittany, please don't hold the cat when you're about to eat." My dad complained, gazing at me above his newspaper.

"Sorry…" I muttered, placing the cat at my feet. I waited anxiously as my mom was set 3 plates on the table, along with 3 forks and 3 cups. My stomach was growling just smelling the food my mom prepared. She started to place eggs on the plates when the phone rang.

"I got it!" I exclaimed as I ran to the phone and picked it up. "Hello?" I asked in a bubbly tone.

"Yes, is this the Pears residence?" a young man's voice asked, sounding he was around my age, probably a year older.

"Yes, who's calling?" I asked with a sense of curiosity in my voice.

"Hi, my name is Blaine Anderson. May I speak to Mr. Pears? My father wants me to give him a message." The boy said, stumbling over his words a little.

"Okay, hold on!" I said as I handed my dad the cordless phone. "It's for you." I said as he took the phone.

"Who is it?" he asked quietly as he placed the phone up to his ear.

"Some kid named Blaine Anderson." I responded as I took my seat at the table again, ready to clean my plate. He nodded as I started to pile food onto my fork.

They talked for a brief amount of time, but by the time they finished I finished eating and was in the living room relaxing. I waited about 10 minutes before my mom came back downstairs dressed to go to work.

"Come on, Britt." She said as she zoomed past me. With my iPod in one hand and my dance bag in the other, I followed her out the front door. We got in the car and we started down the road.

"When you get home, I would like you to wash the dishes." my mom started. I could only a grunt in response but I also nodded. With my music blasting in my ears, we pulled up to the college where camp would be held. My mom and I went through the front doors and a lot of tall steps to get to the waiting area outside the dance studio. I felt a big smile spread across my face when I saw the kids inside dancing. It looked like they were practicing ballet with a little bit of edge.

"Come on, Brittany! We have to let the professor know you're here." Mom called out as she went through a doorway that lead to a long hall. We turned the corner, and a short woman came out of her office with a paper and pen in her hand. She looked up from her square glasses that rested on her nose and gave a welcoming smile. I couldn't help but smile back.

"Welcome!" she exclaimed extending a hand. I took it and shook it carefully. "You must be Brittany. I'm Ms. Janice. You can call me Ms. J though. I'll be your jazz teacher today." She continued. My eyes grew wide in excitement when she mentioned jazz. I could barely contain my excitement.

"You can go put your things in the studio. Take your shoes off before entering!" she sang, interrupting my thoughts and visions about jazz class. I kicked off my pink sandals and picked them up. I opened the door to the girls- and boys- staring at me. I gave a shy grin as I walked to the cubbyholes. I stuffed my bag and sandals in one then walked around the studio. It was so big and inviting. It made me want to do a cart wheel! I looked at the kids inside, observing their body language. One girl with long brown hair was chatting away to a Latina who looked like she didn't give a crap about what she was talking about. She looked as though she wanted to punch the brunette in the face. I spotted another blonde doing a hand stand against the wall. Her face was all red and beaded in sweat. I winced a little bit as she was breathing hard. Poor girl… I spotted 2 boys, one Asian and one white, sitting against the wall talking to each other. The white boy looked like he didn't want to be there, brushing his brown hair out of his face. He also had very pretty blue-green eyes that sparkled under the lights in the studio. The Asian boy had an excited look on his face as he admired the teacher doing some kind of street dance. There was something about the Asian boy's enthusiasm that interested me. I started to copy the teacher's movements and saw that I liked it. I started doing it faster; it was some kind of arm movement. I got jumbled at a part as the teacher started to watch me. She walked over to me, brushing a few stray hairs out of her tan face. She bent my arm the way she did it. It was much easier then. I thanked her and she walked away smiling. I practiced it a little bit more before the boys started walking over to me.

"Hey." The Asian boy said walking toward me. I smiled at the two boys and replied with a simple "Hi." I was still doing the movements when I noticed the Asian boy trying to copy me. I smiled as I watched him struggle a little.

"Just bend your arm like this." I said as I bent his arm gently, the same way the teacher bent my arm. I looked up at his brown eyes that were hidden by his long black hair. It came past his ears and was sort of flipped at the ends. I grinned as I stepped back to watch him do it. Once he finally got it, I applauded as he bowed. He was very goofy when he bowed, almost falling over. I looked at his friend who was still standing there, picking at his nails.

"Hi." I smiled at him. He looked up and gave me a shy grin. "Hey." He almost whispered back. I looked back at the Asian boy who was staring at me now.

"You could teach me more at lunch." He said as class was starting. I gave him a shy grin and nodded. Once we started class, the teacher made us sit in a circle and introduces ourselves. I was first, of course.

"Hi, my name is Brittany and this is my first week here." I said with a friendly, braces filled smile. The brunette introduced herself as Rachel; the other blonde girl introduced herself as Lucy, but said she preferred Quinn. We all agreed to call her Quinn, then the Latina introduced herself as Santana. I like her name, its different in a good way. After her, the white boy introduced himself as Kurt. I grinned at him as he said his name. The Asian boy introduced himself as Mike Chang, first and last name.

"We'll call you Mike." The teacher said with a smile. We all nodded as I repeated the names in my head. Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Kurt, and Mike. Looks like we're all going to be friends.

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