chapter 5: Hurtful Feelings


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Jo was still shaken up by what had just happened. She would never normally be shaken up by Steve fighting, she should have been immune to it, normally she had to step in and stop the fight. Steve looked down at her as they walked through the car park "You okay?" Steve asked arriving at his car

"Everyone knows" Jo sighed as Steve stopped to unlock his car. She walked over to the passenger side and hopped in. Steve put her bags in the back of the car and walked back to sit in the driver's seat.

"That doesn't matter Jo. Know I'm going to stay with you tonight. So, what do you want for dinner?" Steve asked as they drove out of the hospital car park. Jo was staring out the window of the car, tears started to fall down her pale skin. "Jo?" Steve asked quickly glancing of the road to look at her; he placed one hand on her back, and returned to watching the road. The short ride was filled with silence, and the sound of Jo's cries.

A few minutes later

Steve pulled into Jo's drive way, and parked his car just outside. He opened his side and walked to the back of the car and pulling out Jo's bags. He walked to her side and opened the door "Come on, let's go in". Steve unbuckled Jo's seatbelt and helped her out of the car and into her house. "Do you want anything?"

Jo shook her head "No, it's okay. I think I want to go to bed" She said softly

"Alright, are you sure you don't want anything to eat first?" Steve asked as he placed her bags on the couch beside him. Jo shook her head, Steve sighed "Promise you'll eat something in the morning?"

"Maybe, if I feel like it"

"Jo, you need to eat. If you don't eat you'll become sicker" Steve said worried

"I don't care" Jo said as she walked into her bedroom keeping the door open. She walked over to her bed and hopped in, feeling warm from her own sheets.

"Why don't you change into something comfier to sleep in" Steve suggested, pulling out some pyjamas out of her wardrobe.

"Thanks" she said softly as she took them out of his hands. He walked out giving her time to change into the clothes. Steve walked back in noticing her crying under the sheets. His heart sank again, he hated seeing Jo like this. He went to pull the sheets back down, so he could see Jo, but she held on tight not wanting to speak or see him. Steve sighed and walked out picking up her phone along the way. Searching through her contacts he came across the name he was looking for and started to call it.

"Hey sis, what's happening?" Jay asked

"This is Steve from the MRU team that your sister works with" Steve said calmly over the phone

"What, where's Jo? Oh my god. Please tell me she's okay?" Jay started to panic; Steve could hear it in his voice

"She was in an accident a couple of days ago, she was around 16 weeks pregnant and she lost the baby. She's really not coping, I've been with her since the accident. She didn't want me to call you, but she isn't really doing well mentally at the moment. Is there a chance you can get here?" Steve told her older brother trying not to make him panic further

"Shit. I'll go to the airport and get the next available flight. Don't tell her I'm coming" Jay said as he scrambled to pack a bag full of clothes and essentials.

Steve walked back into Jo's room where she had fallen asleep; he sat with her watching her sleep. Starting to feel sleepy himself he fell asleep on a chair he had brought into her room.

The following morning

Steve had woken up early, Jo's phone was ringing when he picked it up he noticed Jay's caller I.D on the front of the phone. It was Jay telling Steve he'd just arrived at the airport and that he'd be at Jo's in the next half 'n' hour. Steve paced the front yard of Jo's house, after twenty minutes Steve spotted a taxi coming down the street. Pulling into the drive way, Steve saw Jo's older brother; he was tall, had blonde hair just like Jo's colour and he was tanned, Obviously his a surfer.

"Steve, I work with your sister" Steve said extending his hand to shake with Jays

"Yeah, I've heard about you guys" Jay said accepting the hand shake. "Is she asleep?" he asked

Steve nodded his head "Yeah. She's been asleep since last night, but she's been very restless" They both moved inside, Jay went and opened Jo's bedroom door and peeked in looking at his sister sleeping peacefully. He went back out to the lounge room where Steve was sitting on the couch.

"So, what happened, who was the father?" Jay asked nervously before remembering everything Jo had told him "Wait…Where's Adam?"

Steve sighed "Uh…he cheated on Jo"

Jay's face turned into anger and hatred "He cheated on her, what type of asshole does that?" Jay shook his head "You said there was an accident, what sort of accident?"

"We were on a call out, we'd just finished. This car came out of nowhere and hit her, she had a head laceration and was unconscious for a while and she'd been bleeding. Then she woke up a few hours later and miscarried" Steve said sadly as he rubbed his head.

"No wonder why she's like the way she is" Jay said. A few minutes later, Steve could hear the faint shouting of Jo. Both jumping out of their seats they ran into her room to find her sheets all scrunched up and the blanket tossed onto the ground. Her eyes were still shut which meant that she was dreaming. Steve let Jay take care of the situation; Jay walked up to his sisters side and gently rubbed her head "Jo, its Jay. You're okay it was just a dream" Slowly opening her eyes she saw the familiar sight of her brother in front of her.

"Jay, what are you doing here?" Her voice soft and quiet from all the crying she had done

"Steve called me, he was worried about you. Why didn't you tell me about all of this?" Jay asked concerned

"Because, I wanted to handle it on my own" Jo said

"Look, why don't you try and get some more sleep. I'll stay with you, I'll just be here" Jay said as he sat on the edge of her bed, remember back to when she was a teenager and she came home broken hearted from guys she'd gone out with. Jo slowly shut her eyes, feeling the comfort and protection from Jay she began to fall asleep…

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