Strawberry Fever

Being in a relationship with Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Amu finds it hard to cool down her sexual fever... Amuto

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Ages: Amu is 17 years old, whilst Ikuto is about 20 years old.



"... No!"

Amu looked horrified, her eyes wide as the heavens poured down on her. A moment ago the sky had been a perfect blue colour, and now it was dark and grey with the cold, hard rain slating down on her, soaking her to the bone. She had not expected this, not when the weather had been so beautiful!

Cursing the rain, Amu began to jog towards the nearest shelter that she could stand under. If she stayed outside for too long, then she would inevitably catch a cold, and she didn't need that when she had her exams to prepare for.

It was just her luck that it had to rain when she didn't have her umbrella...

"Hey hey, look! Her bra's showing!" Amu's ears perked up when she heard the voice of a lad not too far away. Looking up, she saw that he and his friend were staring at her with wide, perverted grins on their cheeky faces. She suddenly became conscious of how wet her clothes were...

"Gyaa!" she cried out, immediately wrapping her arms around her chest as they laughed and commented on how lucky they were as they walked off. Huffing and red with embarassment, Amu mentally cursed the two lads, though she felt sorry for them. Imagine being so excited just by seeing a bra! Their sex lives must be boring.

Sighing, Amu watched the rain fall down in large sleets. There was no way that she would get home in this weather without gaining a cold on the way, and the nearest bus station was a good ten minutes away, so that was out of the question. Shaking her head, Amu shivered slightly. She didn't know anyone who lived around these parts, did she...?

Suddenly realising where she was, Amu stepped out into the rain, running at full speed as she made her way towards a nearby apartment building. If she wanted warmth and a nice, hot shower, then she had to go. There was no way she was getting a bloody cold just because the stupid weather was being awkward with her...

After running up a few flights of stairs and bumping into one or two passer bys, Amu reached her destination. Breathing heavily, she stared at the apartment door that her legs had managed to carry her to. Shivering, with her uniform clinging to her small fram uncomfortably, she lifted a shaking fist and knocked on the door before her, hoping that the occupant was home.

When a few minutes passed, Amu was ready to give up and leave. If he wasn't in, then it meant that she had to walk back home in this bloody weather, but it was still better than just standing there, all soaked through and freezing. Geez, she had a higher chance of getting a cold waiting for the guy than by actually running around in the rain.

Grumbling to herself, Amu turned on her heel and moved back to where she came from, only to hear the door creak open heartily as a pool of welcoming light to spread about the hall of the apartment complex.

"Yes?" she heard his deep, rather sensual, voice ask as she turned around and bolted up to his doorway, staring up at him as if he was a miracle that had suddenly appeared.

"Ikuto-kun..." she mumbled, forgetting the state she was in as he stared down at her, surprised to see his little Amu -koi outside of the doorway, her small frame clad in a soaked uniform that stuck to her body in such an appealing way that he couldn't help but think of a few racey thoughts.

Especially when he looked down at her chest to see that black and red checkerboard bra he had bought her a few months ago peeking through her sodden clothes. Oh hell, did she look sexy.

"What are you doing here, Amu-koi?" asked Ikuto in his low, husky voice as he lowered his head, a naughty smirk playing on his lips as he stared into Amu's eyes, trying to keep his hands from wandering over to her body and dragging her into the apartment to do naughty things to her. Blushing, Amu looked away and swallowed hard, suddenly conscious of her body as she folded her arms across her chest to hide her bra.

"Erm... I- er... I got caught in the rain, so... can I sh-shower?" she stammered, aware of how hot she suddenly felt under the pressure of Ikuto's gaze. His eyes were far too penetrating, as if he was undressing her in his head...

"Hmm, is that all you came for, Amu-koi?" he asked in a rather innocent tone, straightening his body so that he could slump against the doorway. Ikuto was so tall and lean, whilst Amu was a titch in comparison to him. Grinning like a cat, he folded his arms across his chest. "Are you wanting me to join, too?" he was being playful, like always, but it didn't stop Amu from blushing even more than she already was.

