Fatherly Love

Chapter 3

Nick and Lynn finish their breakfast and Nick help Lynn get her jacket on since the summer air outside was still a little chilly from the recent rain. They were on their way to the city park. There's an ice cream stand there that has Lynn's favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Chunky Monkey. Nick put is jacket on, grabbed his keys and they left the apartment, locking the door behind them. Nick herd a sweep behind him and turned to find the bitter old lady, Miss Cutler, sweeping up in front of her door.

"Oh, hi Miss Cutler," Nick said politely.

Her steely eyes looked up at him from above her glasses on her nose. "Nicholas, where are you going?"

"Oh we were just going to City Park to get some ice cream like every Sunday." Nick said, picking up Lynn and sitting her on his hip.

"Hmph," she grumbled lowly looking back down at the floor. She never liked the idea of young parents, especially young single parents.

Nick sighed, "Well, its nice to see you, too, Miss Cutler. I'll see you later."

She grumbled lowly again and waddled back into her room closing the door. Nick sighed again and made his way out the building with Lynn still on his hip.

"I down't think Misses Cutwer likes me," Lynn said sadly, laying her head on her father's shoulder. [a/n: awwwww :P]

"Don't worry Lynnie Bug, Miss Cutler doesn't like a lot of people." Nick said, kissing the top of her head, making his way down the street towards the subway.

[Meanwhile; at a child services place somewhere in Floral Park.]

"Well, according to what his insurance company and the owner of the apartment he's living in, he's been a bit behind on his payments. If he can't even pay his monthly rent on time then it's obvious he can't take care of his kid." said Thatcher Morris, head of Floral Park Child Services.

"And what do you want me to do?" she asked.

"This, Selena, is where I want you to go in and learn about his life, find out if he's really bailing out on his rent, see if he is financially capable to take of a toddler." Morris explained. "And if he's not, we'll come in, and take her."

"But shouldn't we at least give him a warning to get his payments up?" Selena asked, feeling sorry for him.

"Selena, he's been given all types of warnings since he moved in the apartment. He should know by now that if you don't pay your bills, there will be consequences."

"Fine, where can I find?"

"I got a call from an undercover agent that he's on his way to City Park with his kid to get ice cream." [a/n: gee, now I wonder who would have known that?]

"Okay, I'll go." Selena said. "But I won't be happy doing it."

"Of course you won't, now go." Morris said waving his hand at her.

[Meanwhile; at City Park with Nick Lynn]

"Chunky monkey, chunky monkey!" Lynn screamed, jumping up and down.

Nick laughed. "Okay okay Lynn I heard you the first time. Can I get Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey and Berried Treasure please?"

"Sure," said ice cream guy. He reached into his freezer/car thingy and pulled out a Ben & Jerry's mini tub of Chunky Monkey and Berried Treasure and two spoons and hands it to them. "That'll be 5.50."

Nick pulled a ten dollar bill out of his back pocket and handed it to him. "Keep the change." He said with a generous smile.

The ice cream smiled at him kindly. "Thanks."

Nick nodded and he and a bouncing Lynn went over to a bench under a tree next to the small pond and sat down. He opened Lynn's ice cream and handed it to her with the spoon.

"Tank you, daddy." Lynn said digging into her ice cream.

"No problem, baby doll." Nick, sitting back eating his ice cream.

They sat there, enjoying the cool air, laughing at the ducks fighting over bread that was being thrown to them, and just enjoying each other time together.

[A few hours later, around ten o'clock] {a/n: They got there around 9:30}

Nick and Lynn were finishing off their ice creams when Nick noticed how much of it had gotten on Lynn's face.

"Geez, bug, did you get any of it in your mouth?" Nick asked try to wipe the sticky substance of her mouth with his thumb.

Lynn giggled cutely, sticking her sticky fingers in her mouth.

Nick shook his head, chuckling and noticed a small coffee shop across the street. He threw their empty bowls away in a near by trash can and picked Lynn up, sitting her on his hip. "Come on, lets get you cleaned up."

They walked over to the coffee shop and went to the large, single unisex bathroom in the back. Nick sat her on the sink, wet a paper towel with warm water and started to gently wipe the almost dry ice cream off her mouth. Lynn whined and squirmed around, not liking how long it was taking to get it off. "Come on, bug, quick squirming, its almost off." Nick said, trying to scrub it off without hurting her.

After a few minutes of gentle scrubbing, Nick finally got all the ice cream off. "There, all clean." Nick picked her up and lifted her in the air make her squeal. "But still just as sweet." He added, blowing raspberries into her cheek, making her giggle loudly.

They made their way out of the bathroom and towards the door. Nick glanced over at the coffee shop's menu, realizing that he hadn't had any coffee this morning. He went over and stood in line still contemplating on what he wanted. Lynn stood at his side quietly until she started to get bored. She noticed a small lounge area over to the right with a TV. "Ooo, TV!" she said excitedly skipping over to one of the big comfy chairs and started to watch, even though it was just showing the news.

Nick made it to the front of the line and ordered a medium mocha late with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle [a/m: yum ;P]. Nick went over to the waiting area and looked down beside him, finding Lynn not there. Immediately he started to panic. "Lynn? Lynn?" He called out multiple times but didn't see her anywhere. "Lynn!"

Someone sitting over by the window, who saw the two coming in, noticed the frantic man rushing around. They noticed Lynn run off to the lounge area, who, by the way, was to engulfed in the show to hear her father calling her. The person got up and went over to the frantic man who had failed to look over in the lounge area and tapped him on the shoulder.

Nick turned around to find a very attractive young woman with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, soft-looking cream colored skin, and plump pink glossy lips. "Please, have you seen my daughter? She was standing right next to me when we came in. She has brown somewhat curly hair, she's wearing a lady bug t-shirt, pink converses. Have you seen her any where?" He asked, panicky.

"Yes, don't worry." The woman told him comfortably and pointed over to the big chair in the lounge that had bouncing pink converses sticking from it.

Nick ran over to the chair and found Lynn sitting contently watching the TV. She looked up when she noticed someone standing over her. "Look, dwaddy, they have TV." She said pointing to it.

Nick crouched down in front of her and hugged close and tight. "Lynn! My God, why did you just walk away like that? Huh?" Nick asked pulling her away from his chest, looking her in the eyes. "You know you're not suppose to just wonder off like that! Especially when I don't know where you're going! Do you understand that, Lynn?" He said firmly.

Lynn nodded obediently. "I sorry, daddy." She said, her bottom lip trembling a bit.

Nick sighed and pulled her close again. "Its alright Lynnie Bug. Just don't do it again, you hear?"

Lynn nodded and wrapped her little arms around his neck.

Nick stood up, still holding her close, and turned to the woman who help him find her. "Thank you, so much, for telling me where she was. Is there anyway I can repay you?"

"No, that's alright. I'm just glad you found her…um?" She stuttered.

"Oh, Nick, Nick Jonas. Nice to meet you." Nick said, holding one hand out to her while the other held Lynn.

"Nice to meet you, too. I'm Selena Gomez."