Thorn walked around for what seemed liked years while fate walked a little slower behind her in a more relaxed posture, hands folded behind her head and she leaned back slightly. You could tell thorn was a little mad still about the situation with her now ex boyfriend and his wife. "hey there cutie!" she hurd one of the gangster boys sitting on the wall say as she walked by. The boys got up and followed her. "ya wanna have some fun, girly?" he asked

"fun? Sure." She said as she turned and wen into a dark alley way.

The three boys followed.

"I'm very sorry about this." She said as she began to lift up her Minnie skirt.

"oh no need to be sorry on our part." Said the same boy. The other boys chuckled as they all puled out their knives.

" I'll be sorry there too." She said as she kicked the closest one in the face, he landed on his back and busted the back of his head open. One tried to stab her but she grabbed his arm and elbowed him in the side and twisted his arm in the wrong direction and stabbed him with his own arm and knife. The third guy tried to do the same thing. But she kicked the knife out of his hand and into the air right above them. She held him there. And the knife came point down on his head. She kicked his corps away.

"dude! That was awesome! He he he!" fate laphed while clapping and walking up to thorn.

"I did all that?" asked thorn.

"uuuh huuuh." Said fate. "it's your instinct to kill now. Better get used to it, kid"

"I gues so." Said thorn alittle unsure of what she just did.

"dude, that was a classic. Did you see the look on those guys faces when you kicked at one in the face?" asked fate

"no I was too busy trying to not get killed." Said thorn.

"they were like 'whoa'." Said fate

" has any one told you how nuts you are?" asked thorn.

"people always say that. They always think I'm nuts. Do you think I'm nuts?" asked fate. Thorn just shook her head.

"well, mabey a little." Said thorn

fate staired at her. " you really have no Idea what I am do you?" she asked

"you told me that you were dead." Said thorn

"no, not…exactly, I'm a real demon, a true native to hell." She said.

"oh nice." Said thorn sarcasticly.

" I thought so." Said fate.

Thorn began to walk off and out of the alley way and on to the side walk, it was nearly dark now, hardly any people out. "hey! Where are you going! Wait for me!" fate said as she ran to catch up.

Alittle later thorns skin felt like it was on fire. After a while she began to show that it was bothering her, and appearently fate saw it. "whats wrong with you?" asked fate

"feels like my skin's on fire." She only replyed

"that's just your necroplasm going through it's larval stage. No biggie." Said fate.

It seemed right after that, the burning sensation went away.

"necroplasm?" asked thorn.

"your new body and skin." Fate said with one of her crooked smiles. Then she added "you'll soon have more tricks than a hooker when it's finished."

Thorn just looked at her. Fate got in her ear. "how do you think that spawn managed to excape from the devil?"

"so that's why malebolgia wanted me to hunt spawn down." Said thorn. Fate knodded with the crooked smile still on her face.

"how long will it take until the necroplasm is done?" asked thorn.

"it depends, it very's from person to person. " fate replyed.

"well, I hope it's done soon then." Said thorn.

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