"N-no! I just don't want to catch a cold!" she wailed, becoming flustered as the lad chuckled under his breath, amused by this sudden bout of shyness and fluster. Amu was very cute as well as highly entertaining.

"Aw, no fun~ I was hoping we could play a little, Amu-koi." he whined in a childish manner, staring down at the petite girl as her blush darkened even more. Stepping forward, Ikuto unfolded his arms and wrapped them around Amu, lowering his mouth to her ear, "After all, you look really appetising like this... it makes me want to throw you down and eat you all up." he whispered into her ear seductively, his arms tightening around her waist as she gulped, and pulled away from into.

"Ah... er, I'll go shower now!" she wailed, stumbling into the apartment as Ikuto watched his cute Amu make her way to his bathroom, hopping around clumsily. He was going to be well entertained tonight...

The hot water washed over Amu's body, instantly relaxing her as she stepped into the shower. The perfect temperature of the water hitting her skin was like small drops of heaven, warming up her cold body gradually as she closed her eyes, and let out a deep, long sigh. This was wonderful, it was perfect. The greatest thing after being caught in a rain storm was having a long, hot shower. It was pure, utter bliss.

Grabbing a bar of soap, Amu began to lather it onto her skin, wondering about what she would do now that she was with Ikuto, alone. She had become so embarassed just by his words before, even though they'd already done it... well, it had only been once, so of course she would still be a little shy.

Biting down on her lip, Amu realised that they hadn't really spent much time together after that... she'd been busy with school, and Ikuto had been busy with University, so of course they wouldn't be able to meet up much, but... well, she had missed him, she admitted that. Had he missed her?

Of course he had, Amu mentally told herself. Ikuto wasn't the sort of guy who would do her once then not bother to care afterwards. Despite how much of a pervert he was, he was a caring young man who loved her.

Maybe this rain storm was a good thing, Amu thought as she smiled to herself and turned off the shower...

Ikuto let out a ragged groan, sprawled across his couch as he waited for Amu to finish with her shower. He was frustrated. Sexually, of course. Why wouldn't he be? His grilfriend had showed up, drenched from the rain with her clothes clinging to that beautiful body of hers, her bra showing, the bra he had bought her, wanting to use his shower. What young man wouldn't be sexually frustrated?

His mind was racing with so many possibilities of what they could do together. They were alone in his apartment, and he hadn't had sex in weeks. The last time they had done it was incidentally Amu's first time, but they hadn't done it since. Work and University got in the way, as did her schooling, so they hadn't really seen each other. Heck, they hadn't even kissed lately!

But having her suddenly show up had gotten his hopes up somehow... and she looked so bloody tasty in that drenched uniform! Growling, Ikuto buried his head in his hands. He'd need a cold shower, very soon, because he didn't want to do anything that would upset his beloved Amu...

"Ikuto, I'm done." his ears pricked when he heard Amu's voice and the sound of her shuffling towards the couch. Looking up, he saw that she was clad in only a button up shirt of his, something he used for work, but lord it turned him on just as much as her wet uniform did.

Noticing that he was staring rather intently at her, Amu blushed and fidgeted on the spot. "Ah, erm... sorry that I took your shirt without permission, but... well, all my clothes are still wet, so is it possible to use your washing machine?" she asked meekly, looking down at the floor as Ikuto, snapping back to reality, nodded and cleared his throat.

"Yeah, sure. Don't forget to put them in the dryer, afterwards." he told her as Amu nodded, walking off towards the small kitchen where the washing machine stood beside the cooker. Dumping her uniform in, Amu wondered what she was going to do. She was in Ikuto's apartment, practically naked, with her boyfriend watching her... she was getting kind of hot...

