Leader- Featherstar- brown-and-silver tabby she-cat with sea green eyes

Deputy- Liontail- short haired golden tom with a small tuft of gold fur at the end of his tail and crystal blue eyes

Medicine Cat- Birchleaf- glossy honey-colored tom with dazzling grass green eyes

Apprentice, Moonshadow


Nightclaw- jet black tom with intense green eyes

Apprentice, Shadepaw

Robinfeather- dark ginger tom with yellow eyes

Redfur- red tom with green eyes

Stormcry- dark grey and black tom with bright blue eyes

Apprentice, Duskpaw

Honeydream- honey colored she-cat with hazel eyes and a white chest

Apprentice, Cloverpaw

Whitepatch- dark grey tom with a white patch over his green eyes

Apprentice, Dawnpaw

Rainpelt- grey and black tabby tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice, Dreampaw

Crescentear- red tom with brown eyes and a crescent shaped tear in his right ear

Willowfire- reddish she-cat with a white patch on her flank and dark green eyes

Frostbird- white she-cat with silver paws, tail, muzzle, ears and brown eyes

Bearfur- blue eyed tom with thick, long brown fur

Fawnfur- brown-red she-cat with white spots on her back and green eyes

Stonestorm- dark gray tom with green eyes

Blackdream- black she-cat with dark gray spots on her stomach and bright green eyes


Moonshadow- silver she-cat with blue eyes and a black speckled pelt

Dreampaw- long, cream furred she-cat with hazel eyes

Shadepaw- dark grey tom with yellow eyes

Cloverpaw- cream colored she-cat with green eyes

Duskpaw- dark yellow tom with black stripe along spine with bright green eyes

Dawnpaw- cream colored she-cat with dull yellow eyes


Sunmist- pretty golden tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes (expecting Nightclaw's kits)

Silverfur- silver she-cat with black spots hazel eyes and black paws (Expecting Rainpelt's kits)

Swanwing- white she-cat with dull green eyes and black spots (mother of Stormcry's kits: Frozenkit- white she-cat with brown eyes , Lacekit- black tabby tom with dark green eyes and Owlkit- dark grey tom with green eyes and a dark brown paw)


Poolgleam- blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes and a white dash on her chest

Elkstep- brown tom with black paws and green eyes


Leader- Clawstar- light grey tom with black paws and long claws

Deputy- Pineleg- ginger tom with a brown front leg and brown eyes

Medicine Cat- Racoonstare- black tom with white patches over his yellow eyes


Blackstripe- white tom with a black stripe along his spine and blue eyes

Darksky- black she-cat with blue/grey spots in her fur and bright blue eyes

Apprentice; Dirtpaw

Firestep- white she-cat with ginger paws and green eyes

Jayfur- blue-gray tom with amber eyes

Sandwave- pale ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes

Ivyleaf- gray she-cat with green eyes

Shadedream- dark gray tom with hazel eyes

Slyshade- black tom with grey spots and brown eyes

Snarljaw- light brown tom with yellow eyes

Batcry- black she-cat with green eyes

Crowfoot- white tom with a black paw and dull green eyes

Apprentice; Acornpaw

Sticktail- white tom with a brown tail and bright blue eyes

Stonestep- dark gray tom with lighter gray paws and blue eyes


Acornpaw- brown tom with red spots and brown eyes

Dirtpaw- brown tom with black paws and dull yellow eyes


Redfeather- black she-cat with red patches of fur on her pelt with amber eyes (expecting Blackstripe's kits)

Cinderear- white she-cat with gray ears (mother of Stonestep's kits Dovekit and Rosekit)


Tigershadow- orange tom with brown and black stripe with dull blue eyes

Woodwhisker- long black furred tom with hazel eyes and long whiskers


Leader- Sandstar- dull ginger she-cat with small white patches and amber eyes

Deputy- Flypelt- long, black furred she-cat

Medicine Cat- Hazelfur- light hazel colored she-cat with long fur and green eyes


Tawnylight- gold and black tortoiseshell she-cat with white spots and hazel eyes

Mothfire- pale gray she-cat with black spots on her sides and grass green eyes

Hawktalon- pale ginger tom with long claws and dull blue eyes

Tigerstripe- ginger tom with black stripes along his back and piercing green eyes

Spottedheart- white she-cat with ginger, brown, black and pale yellow spots with amber eyes

Brambletooth- white tom with ginger and brown spots with hazel eyes

Silvereye- black she-cat with unusual silver/gray eyes

Leopardstep- pale yellow she-cat with black spots along her flank and blue eyes

Grassnose- brown tom with green eyes

Runningwind- long furred light gray tom with bright blue eyes


Badgerpaw- black tom with a white stripe down his back and green eyes

Thornpaw- dark brown tom with white and gray spots with bright yellow eyes

Vinepaw- light brown she-cat with green eyes


Dovelight- short furred, light gray she-cat with hazel eyes- (Expecting Brambletooth's kits)


