A/N: For all of you Sweenett lovers out there, this one's for you! No this not "High on a Mountain" rewritten. That will be coming in a few months with the same title.

Chapter one:

Anthony burst into Sweeney Todd's tonsorial parlour, Johanna's wrist in his grasp.

"Mister Todd!" he called out, but there was no one there. "You wait for him here and I'll return to the coach in less than half an hour," he told his bride to be. "Don't worry, no one will recognize you. You're safe.

Johanna stared deeply into Anthony's eyes. "Safe? So we run away and all our dreams come true?"

"I hope so."

Johanna shook her head in disbelief. "I've never had dreams, only nightmares."

"Johanna, when we're free of this place all the ghosts will go away," he tried reassuring her.

"No Anthony, they'll never go away."

Anthony traced Johanna's cheek with his thumb. "I'll be right back to you. Half an hour and we'll be free," and he left to fetch the coach. Johanna was all alone, or so she thought.

Someone was calling for the Beadle as they walked up the steps to enter the shop. It was the old beggar woman, and Johanna had hid in the trunk by the door before she was spotted. The beggar woman began saying things that did not make sense, mumbling to herself, trying to find the Beadle when a man appeared in the doorway. Sweeney Todd.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" he questioned her.

"Evil is here sir, the stink of evil from below, from her. Oh she's the devil's wife, beware of her sir. She with no pity in her heart," Sweeney knew that the woman must've been talking about Mrs. Lovett. But the Judge was calling for him; he had no time for this nonsense. His only option: slit the throat of the woman. She fell through the trap door just in time before the Judge made his appearance.

Mrs. Lovett gave out a little yelp of surprise as she was not expecting the body of the beggar woman to make an appearance. Without a moment to lose, the baker brought the body over to the oven, letting go of it only to open the door.

Lucy was surprisingly light-weight, but Mrs. Lovett realised that she should've expected this, for she doubted Lucy ate more than three times a week.

Mrs. Lovett could not help but give an evil grin as she watched Lucy burn in a fiery inferno of Hell. The Beadle was still lying on the cold stone, but he would have to wait. The Judge came tumbling down next, just as the last of Lucy was incinerated. Mrs. Lovett eased over to the Judge and what happened next she did not expect.

The Judge was still alive, barely, but was trying to cling on. He grabbed Mrs. Lovett's dress as pain and death consumed him. She couldn't help but let out a scream of surprise as Judge Turpin clutched the hem of her dress.

"Die don't it ever die!" she cried out and pulled away as Turpin took his last breath. Sweeney came bursting in the next second.

"Why'd you scream?" he asked as he saw Mrs. Lovett drag Turpin's corpse across the floor of the bake house.

"He was catching onto me dress, but he's finished now," the baker explained as she was almost to the oven. Sweeney went over and opened the door for her. They watched the body burn in silence. The noise of footsteps caught their attention.

Toby had emerged from the sewers, murder and hatred in his eyes. He inched towards the partners. He couldn't believe his beloved Mrs. Lovett had been a part of the whole sick operation. He trusted her, he loved her, he was her son. Toby had to end it though and he saw the only way to do that was to end them. But Sweeney had other plans. The barber whipped out his razor, a plan formed in his mind.

"Toby dear, you know I love you. But believe me, it's for the best," Mrs. Lovett tried explaining as Sweeney strode over to the boy and pressed the razor against his throat. Toby's eyes were wide with fright as he realised what was going on.

"I'm sorry love, I really am," Mrs. Lovett whispered. Without a second thought or a single hesitation, Sweeney dragged the razor across Toby's throat and the boy dropped to the floor dead, blood spraying from his little neck. Thinking fast, Sweeney placed the razor in the hand of Toby.

"Good thinking love," Nellie commented, though in reality, she was heartbroken looking at her adopted son. Tears formed around the rim of her eyes, threatening to spill over, but she couldn't let that happen. She couldn't let herself be distracted now of all times.

"We have to get out of here," said Sweeney and Nellie knew he was right. If they were found here the only ones alive, it would be rather difficult to convince the constable that it was Toby who murdered everyone and then killed himself. So the odd couple rushed back up the stairs and packed a few of their things, only a few items of clothing and such so as not to arouse suspicion. Sweeney of course brought his razors. He had left one there, no one would think twice about it, and all of those who would, were dead now.

Together the baker and barber disappeared into the night going to the only place they knew to be safe.

Eleanor Lovett and Sweeney Todd were going to the seaside.