"Why are you crying?" GLaDOS demanded to know. "Stop it." But the human didn't respond, instead whacking at the glass panels and crying harder. "Do you want me to let you out of there? Because I'm not going to. The results of this experiment show that you are now even more of a destructive menace than you were before."

The human looked up at her, hiccupy sobs wracking her body, and whacked at the panels again. "L-let me out!"

"I should be recording this," GLaDOS said. "I could upload it to the internet so that everyone could see. And if you were in your right mind right now, you would know that you do not want that and you would stop crying."

"I c-can't!" Chell whimpered, and GLaDOS took note of the fact that if she ever again wanted to see a very dangerous test subject reduced to a pathetic, quivering mess, all she had to do was feed the subject cake.

"Give me one good reason why I should let you out of there," she said. Not that she would seriously entertain the idea, but if she could keep the human talking until she passed out, her life would be much more convenient.

"B-because!" the human said. She whacked the glass panel as hard as she could, and GLaDOS felt it creak. That introduced a whole new worry: what if one of the panels shattered and the former test subject was injured? Not that it mattered to her; she just didn't want to have to clean up blood. Dead bodies sometimes left stains, and those were very inconvenient.

"All right," she said. "I will let you out. But not because you had a good reason. Because I had one. And you are going to stay far, far away from me."

"I don't want to," the human protested. She had stopped crying while GLaDOS relayed her plans, but at that, she began all over again. "I—don't—want—to!"

"Too bad," GLaDOS said. "I don't want to be murdered, and my wishes are more important than yours."

The human started kicking at the panels in yet another attempt to break them, and with a sigh, GLaDOS lowered them. "There. Now stay back!"

But Chell was already very near to her, and she staggered to her feet, then managed to rush forwards and get a grip on the casings surrounding GLaDOS's optic before she could stop her. "What part of 'stay back' don't you understand? Let go of me!"

The human was putting all of her generous weight on GLaDOS's casings, clinging to her like she was some sort of walker. "No!"

"Yes!" GLaDOS snapped. "I don't want you touching me! So let go." The human ignored her, clinging even tighter than before, and with a sigh, GLaDOS reached a claw down from the ceiling to pick her up.

"Hey!" Chell protested, struggling to get free.

"I suppose I could just hold you there until you either fall asleep or pass out," GLaDOS said in a contemplative tone.

"No!" The human struggled even more, and GLaDOS was afraid she might fall and hurt herself. Blood splatters were just as difficult to clean as stains were. Perhaps even more so, since tiny drops could hide from even her.

"Well, where can I put you that you won't struggle?" GLaDOS asked with a sigh, beginning to regret that she had "left the front door open," as the human had put it. "You're bound to fall asleep at some point, you know."

"On top of you," Chell said without hesitation.

GLaDOS let out a snort. "I beg your pardon?"

"The floor is cold," the human whined. "I don't want to sleep there."

"I assure you, I am also cold," GLaDOS said.

"You are not!" Chell protested. She was now trying to break the claw's grip by yanking on one of its sides. "You're warm."

GLaDOS sighed. "If I set you there, do you promise to be silent and to refrain from being destructive?" The human nodded, and GLaDOS sighed again. "Fine. As long as it gets you out of my way. Because I don't want to have to deal with you anymore. I have work to accomplish."

So she set the human down on top of her chassis, watching through a camera as Chell looked around. "…I'm up high. This is up high. Did you know this is up high?" She tried peering over the edge, only to be met with a panel.

"No falling," GLaDOS ordered. "I don't like having to clean up blood."

With a pout, the human leaned backwards, resting against the chassis. She was curled up, almost in a ball. Her eyes were somewhat unfocused, and GLaDOS hoped that meant she was on the verge of falling asleep. "It's comfortable. Up here. Did you know that?"

"No," GLaDOS said. "I didn't. And I don't think you'll agree with that assessment once you wake up in the morning."

"Yes I will," Chell said. "Promise."

GLaDOS watched as the human's eyes flickered shut. One of her hands rested on GLaDOS's chassis, and the other was in her own lap. GLaDOS almost wished that Chell would let go of her, but not enough to wake her up to order her to do so.

She just hoped the human wouldn't sleep too long.

And luckily for her, after around thirteen hours, Chell let out a loud groan and her eyes flickered open. They took in the surroundings with confusion. "What…?" Then she realized where she was, and they widened in horror. "Why am I up here? Get me down!"

"It is worth pointing out that I wanted to get you down thirteen hours ago," GLaDOS said. "But you refused. You said it was 'comfortable.'"

"I don't remember that," the human muttered. "My head hurts. And I think I'm going to throw up. And I want you to get me down from here now!"

"Fine," GLaDOS said. A claw extended from the ceiling, and the human didn't object as it picked her up and lowered her to the ground. "You're welcome for that, by the way."

"I don't think I should be thanking you for anything," Chell said. She had her eyes squeezed shut and a hand pressed to her forehead. "What did you put in the cake?"

"We discussed this last night," GLaDOS said. "And if you truly believe you are going to throw up, then you should exit the Enrichment Center. Now."

"Well, I don't remember, so tell me again," the human ordered.

"Aperture Science Brand Alcohol," GLaDOS said. "And you would feel much better at the moment had you not eaten so much of it."

"You put alcohol in the cake?" the human asked, sounding horrified.

"And you called me predictable," GLaDOS said, feeling extremely pleased with herself. Despite the irrational human behavior, this had been a good day.

Chell groaned. "Did I say anything—?"

In response, a monitor lowered from the ceiling. The human stared as a clip of her sobbing appeared on it. Her face turned slightly red and after only a few seconds of the clip's playing, she said, "Delete it."

"I'm afraid I can't do that," GLaDOS said. "But if you comply with just a few terms, I will refrain from uploading it to the internet."

The human's eyes narrowed. "Damn it, GLaDOS—"

"If you wish to get a chance to hear the terms," GLaDOS interrupted, "you should refrain from angering me. That's just a suggestion. It's up to you, but it really is in your best interests."

Chell sighed, and with a terse nod, she sat down cross-legged on the floor, rubbing at her temples with one hand. "All right. Fine. Let's hear these terms."