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A/N: Very, very short story that I started on a few weeks back. I think this story is set around the Summer School series. So, Draco and Harry are adopted by Severus and Aurora. And Severus and Aurora have a cute four-year-old daughter named Angel. I'll probably continue this story sometime, but LemonDrops said to update soon. So... lol. Enjoy some son and mother time.

Nature Calls

I dance in front of the door, my feet moving constantly. I then raise my hand up again, knocking against the closed door. Normally, I wouldn't be banging on the door like that, but I've got to go. And unfortunately Draco is hogging the damn loo again, likely playing with his hair. When the door opens, I sigh in relief.

Mum glances at me, narrowing her eyes. She then quickly jumps out of the way into the bedroom as I rush in. I'm not even sure if she's closed the door or not before I lower my boxers and start peeing. A few moments later after I'm finished, I flush and pull up my boxers before washing my hands. I catch in the reflection that the door is closed. I feel slightly better about that.

I turn around to walk back out, my hand knocking something off the shelf beside me onto the ground. I quickly kneel down to pick it up, frowning when I hold the long thermometer-looking thing in my hand. There's a negative sign in the circle area. I then glance at the closed door and then down at the thing again. I hold it in my hand and slowly open the door before walking out.

"Mum?" She glances at me from where she's sitting on the edge of the bed. "It has a negative sign. Does that mean you're not pregnant?"

"I should've guessed you'd know what it was. Yes, Harry. It means I'm not pregnant."

"Couldn't you just have gone up to Madam Pomfrey, Mum?"

"I'm tired of going up there and finding out that I'm not, Harry. It's a bit better this way."

"Do you and Dad want more kids?"

"We didn't really raise you three. You've been pretty self-sufficient in fact. But, yes, I do want another baby."

"Well, do you want Draco or me to take Angel so you and Dad can be alone?"

"No, Harry, thank you, but no," she says, laughing softly.

"Have you talked to Madam Pomfrey? Maybe she can—I don't know—give you some techniques?" Merlin, I feel uncomfortable talking to her about this.

"Thank you, Harry, but we'll be fine. Sometimes, it just takes a little work."

I walk to her then, hugging her a moment later. "Well, good luck, Mum." I smile when she hugs me back before walking out of the room. Maybe I can see if there's a potion . . .