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Blade pulled the black car into the garage carefully. The garage door shut slowly as he got out of his car. He nodded his head to Whistler as he went to the back door and opened it. The old man came walking carefully over, praying hard. He prayed for one thing and one thing only. Blade's face gave away nothing, it never did. But he motioned to the backseat and Whistler's heart jumped.

" You found her." The older man said. The comment caught Scud's attention so he started over as Blade reached inside the car. Whistler had quicken his pace.

Blade slipped his arm around the girl's shoulders as he started to pull her out of the car. He slipped his other arm under her knees. He stood up to his full height as he faced Whistler and Scud. Whistler held his breath at the sight of her. The girl in Blade's arms was completely limp. Her head was back and her arms were hanging on either side of his big body. Blade pushed past them and started towards the back room.

" Where are you going with her?" Scud called out.

" She needs a bed." Blade said. He was headed straight forward to stairs that led into a bedroom.

" But that's my room." Scud said as he started towards them.

" Tough shit." Whistler said as he followed Blade.

Scud was not his favorite person and Scud didn't really like Whistler. Whistler hated the young guy and had never agreed with bring him on. The guy was smart and had a way with gadgets but he had a smart mouth and an attitude. Blade walked carefully up the stairs and kicked open the door to Scud's room then walked in. Scud beat Whistler to the stairs and into his room.

" Pull the covers down." Blade said over his shoulder. Scud yanked the blanket down quickly so Blade could lay her down. Scud had never seen Blade so gentle before as he placed the girl in the bed. Gentleness was not a word people would have put with the half human/half vampire. Blade pulled away from her and sighed as he stood up straight. He was staring down at her. " Clean her up, old man." Blade said. He looked up as Whistler walked into the room behind Scud who was biting into his left thumb. " Find out if there is anything wrong with her and let me know." Without another glance to her, Blade walked out of the room.

" I don't get it. Why is this girl so important? I mean, we have been looking for her for a year now and you guys have yet to tell me why." Scud asked as he looked down at her.

She couldn't be more then 5 foot 1 inches tall, weighing maybe 115 pounds. Her long dark hair was tangled, matted to her hair with sweat and dirt. Her clothes were also covered in dirt. Her skin was pale and it looked like she was hardly breathing. Her skin was pale and the skin under her eyes looked bruised.

" She's more then just a girl. Now get out so I can wash her up. Go start washing her clothes. You know where they are." Whistler snapped. He had kept all her things in his room after she disappeared.

" Yeah, of course I do, you make me wash them every month." Scud said, not that he minded.

The girl had amazing taste in bras and panties. Everything had a match. Black lacy bras that went with black lacy thongs. Bright pink bra trimmed with bright green lace and matching panties. Blue and blue, green and green, every bra had a matching set of panties. Whenever he had to wash them he couldn't help but wonder about the girl that had worn them, what she looked like with the bras and panties on and without them.

" Shut the door when you leave." Whistler said, completely ignoring that Scud had spoken.

" Whatever, man." Scud said as he walked out. He closed the door carefully then made his way towards Whistler's room. He was going to grab the baskets full of her clothes then head over to the washer and dryer. He didn't even know this girl's name.


Scud leaned against the couch in the warehouse by his bedroom door as he lit up a smoke. All her clothes were either in the washer, in the dryer or folded up in a basket in front of him. The only thing Blade and Whistler had ever said about her was that she had some weird gifts and the vampires kept her prisoner somewhere. The vampires had kidnapped her from her home but Scud didn't know how or why. The door to his room opened and Whistler threw out the clothes she had been wearing.

" Throw that shit out. I don't want to see any of it again." He snapped. Scud stood up straight and tried to look past Whistler.

" What are you doing in there? You got her naked? I never took you for an old pervert." He asked with a smirk.

" Never mind. Get me some rags, a big bowl of warm water, a bar of soap and a towel." Whistler said before he slammed the door shut again.

Scud shook his head and walked over to the discarded clothes. He snatched them up off the floor then walked away. He moved towards the kitchen, tossing the old clothes into a trashcan as he passed. When he reached the kitchen area, he turned the water on and waited for it to warm up. He grabbed the biggest bowl he could find and let it fill up. After he turned the water off, he went to the bathroom and grabbed out his soap, a washrag and a towel. He walked back to his room and set the items against the door before he went back to the kitchen and grabbed the bowl. He went back to the room and knocked on the door.

" Got your shit!" Scud yelled out.

" Leave it and go away." Was Whistler's answer. Scud rolled his eyes and started back towards the washer and dryer to finish out her stuff.