Fatherly Love

Chapter 1

The sound of tiny, pitter-patting feet of a little girl echoed threw the small hallway of the 1-story loft. She quietly opened the bedroom door letting out a small giggle when she sees her daddy sprawled out on the bed with the blankets have over him. She tipped-toed over to the bed, but stopped where she was when she heard her dad let out a loud snore. She burst into silent giggles when she thought how much he sounded like a pig. She took the last few steps to the bed and climbed up, climbing on top of her daddy's stomach.

She sat there for a minute, humming a soft tune and poking her daddy in the tummy. Her started to stir a bit and finally opened his eyes looking up at his darling daughter. She smiled big when she saw her daddy's big brown eyes. "Hi daddy. You sounded like a piggy." She giggled.

Her father let out a tired chuckle, running his hands through his ruffled curly hair. "I did?"

"Yea, like this." She started to make little pig snorting sounds while pulling the tip of her nose up, making it look like she had a pig snout.

Her daddy chuckled again and joined her in the pig sounds. He slowly sat, holding her in his lap and, when she wasn't expecting it, started to tickle her all over. She burst into loud laughs and rolled around on the bed. "No no, daddy, no!"

He stopped tickling her, still laughing. He brought her up close to him, hugging her tight. "And how's my little Lynnie-bug this morning."

"I good, daddy." She said kissing his scruffy chin. "I want lady bug pancakes daddy"

"You want lady bug pancakes, huh?" He asked, getting out of bed with her in his arms.

She nodded her head vigorously. "Yea, with-with the blue spots"

He chuckled at her jumbled toddler talk. "Ok then, how bout you go get washed up and dressed and I'll meet you out there with your lady bug pancakes with the blue spots, okay"

"Kk," she said. He sat her down on her feet and she toddled off to her room.

He laughed, shaking his head at her cuteness. He walked over to his bathroom and started to brush his teeth. With his toothbrush in his mouth, he went over to his closet to get something to where. Since it was only him in the room, he had the closet all to his self.

After he washed and got dressed, he went downstairs to get Lynn's blueberry lady bug pancakes started. Lynn was obsessed with lady bugs, she always has been. She was about one-year old when Nick took her to the park on a bright sunny day. Nick had set up a blanket on the grass for them and she was sitting on his lap while he was reading her a Baby Looney Tunes book. He was in the middle of reading a sentence when a small lady bug landed on the page. A now wide-eyed Lynn started to squeak and babble in curiosity.

"What? What's wrong, Lynn?" Nick asked, laughing slightly.

She bounced a couple times in his lap and reached her tiny hand out towards the lady bug who moved a bit sensing her hand coming towards it.

Nick concentrated on where her hand was going and found a small lady bug crawling across baby Daffy's face.

"Oh is that what your squawking about?" Nick laughed and picked up the small bug in his hand and held it out to Lynn. She looked at it for a minute. Then she reached out a little finger to touch it, but instead, the little bug crawled up on the tip of her finger and sat there, moving its antenna around.

Nick watched intently, wondering what she was going to do next.

Lynn twitched her finger around staring at the lady bug. "Buh," she said and the little lady bug flew up and away towards the sun. "Buh!" Lynn yelled out wanting the little bug back.

"So, you like lady bugs, huh?" Nick said, lifting her up to his face.

"Buh, buh, buh, buh" She said.

"Okay, how 'bout for now on I call….my little Lynnie Bug."

Lynn just looked at him touching her hand to his face.

Nick smiled, taking her hand and kissing it. "Yea, my little Lynnie Bug."

Nick snapped out if his day dream when he heard little footsteps coming down the hall. Lynn jumped down from the last stair. "Ta da!" She yelled stretching her little arms into the air. She was wearing her pink lady bug t-shirt, some jean shorts, and her pink converse that Nick got her for Christmas, which were untied.

"I got drwessed all bys myself" Lynn said proudly walking over to the table, climbing up in one of the chairs.

"Yes, I see you did." Nick kneeled down in front of her and started to tie her shoes.

Nick finished tying her shoes and sat her lady bug shaped with blueberry spots in front of her an a plate.

"Yay!" Lynn dug into her pancake. Nick poured a little blueberry syrup on her and on his and they continued eating their breakfast and talking comfortably with each other.