"Amu?" bolting upright, Amu turned around to face Ikuto who now stood beside her, staring at his girlfriend as he tried not to let his eyes roam down her body.

"Y-yes, Ikuto?" she tried to keep her voice steady, but it wasn't working. Ikuto made her feel so nervous,

"Don't forget to tell your parents you're here, okay? They might get worried."

"Oh... yeah." she replied, wondering if Ikuto was okay with having her there? Obviously, he was thinking about how her parents would react as well, seeing as she wasn't home yet, but did he really want to have her there... maybe he was tired from work?

Picking up her cell, Amu found her mothers phone number and called her. Turning around, Ikuto strode towards the lounge where he switched on the TV. He didn't know what to do... he desperately wanted to hold and touch Amu, to kiss her and make her feel good, but he wasn't so sure that she wanted it. If she wanted it, she would tell him, right? That's what girlfriends did... wasn't it?

"Oh, hey mom... I'm sorry I'm not home." he heard Amu's voice come from the kitchen. Their time together wouldn't last long... soon she'd be going home, most likely her deranged father would collect her. Urgh, if that happened, then Ikuto would probably have to endure another 'sex talk' from him... That guy was a nut.

"Yeah... okay, well, I'm staying over at Rima's, so you don't have to come pick me up, okay?" Ikuto froze, staring at the TV in a daze. Had he heard Amu correctly? Had she just told her parents she was staying at that midgets place?

"Okay... I love you too, mom... bye."

Sitting there, Ikuto waited for any movement to be made, but there was nothing until Amu began to speak again. She had made another call. This time, it was Rima she was talking to.

"Hey Rima... I need you to cover for me. I told mom I was staying with you... yeah, I'm at Ikuto's... Ah, thank you! I owe you, Rima... okay, bye... bye..."

Ikuto waited as Amu walked into the lounge, sitting herself at the end of the couch as Ikuto looked at her, seeing how cute she looked. Her cheeks were pink now, and her head sunk into the baggy shirt that she was wearing. Ikuto just wanted to hug her.

"Iku-to... is it okay if I st.. stay over tonight?" she asked him quietly, avoiding his gaze as he arched an eyebrow, and slid over to her so that his legs bumped against her bare ones. Amu flushed, biting down on her lip.

"What was that, Amu-koi? I didn't hear you?" he asked her in a low voice, his breath tickeling her ear as Amu squirmed, aware of how close her boyfriend was. Oh man, she was going to have to say it again...

"C-can I stay over to-tonight?" she asked him, this time louder as she looked up at him, her pink hair falling into her eyes as Ikuto smirked, and planted a small kiss onto her forehead.

"How could I say no?" he whispered, grinning as Amu squeezed her eyes shut. Seizing the moment, Ikuto went and bit down on Amu's ear gently, earning a soft squeak from the pink haired girl as her eyes shot open. The heat of her cheeks rose then, as did her blush.

"I-Ikuto...!" she moaned, unaware of how erotic she sounded to the dark haired lad. Staring at her, Ikuto felt the urge to devour her right there and then. He wanted her, he probably needed her, and by looking at the state she was in, she needed him, too.

"Amu... I don't think I can hold back if you stay here all night, looking like that..." his voice was raspy as he stared down at her with ravenous eyes, a hand reaching up to her face as he brushed a few strands of damp hair from her cheek.

"Dummy... why do you think I stayed over?" she muttered, averting her eyes from his as Ikuto watched her. She was such a little devil, tempting him like this... well, he wouldn't let her go all night, now.

"Then tonight I will devour you slowly, Amu-koi." he whispered into her ear seductively, smiling as he brought his lips to hers, kissing her softly as she closed her eyes, taken into the kiss immediately. Laying down, Amu wrapped her arms around Ikuto's neck so that he dropped with her, kneeling over the girl as she kissed him back slowly, enjoying his warmth, his lips, his body...

