This story is based around Jo and Steve's relationship they had (not a love relationship, a very close friendship I could tell that they had) and a relationship(love) between Adam and Jo, that I believe could have happened and how Steve acts when tragedy strucks the MRU team.


Adam parked the car in the hospital car park and he and Jo got out of the car, they had been going out for 3 months now , he placed his arms around her waist and gave her a kiss "Be careful" he told her

"I will, we still have 20 minutes before we start, want to get a coffee?" Jo asked locking her car

"I can't" Adam said abruptly

"Oh…that's okay, I might just head up to the HQ then" Jo said worried

"Yeah, I'll see you this tonight at the car, wait for me wont you" Adam said

"Aren't we going to see if we can have lunch together like we organised?" Jo said

"Shit!" Adam said

"You forgot didn't you" Jo said angrily

"I'm sorry Jo, look I've got to go" Adam said leaning to give Jo a hug

Pushing Adam off her Jo stormed off angry at what had just happened

"Wow, Jo Mathieson early" Steve said as she walked through the door to the MRU HQ

She just ignored him and walked straight through to the lockers, got her bag and threw it into the lockers meanwhile Steve was standing a metre behind her watching her take her anger out on the locker.

"What's up with you?" Steve said standing against a locker with his arms crossed

"Nothing" Jo said bluntly

"I'd hate to see you when something's wrong then" Steve said

Jo huffed and slammed her locker door shut

"Trouble in paradise?" Steve said knowingly

"Shut up Steve, leave me alone" Jo said walking into the change rooms

"I saw Adam before Jo, said to watch out for you today, you're in a bad mood" Mike said

"Think all her anger is out, caught her having a fight with the locker" Steve said laughing

"Everything alright, Jo?" Mike asked

"I'm fine" Jo snarled and walked out to the treadmill

"I've got to go to a meeting with the head of department, I might be back if you get a call out" Mike said gathering his things

"Alright, see you later then" Steve said

"Oh and Steve, try to be nice to Jo, see what's bothering her" Mike told Steve

"Yeah, I will" Steve said walking to the elevator with Mike...

... 10 minutes later Jo was running hard on the treadmill, she wouldn't stop to talk to Steve when he asked her multiple times, she just went faster and faster

"What level you on?" Steve said

"…12…" Jo said running and out of breathe

"Want to stop for a while?" Steve asked with caution

"..Nope" Jo said breathing deeply

"Come on..Stop!" Steve said while trying to lower the running pace on the machine

"Leave it Steve" Jo snarled

"Jo, you need to stop, you've been doing this for 20minutes, you're gonna break soon"

"I'M FINE STEVE, JUST PISS OFF!" Jo shouted out of breathe

Steve didn't do as she said and sat down on bench beside the treadmill, Jo began to feel sick and light headed, she didn't show it to Steve and started to slow down her pace. Soon after she stopped running all together and went and leant against the fence wall next to the veranda.

Steve could tell she was about to throw up, he went and got her a bottle of water from the fridge and brought it out to her."Here drink this" he said handing a bottle of water to Jo

"Thanks" she replied sighing and leaning her head against the wall

"You need to take it easy, pace yourself Jo" Steve said placing two fingers across her wrist to check her pulse

"I'm fine" Jo said starting to get up, but became dizzy and fell back to the ground "Maybe not.."

"What did you have for breakfast?" Steve asked concerned

"Nothing, I wasn't hungry" Jo said

"Jo! You know better than that for god sakes, you're a paramedic" he told her

"I know, just I haven't really felt like eating.." she said

"What's going on between you and Adam?" Steve asked

"I don't know, he is acting all weird lately" Jo answered rubbing her head

"You got a headache?" Steve asked concerned

"Yeah, I'll be fine though" Jo said

"Come on lets go get some food, and I'm not going to accept a no" Steve said helping Jo up

Jo groaned "mm fine" She said getting up with Steve's help.

The pair headed down to the cafeteria for food where Jo spotted Adam sitting at a table "What are you doing down here?" Jo asked

"Uh..Needed to get something to eat, was starving, Frank let me go out for 10 minutes" Adam said looking around

("Come here") this part doesn't sound right but I'll let you decide if you want to change it, Jo said pulling him close to her to give him a kiss, but Adam hesitated and pulled away

"What's wrong?" Jo asked concerned

"Nothing, I just can't here" Adam said abruptly

"What? What are you talking about?" Jo asked nervously

"Just leave it yeah, and I won't be home tonight I have to …do a double shift, sorry" Adam said looking around

"You only did a double shift a couple of days ago, you're going to get burned out Adam" Jo said placing her hand on his face

"Jo, not here" he said taking her hand of his face "I've got to get back to work, I'll see you tomorrow sometime"

"Yeah..sure" Jo said trying not to become upset.

