It was very cold outside and she felt the icy chill of the rain furthering her discomfort as she dashed about the darkened alleyways.


Yes, she needed to find one. She could spend the whole night wandering aimlessly around in the rain. She was already so exhausted.

Pausing, she looked timidly over her shoulder and sniffled, staring dejectedly out into the distance.

"Mr. J is such a meanie," she said softly, trying not to cry. "He shouldn't be so nasty. I was only trying to help."

Shutting her eyes briefly, the memory came back to her.

"Why did you have to go and screw thing up for us? They could have killed us after that little stint you pulled! It was a stupid move, Harley."

"I'm sorry, Puddin'! I just wanted to speed things up! I just wanted to make sure that we got the loot quicker…"

"You're an idiot. You got Poke wounded in the arm and I had to drag his ass out of there. Did you think that was fun?"

"Mr. J—"

And then that cruel slap on the face had come. She could still feel it now, stinging her cheek despite the coolness from the rain. It still hurt as much as it did then.

So she had fled; fled for shelter, fled in order to escape any further wrath he might have felt necessary to inflict on her. Even though being treated roughly had become something of a daily routine for her, she had wanted to take a break from it all.

Her Puddin' needed time to cool off. After all, that was how most relationships were brought back together. They just needed their…space.

But now, looking out into the blackness of the streets, she could feel tears beginning to well up in her eyes. She missed him already. Being away from him was like a dagger to the heart.

Sighing, she trudged slowly onwards, stumbling slightly as she felt a headache coming on. It was definitely not a good idea to keep wandering around out here. She'd be sick and what use would she be then?

And besides…you never know when HE'S following you.

Her eyes widened and she ducked her head, flinching at every bat-shaped shadow. She feared the Batman above all else. Though she had once come close to killing him, he was still out there and he was still ready to take her back to the dreaded Arkham Asylum.

All he had to do was find her.

The thought terrifying, she began to run, panting and letting out strangled sobs of fear. She knew he wasn't there, but she could still feel him lurking somewhere out there, searching for her and ready to pounce on her and pin her to the ground.

Tripping on rain-puddles, she ran until she could run no longer and leaned back against a brick alley-wall for support.

I wish it weren't raining. I'm going to get sick.

She felt utterly miserable. Not only was she far from her man, she was out here without a place to sleep. Sighing, she crouched down low to the ground and stared at her reflection in the puddle at her feet. The war-painted woman stared back at her with round blue eyes, making her feel even worse. She looked wretched.

Leaning her head against the wall, she closed her eyes and whimpered softly to herself in the cold, trying to remember the joy she had felt when her Mr. J had rescued her from Arkham Asylum that one time after her…'falling accident'. Though she knew that he would not rescue her now that she was too far away, she wished she could see him again.

Shivering, she moved her dripping pig-tails out of her face and curled up into a tiny ball. Even though she was still wet and cold, this alleyway was a better shelter than nothing. Perhaps she'd go back home in the morning and maybe Mr. J would have forgotten his anger towards her.

Mr. J…

His face lingered in her mind until she finally lost consciousness, following her into her feverish dreams.