Longwhisker- black tom with unusually long whiskers

Lightfur- yellow she-cat with blue eyes


Leader- Heatherstar- brown and light gray tortoiseshell she-cat with hazel eyes

Deputy- Wavepelt- blue-gray tom with bright sea green eyes and a white chest

Medicine Cat- Minnowtail- small white tom with green eyes and black and brown rings on his tail


Orchidheart- light gray she-cat with unusual blue/purple eyes

Skystream- silver she-cat with dull blue-gray stripes around her legs, tail, down her spine and black spots on her belly

Apprentice; Whitepaw

Littlepelt- small cinder colored tom with dull blue eyes

Quailfin- black she-cat with dark green eyes

Roseblossom- amber eyed she-cat with a reddish pelt and a white chest and muzzle

Mousepelt- small brown tom with dark gray paws and muzzle with hazel eyes

Mallowtail- dark gray she-cat with bright yellow eyes

Doveflame- light gray she-cat with a bright red chest, muzzle, paws and tipped ears with crystal blue eyes

Apprentice; Lilypaw

Gingerear- black she-cat with ginger colored ears and hazel eyes

Apprentice; Yellowpaw

Salmonnose- small white tom with perfectly pink nose and yellow eyes

Tadpoletail-small gray tom with a black tail and haunches with green eyes

Thorntooth- black and brown tabby tom with hazel eyes


Yellowpaw- dull yellow tom with dark gray spots and hazel eyes

Lilypaw- dark gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Whitepaw- black she-cat with white paws and amber eyes


Grayscar- dark gray she-cat with a scar down the side of her face from a fox attack and green eyes (mother of Tadpoletail's kit Ivykit)

Ravencry- black she-cat with unusual dull red eyes (mother of Thorntooth's kits Daisykit and Dreamkit)


Puddlefur- dark brown tom with blue eyes and a "v" shaped scar on his ear

Echoshine- long white furred she-cat with yellow spots on her flank and amber eyes

Rainpool- dark blue-gray tom with blue-green eyes and is missing fur along a scar on his left flank


Leader- Redstar- large reddish tom with small white spots and very bright yellow eyes

Deputy- Yellowring- gray tom with yellow rings around his tail and legs with amber eyes

Medicine Cat- Fernpool- black she-cat with light grey spots and bright blue eyes

Apprentice- Duskheart


Nightfrost- black she-cat with golden eyes, a white flank, a white-tipped tail and one white paw

Leaffall- light brown tabby she-cat with white paws, a white underbelly, and white chest

Rockpelt- light gray tabby tom with brown eyes

Shadepelt- black tom with dark gray spots on his belly and dark green eyes

Bearfur- blue eyed tom with thick brown fur

Lynxtail- light brown-gray she-cat with black rings around her tail and grass green eyes

Applefur- dark red tom with brown spots and green eyes

Flamechest- large short white furred tom with a bright ginger/red chest and dark blue eyes

Emberglow- dark gray she-cat with lighter gray spots and red tipped ears and paws; unusual eyes: one amber eye and one green eye

Foxstep- white tom with ginger paws and light hazel eyes

Echofire- silver tabby she-cat with red paws, muzzle, ears and tail with navy blue eyes

Crescentear- grey tom with a large scar on his ear shaped like a crescent and green eyes


Duskheart- dark ginger tom with a white patch over his heart and ears with grass green eyes

Briarpaw- light brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Adderpaw- black tom with a light gray muzzle and amber eyes

Thornpaw- dark brown tom with ginger spots and muzzle with dark green eyes


Iceflower- white she-cat with blue-gray stripes down her spine and around her tail with bright blue eyes (mother of Flamechest's kits Dovekit, Sandkit, Whitekit and Leafkit)

Mistcloud- blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes and a white chest (mother of Foxstep's kits Nightkit, Lionkit and Poolkit)

Goldendream- golden tabby she-cat with green eyes and a white muzzle (mother of Applefur's kits Cloudkit and Squirrelkit)


Drystep- short haired white tom with amber eyes (hates water)

Owlwhisker- brown, grey, black and white spotted tom with short whiskers and bright green eyes

Tribe of Rushing Water-

Tribe-Healer: Stoneteller- dark gray tom with amber eyes (formally known as Crow That Shrieks at Dusk)


Silver Feather That Falls From Sky (Silver) - silver she-cat with blue eyes

Pool That Comes From Rain (Pool) – blue-gray she-cat with sea green eyes

Snow That Falls From Clouds (Snow) – white she-cat with amber eyes

Wave That Crashes on Shore (Wave) – blue-gray she-cat with dark blue eyes

Mouse That Hides in Crack (Mouse) – small brown tom with dark green eyes

Rain That Drips Off Leaf (Rain) – blue-gray tom with bright green eyes


Fox That Sneaks in Shadows (Fox) – ginger tom with a dark gray stripe down his spine and amber eyes

Wolf That Howls at Midnight (Wolf) – black tom with yellow eyes

Fire That Burns at Dawn (Fire) – light ginger tom with bright yellow eyes

Cave That Hides Crane (Cave) – gray-brown tom with dark amber eyes

Eagle That Cries at Noon (Eagle) – long furred white tom with golden paws, muzzle, belly and hazel eyes