"Ah... Ikuto..." sighed Amu, opening her mouth unconciously as Ikuto's hand dropped from her cheek and trailed down her neck until he reached the buttons of the shirt she was wearing. Quickly, he began to undo them as he slipped his tongue into Amu's mouth, finally gaining access as she gasped in surprise, but quickly adjusted to this new invasion.

Leaning over slightly, Ikuto's hand grasped a small bump on Amu's chest as she moaned loveingly into his mouth, her tongue now batteling with his as he pushed a knee between her legs whilst his thumb brushed over a hardened nub, gaining an increased moan from his girlfriend.

Pulling his lips away from her, Ikuto looked down at his ruffled girlfriend. She was panting, her face red and her body barely covered by the piece of clothing that she had been wearing. In every way possible, she looked enticing.

"If you're just gonna stare at me, then take a bloody picture and masturbate to it already..." muttered Amu, glaring up at Ikuto bashfully as he chuckled, kissing her on the lips gently. What a witty girl, he thought to himself. She would surely keep him entertained...

"I'm just taking in how wonderful you look... and why have a picture when I can just devour the real thing?" he grinned, and pressed his lips against her neck as Amu bit her lip again, wondering what she could do. There she was, semi naked, and there was Ikuto, fully clothed...

As Ikuto worked on Amu's neck, pleasing her with little nips and licks, she made sure to make away with his shirt. Tugging at the buttons, Amu eventually discarded the shirt from his torso and stared at his chest. She hadn't really seen him naked before... they had been in a dark room for their first time, so she hadn't really known what his chest looked like, but now she knew.

"Ik-Ikuto..." she gasped when he ran a finger across her breast, stimulating her nipple as he left a hickey on her collarbone. Letting his eyes meet hers, Ikuto smirked as Amu blushed uncontrollably. He was so handsome, and so devilish... how could he make her feel so hot whilst she just sat there, doing nothing?

"What's with the face?" he asked her, curious as Amu stared at him, shifting beneath him.

"Ah... you're doing so much to me, and I'm just laying here... I want to help Ikuto, too..." she mumbled, embarassed that such words were escaping her mouth. Blinking, Ikuto was surprised by how daring Amu was trying to be.

Grinning, Ikuto sat up and lifted Amu until she was straddling him, her face close to his as he held her face in his hands.

"Wanna do something for me? Then kiss me. Do whatever you want to me, Amu-koi." he instructed her, allowing Amu to take control. Blinking, Amu brought her head forward and began to kiss Ikuto, allowing her lips to move against his as he held onto her waist, pushing her body closer to his slowly as she entwined her fingers into his shaggy mane of dark hair. His mouth tasted really good, like mints...

"Kya!" Amu found herself being pushed back down onto the couch by Ikuto, one hand on her waist, the other holding onto a thigh as he continued to kiss her sensually, his tongue devouring her mouth as she moaned quietly, wondering why he had suddenly pushed her down again.

"Sorry," he breathed, pulling away from her again, "But I like to have some control... especially when you're moaning so erotically." he whispered, and began to assualt Amu's bruised neck even more as her hands gripped his hair even tighter. She felt so hot, like she was about to melt... it felt so weird, but so good at the same time...

Amu felt a shiver run down her spine suddenly, and looked down to find that Ikuto was running his tongue across her nipple gently, as if teasing it. Gasping, Amu bit down on her lip when he began to suckle it, wondering why it felt so good? Why hadn't they done this before?

"Ahn... Ikuto..." she groaned, her fingers knotting into his hair even more as he hitched her leg higher, pressing his arousel against her thigh as her eyes widened. Was he treally that turned on by her? Even though she was flat chested and still had the height of a middle schooler...?

"I love you." Amu blinked, looking at Ikuto to see that he was staring at her.

"I love you too." she whispered, pressing her lips against his as he returned the kiss, his arms now circling around her waist. He really, really loved her, and he wanted to show her just how much he did...