"Hey, everything alright?" Steve asked concerned after seeing what had just transpired

'….Yeah" Jo said avoiding Steve's eyes

"Doesn't seem like you're okay, come on talk to me Jo" Steve said grabbing Jo's arm and leading her outside

"I don't know what Adams problem is lately" Jo said becoming upset

"What do you mean, I thought you guys were going great" Steve exclaimed

"I thought we were too, but lately he has been avoiding me at the hospital, I just don't know anymore" Jo told Steve

"I'll have a chat with him" Steve said

"No, no please don't" Jo said

"Do you want the first shower?" Steve asked Jo as they walked through the change room doors after they had been out on a call

"No its okay, you have the first one, I'll wait till I get home" Jo said

"Do you want to go out for a drink, take your mind of things?" Steve asked placing his hand on her shoulder

"Nah, its…It's alright, I might just go home and lie on the couch" Jo said sadly

"You sure, you could use some cheering up" Steve said smiling

"It's okay Steve, it really is, I think I might write up the report and then go for a walk until Mike gets back" Jo said

"Want some company?" Steve asked

"No, I want some alone time" Jo said grabbing a seat and starting her report

"Hey" Jo said to Adam when she spotted him with an unfamiliar woman

"Shit, you scared me Jo" Adam said when she put her arms around his waist

"Sorry.." Jo said going to hug him

"I hate when you do that, can you not do it again" Adam said pushing her away

"Adam what's going on?" Jo said taking a step back

"Nothing, I just need some personal space, your always with me" Adam said rudely

"Well, that's what happens when you have a girlfriend Adam" Jo said upset

"I need to go Jo, will talk about this later" Adam said walking away leaving Jo to walk away in tears

"What was that mate?" Steve asked angrily after seeing what had happened

"Excuse me?" Adam asked turning around

"You think you can just speak to Jo in that manner and push her away?" Steve said getting in Adams face

"Jo and my relationship has nothing to do with you Steve, so back off" Adam said giving Steve a bit of a push

"It has everything to do with me when you push her around and make her upset and not focused on her job" Steve said angrily

"Well you should just mind your own business" Adam said walking off

"Hello?" Jo answered into the phone, not checking the caller I.D

"Hey Jo, its Steve" Steve said

"Oh..hey, what are you calling for?" she asked

"I needed to call you to make sure that you're okay" Steve said sincerely

"I'm fine Steve, thanks for calling though" Jo said

"Are you sure? I saw what happened with you and Adam this afternoon" Steve said

"What? How, where you following me when I said I wanted to go for a walk?" Jo said getting angry

"I had to Jo, to make sure you were okay, you haven't been yourself lately and I'm worried about you" Steve said trying to not make Jo any angrier that she was already. He knew that she got angry whenever someone asked if she was okay, she was very independent and hated being told what to do. He and Jo were very close friends after starting off to a rough patch; Jo had no one else she knew when she first arrived.

"I really am fine Steve, I just need to sleep, and I'm really tired sorry" Jo said to Steve, although she was very tired, she knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep with a million thoughts running through her mind.

"Alright, if you need me just give me a call" Steve said to Jo

"Yeah sure, I'll see you tomorrow, bye Steve" She said then hung up the phone

She kept her mobile out and dialled the hospitals number, she was about to hang up when Gabby answered the phone

"All saints Western General Hospital, Nurse Gabrielle Jaeger speaking" Gabby said

"Hey Gabby, its Jo" Jo said nervously on the phone

"Hey Jo…is everything okay?" Gabby asked

"Yeah, is Adam busy with a patient at the moment?" Jo asked

"No, he finished work earlier today at 6" Gabby said explained

"Oh…didn't Frank need him to work a double shift anymore?" Jo asked

"No, he wasn't rostered on for a double sorry Jo" Gabby said apologetically

"Oh…Okay, must of got the times mixed up…Sorry Gabby" Jo said before hanging up the phone

"Adam?" Jo asked when she heard him come in the door at 1am

"Go back to sleep" Adam said

"Where have you been all night?" Jo asked

"At work, like I told you!" Adam said angered

"I called up the hospital, Gaby said you weren't working" Jo said upset

"You did what?" Adam asked angrily

"I needed to ask you something, where were you Adam?" Jo asked walking towards him

"On a different ward" Adam said rudely "Look, you need to stop checking up on me"

"Gabby said you weren't working at all" Jo said nervously

"Shut up Jo and just go to bed" Adam said

"Sorry babe, love you" Adam whispered into Jo's ear when he came into their bedroom an hour later to find her fast asleep

"Shit I slept in!" Jo said aloud when she woke up and looked at the clock next to her bed

"Crap!" Jo said when she suddenly felt light headed and like she was going to throw up



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