Author's Notes: A very brief, very sick drabble for Expecting Rain's "Cruel and Unusual Pairings". Bestiality, PWP. Sort of a sequel to Rivalry, so if you're a little confused, it might sort out your questions.

260 words.



Nagini lifted her head at the sound of Voldemort's voice. The hiss that hung about his words when he spoke Parseltongue was still alien to her, so few words had passed between them since she had been given this new form.

She twisted to look at him, sitting there on the bed. Her vision was blurred through animal eyes, but she could taste his desire on the air, and could tell that he was reaching for her.

"Come here, my pet–"

"I am not your pet," Nagini hissed, uncoiling from the hearth, and slithering towards him. "I never was your pet, and I never will be your pet, snake or not."

"Of course," Voldemort breathed, extending a hand to brush the side of her head. "Of course, Nagini, of course…"

She slid up his leg, slowly and smoothly, and lay across his lap, tongue flicking out to caress his hand. He stroked her, running his fingers along her smooth, cool body, then slowly moved to undo his robes.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

"You didn't really think I'd give you up just because you're a snake now?"

Nagini shook her head, and inched her tail into his robes. She wrapped it around him, and he groaned, gently rubbing her sensitive underbelly. Her cool, dry tongue brushed his pale cheek, and she allowed her fangs to just scrape the skin, indulging in Voldemort's masochistic tendencies.

"As I thought, Nagini," he hissed, his voice thick with lust. "You are just as skilled a snake as you were a human."