Finally, breaking away from the kiss, Ikuto unzipped his pants and discarded them to the ground along with his boxers. Grabbing a hold of her thighs, Ikuto wrapped Amu's legs around her waist as she looked up at him, her cute blush spread across her cheeks as she lay there, hair sprawled across the couch arm and the shirt billowed around her.

"This might hurt, considering we haven't done this since... well..." he muttered, wondering if Amu even wanted that sort of thing brought up. Lifting up her hands, Amu smile and held his face.

"I don't mind... I want to do this, even if it hurts a little bit." she told him, and kissed his cheek lovingly. Suddenly motivated, Ikuto held onto Amu's waist and kissed her on the mouth before he pushed into her, gently easing himself in as his girl winced. She didn't cry out in pain or scream at him, she just winced a little, forcing herself to relax.

"You okay, Amu?" he asked her as he kissed her lips again and again, reassuring her as he slowly moved himself into her more, taking it slowly as she nodded, clinging to him.

"Yeah... I want you so much... I love you, a lot..." she whispered in a heavy, ragged voice as her legs tightened around his waist, arching her back as her body pressed against his even more. Ikuto groaned, his head resting in the crook of her neck as he moved against her, slowly getting a little faster whilst Amu adjusted to him, panting and muttering as she gripped his hair tigher, her eyes closed.

"... Go... faster, Ikuto..." she instructed quietly once she had adjusted to him, the pain fading already. Following her orders, Ikuto did as he was told and qucikened his pace as Amu buried her face into his shoulder, feeling the pleasure build up as Ikuto moved in and out of her. It felt so good, but a little painful... but it was only because they weren't used to it yet...

"Yah!" cried Amu, finding that she was suddenly being hoisted up as Ikuto lay down on the couch, staring up at his cute Amu as she stared down at him, embarassed that he was looking at her with such lustful eyes. Smirking, he rode his hands up to her hips and began to guide them along with his as Amu blushed. "D-Don't suddenly change positions!" she wailed, as she began to move her hips to his rhythm, wondering what she looked like to Ikuto when she was like this...

"Eh? But it's more exciting this way, Amu-koi. Besides, I like this view." Ikuto whispered, and with a swift movement, crashed his hips against Amu's hard, sending a jolt of surprise pleasure shooting through Amu's body.

"Ah! Iku... to!" she gasped loudly as she planted her hands on his chest, her hips now moving of their own accord as she held back another loud moan. Ikuto could see how hard she was trying to hold back, but it just made him want to hear her cry out more.

"Don't be shy... scream... let the neighbours hear your erotic moans, Amu-koi." he told her quietly, running one hand up her back before pushing her down so that she was laying on his chest, their bodies moving against each other as he smiled and she blushed harder than before. Ikuto was such a bully!

"I-Iku... to... I'm at my... limit..." she muttered bashfully, burying her head into his chest as Ikuto brought a hand up to her hair held it, before switching their positions once again and pushing into harder as he kissed her full on the lips, holding onto her body tightly as he groaned loudly, then finally fell against her, out of breath and rather pleased with himself as Amu's body relaxed more, softening against Ikuto.

For a while, the two lay there, holding each other as they stared anywhere but at each other. Amu was too shy to look at him, and Ikuto didn't know what Amu though, so he decided to look away, but eventually, the silence was broken by Amu.

"Ikuto... I'm sorry if I didn't do well tonight. I'll try harder next time, okay?" she whispered, finally facing him as he blinked, dumbfounded that she would think in such a way. This girl really didn't know how good she was to him.

"Amu-koi, you were perfect." he grinned, trailing a finger through her hair as she stared at him, smiling gently. Gosh, she really did love him. "In fact, you did so well, that I think we should have another go... you know, for practice." Ikuto's grin was determined as he towered over his girlfriend once again, ignoring the shock on Amu's face.

"Ikuto... you pervert!" she wailed, les than happy that he had ruined such a wonderful mood...

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