I've always wanted to do a Glee on Face book story and now I can which I'm pretty excited about.

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Kurt Hummel is now friends with Blaine Anderson, David Thompson, Wesley Montgomery, Nick Duvai, and 20 others

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Mercedes Jones How many Warblers are there?

Brittany S. Pierce What are Warblers?

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Kurt Hummel Brittany, honey, it's what my Glee Club is called

Brittany S. Pierce What's Glee Club?

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Dalton Academy Warblers Page

Wes Montgomery Kurt, you were very pitchy during practice

Kurt Hummel Seriously Wes, seriously?

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Blaine Anderson His voice sounded fine Wes

Wes Montgomery You're blinded with your love for him Blaine

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Blaine Anderson SHUT UP WES

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Wes Montgomery Of course he would like it…

Blaine Anderson Who the heck put whipped cream under my comforters?

Kurt Hummel –whispers- David and Wes

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Wes Montgomery What the heck Kurt?

Blaine Anderson I'm going to get you two

David Thompson Oh no, the oh so polite gentleman who never has done a single wrong in his life is going to get us. We should run. –Sarcastic-

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Kurt Hummel Is he serious Blaine?

Blaine Anderson

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Wes Montgomery There's someone inside my dorm O.o

David Thompson I am freaking out man!

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Kurt Hummel I wonder if it's a serial killer

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Wes Montgomery Are you freaking serious Kurt? O.o

Wes Montgomery Blaine? Kurt? Mercedes?

David Thompson O.o

David Thompson It was nice knowing you buddy

Wes Montgomery You two David, you two

Well, I wonder what happened to David and Wes….I'm not sure if I should continue this, so please review and tell me what you think, if I get enough, I shall continue