Eric stared up at the fireworks display with a hurtful expression. It felt as though yesterday he was here with Alan, the brunette sleeping against his chest after the long day the two had shared.

"...hey Alan... you liking the show? Hey! A red one! You think Grell would like that one?" Eric asked, smiling at nothing but memory. He looked down next to him. Instead of seeing his beloved, all he saw was a photograph of the ill reaper. "You're right... he would like it."

Alone, Eric watched the fireworks, his heart prickling with pain as memories that summer filled his mind. Soon, fall would come once again and summer would come to an end. The end. That's all this place had to offer him now were ends. The memories of the last moment his lover had, the fact that the festival was to say goodbye to summer. He hated it. He hated saying goodbye. But he loved the fireworks too much.

Fleeting beauty.

That's what they are.

That's what he was.

Alan was Eric's fleeting beauty. His fleeting light that still seemed to linger longer than death.

Eric watched the fireworks with 'Alan.' He still tought of that one summer day when he was with him.