Badger That Hunts at Night (Badger) – muscular black tom with a white stripe down his spine and beady green eyes

Cloud That Blocks Sun (Cloud) – white she-cat with a hint of gold in her fur with sky blue eyes

Falcon That Flies Behind Clouds (Falcon) – brown tom with white patches and navy blue eyes

Thunder That Follows Storm (Thunder) – dull yellow tom with gray patches and amber eyes

Rock That Tumbles Down Mountain Side (Rock) – gray tom with blue eyes

Star That Rises Beside Moon (Star) - silver tabby she-cat with three white paws and dark amber eyes


Rose That Blossoms in Spring (Rose) – ginger she-cat with light green eyes (mother of Eagle's kit Moth That Flies at Night)

Leaf That Falls From Oak (Leaf) - light brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes (mother of Rock's kits Frog That Sits on Lily Pad and Stream That Guides Fish)

Cats Outside of Clans

CeCe- ginger she-cat with green eyes

MiMi- blue-gray she-cat with green eyes

Gizmo- silver dilute tortoiseshell with bright green eyes

Pepper- dark gray she-cat with black spots and amber eyes

Harry- black tom with torn ear and blue eyes

Pumpkin- fluffy orange tom with thin white stripes and white tipped tail; grass green eyes


"You must be joking! How can you even think of sending cats on that journey?" a flame colored tom yowled in fury and shock. He, along with a green eyed pale ginger she-cat, a blue-gray she-cat and an amber eyed brown-and-cream tabby she-cat where standing beside the Moon Mirror, watching their two clans sleep.

"This is my clan we're talking about! Besides, you made the journey once before. Why aren't you willing to help us again?" the brown and cream she-cat hissed, her amber eyes blazing.

"If you don't remember, we almost lost our lives on that journey! We did our part! It isn't our fault you couldn't keep your clan going." The tom screeched back as he flicked his tail between him and the pale ginger she-cat standing calmly beside him.

"I have always had respect for you, but if you don't help us now, all your work and fear and hurt will have been for nothing." The brown and cream she-cat spoke again.

"She has a point." The pale ginger she-cat spoke to the enraged tom. She then aimed her words to the brown she-cat standing across from her.

"Is there any other way?" Before the brown she-cat could reply, a blue-gray she-cat spoke for the first time.

"You must know that I don't say this lightly, but she has a point. They are meant to survive. The journey would be long and the cats would be gone for many moons," she was speaking to the tom, but she kept throwing unsure glances at the brown cat.

"It would be dangerous and scary, for only two cats have made the journey before, but I think it will be the best thing to do." The blue she-cat mewed, her calm voice edged with fear. The ginger tom looked at the she-cats and sighed.

"Shall I send the message or you?" he mewed to the blue-gray she cat, his voice clouded in fear and regret.

"I'll go," the blue cat mewed after a moment. The tom simply nodded and padded away, stars appearing to dance on his pelt. The pale she-cat just followed him, trying to murmur comforting words in his ear.

"Thank you. My Clan will go on." The brown tabby mewed quietly and padded away, leaving the blue she-cat to sit alone by the Moon Mirror.

"Are we making the right choice by sending our clan mates on this journey?" a spotted she-cat padded up and sat beside the Moon Mirror. Without looking at her companion, the blue she-cat replied.

"The Three have come and gone. They did what they were supposed to do. They saved the four. Now it is our turn to save the fifth. Remember, The Times will Collide and Sorrow will be Brought, but remember This Omen, when the Sky is Fought." She mewed calmly.

"I know that, but we can't see everything that lies ahead! Are you willing to risk lives because we've seen bits and pieces of the way the journey ends?" the spotted she-cat mewed, her voice slightly raised. Still, the blue she-cat remained calm.

"We can and have seen enough," the blue she-cat replied.

"So you say, but Clan life is going to change forever if we go through with this!" the spotted cat pointed out. Slowly a slow rumble sounded from the side. The two she-cats snapped their heads to the left to see that the pretty tabby she-cat had returned.

"How can you turn on us in our time of need?" the tabby hissed, aiming the question at the spotted she-cat. She hissed in annoyance.

"I am not turning on you! I just don't want my home clan to suffer for this choice!" the spotted cat yowled, her eyes blazing. Instead of carrying the conversation on, the tabby nodded slightly, apologized, and padded off into the distance.

"I will tell him to keep an eye out for any cats that may be part of this prophesy. " The blue she-cat mewed as she stared at a glossy honey-colored tom sleeping in a nest surrounded by herbs.

"We won't send any cat that doesn't share this destiny. Once we figure out who they are, I will send a sign to Featherstar." She continued. The spotted she-cat dipped her head in gratitude and padded away without another word. The blue she-cat sighed and looked down into the Moon Mirror. She scanned her Clan's camp and noticed something out of place. 'No, this isn't supposed to happen! This isn't meant to be!" She thought, panic flowing through her, clouding her mind as she stared at a gold-and-black she-cat whose stomach was swollen.

'Forgive me. I wouldn't do this if it wasn't meant to be.' She prayed as she bounded across the starry grounds.