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Shrieks of laughter could be heard ringing out all through the Todd residence.

"Johnny, leave me alone!" laughed seven year-old Lyra. Johnny reached for his younger sister and grabbed her despite her protests.

"Gotcha! No way of escaping me Emily," chuckled Johnny, slightly tightening his grip on Lyra.

When she heard him call her Emily, Lyra burst out laughing. "But Johnny, I ain't Emily." Just then, someone tapped Johnny's shoulder tapped Johnny's shoulder. Releasing Lyra, he whirled around to face Lyra's twin sister, Emily. Johnny lunged for Emily and got a hold of her just as the children's mother stepped into the room.

"What is going on in here?" Nellie demanded, hands on her hips. "Jonathon Tobias Todd, release you sister at once." On Nellie's command, Johnny did as he was told. Nellie shook her head, "I don't know what I'm gonna do with you three."

All three children looked down at their shoes and Nellie felt bad. She knelt down and opened her arms. "Come here you three." The twins and nine year-old Jonathon ran up to their mother and four group-hugged.

The front door opened and closed silently as the family hugged. No one heard the soft footsteps of a tall male as he snuck up behind and joined in on the hug, earning him squeals of surprise from his family.

"Father you're home!" exclaimed Emily, happy that her father returned from the boardwalk. Sweeney chuckled, kissing the top of her head.

"Of course, I couldn't stand being away from you four for so long." It was the truth, Sweeney hated being away from his family for long periods of time, which was why he was glad he worked at the barber shop upstairs. Sweeney released his grasp and everyone else did the same.

Nellie stood up properly and kissed Sweeney on the cheek lightly. "Glad to have you home love," she confessed as she started to step away. But Sweeney was not completely satisfied. He wrapped his arms around Nellie's waist and brought her back to him, placing a firm kiss upon her lips. Nellie smiled into the kiss. Ten years they had been happily married and she never stopped loving the feel of his lips against hers.

"Ew!" Johnny, Lyra, and Emily cried in unison. Sweeney and Nellie pulled away from each other reluctantly for the benefit of their children. Both parents were grinning. It was impossible to have a boring time with the Todd children. And they had a remarkable resemblance to both Mr. and Mrs. Todd.

Johnny, Emily, and Lyra all had their mother's hair colour, just a tad bit darker thanks to their father. The children weren't as pale as their parents for they had grown up at the seaside, but they still inherited the genes for pale skin. The twins and brother were very proud that their eyes were a dark mix of both Nellie's and Sweeney's eyes. They all just fit together.

"Okay you lot, why don't you go outside while your father and I work on dinner, hm?" Nellie suggested, though the children knew that they better do as she said. They merrily skipped out of the house and Nellie went towards the kitchen, Sweeney right on her trail.

Nellie immediately set to work on dinner, humming cheerfully to herself. Her life had been perfect thus far as a Todd. She and Sweeney were very much in love and they had three beautiful children. Nellie jumped slightly as she felt two arms wrap around her middle from behind, but she relaxed when she realised who it must be.

Sweeney placed his lips on her neck, peppering her pale neck with light as air kisses. Nellie barely stifled a moan and Sweeney smiled against her skin. He loved getting this reaction out of her.

"Sweeney love, now ain't the best time for… fooling around," she sighed, putting down the paring knife she had been using. "The children are right outside ya know."

"I know," Sweeney whispered in her ear. "And I don't intend to do anything with the children right outside. However, they are going out to a friend's house tomorrow afternoon and evening. Therefore, I think that gives us plenty of time to-" Sweeney however was cut off by the sound of little girls shrieking in delight.

"I can't believe it! I can't believe that just happened!" Lyra voiced, obviously very excited about something. Emily giggled uncontrollably.

"I can't believe it either, and I watched him do it!"

"And I watched him to!"

The statements spoken by the twins greatly confused both Nellie and Sweeney. What on earth could their girls be talking about? Wiping her hands on the skirt of her dress, Nellie walked into the drawing room where the girls now sat on the couch.

"Care to tell us what's going on?" Nellie asked as she sat next to Emily, who began blushing a deep red. As Sweeney sat next to Lyra, she did the same.

"Ya know Robert?" Emily questioned both Sweeney and Nellie, who nodded their heads. Nellie had a thought she knew what was coming up next and so did Sweeney, only he didn't want to believe it to be true.

"He kissed us!" Lyra squealed jubilantly. Nellie's lips formed a small smile while Sweeney's expression darkened. "On the cheek," Lyra added. This only helped matters a bit. Sweeney stood up and began pacing. He hated the idea of his little girls growing up. They were kissed? Emily and Lyra looked at their father with innocent, questioning eyes. Had they done something wrong?

"Oh dearies," Nellie breathed, seeing the expression upon her daughters' faces. "You did nothing wrong. Father's just a bit upset that you're turning into beautiful young ladies so fast." Nellie eyed Sweeney, hoping that he would support her with this. He had no choice, it was the truth.

Lyra and Emily stood up from the couch and hugged their father. Sweeney smiled at them and knelt down to hug them properly. Johnny walked through the doorway as this happened, feeling nervous. Would his father be upset with him for letting Robert kiss the twins? From the sight of the twins and Sweeney, Johnny assumed he was in the clear.

Smiling, Nellie stood up from her spot on the sofa. "Well, why don't you three children go wash your hands and you can help me with dinner." It was always the children's favourite thing to do: help out their parents whenever they could. So of course they willingly obliged and dashed off to wash their hands. Sweeney stood up, the faintest of smiles playing on his face.

Nellie practically waltzed over to him and kissed him passionately. He wrapped his arms around her loosely, holding her close. "Children," he reminded her quietly by whispering in her ear. Sighing in defeat, she pulled away and went back into the kitchen. Soon, the three Todd children entered and immediately set to work, helping their beloved mum.

Dinner was done in no time and the family sat at the table, the children giggling uncontrollably for unknown reasons, causing the adults to laugh. Grace was said quietly and then the eating began as the sun began its decent below horizon.

Cleaning was a breeze and everyone was full and happy. The time for bed came and despite the protesting children, they willingly went to their rooms, the twins in Nellie's old room and Johnny in the new room built next to the twins' bedroom.

Mr. and Mrs. Todd collapsed on the couch next to each other, immediately moving closer. "Alone at last," Sweeney whispered into Nellie's ear, kissing her cheek. Nellie then rested her head upon Sweeney's shoulder as he held her close. Both watched the fire as it illuminated the drawing room of the Todd residence.

All was well.

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