Read Ded Reademption Chapter 5

John's Choice

john was flying to the tower on fourth street when his iphone rang. it was jack.

"jack you wanna explain why you stole my fucking wife and are a dark wizard?"

"I lied pop, it's the only way I could get you to go to the tower."

"that's some shit, jack. some rough shit."

jarn mohnstoarn was about to shoot jack through his phone but then he couldn't do that because it would break his boss phone and not his son.

"how'd you do all that dark negergy shit then. FUCK" John screamed

"it was just a trick. You were high as fuck, pop. I wasn't even doing magic. but you gotta stop the fusing."

"alright I guess" he hung up the phone (which had a cool cow pattern shell on it because it's a western)

"who was that?" landon said. they were still flying through the air at the tower.

"my son. he was lying about stealing what the fuck is her name."

"the bitch?"


"so what now" landon said as he lit a joint.

"I aint know. I guess this tower will have the key to the fusing."

"well aint that a fuck shit of damn."

he high fived langdron for making cool swears.

they landed on top of the tower. it was purple. there was a parking lot on top of it.


"what is it?"

the parking lot said it can only hold one person.

"well aint that a bitch."

"yeah it is"

"what should we do?"

"hang on I got an idgea." jam said. he activted the ferrari's SPLIT function and turned it into TWO FERRARIS.

"DUDE." landon said as he nearly creamed himself from how badass that was.

they climbed thru the security hatch and a fat guy was in there. he had a pink haircut.

"hello welcome to the dark tower of fusing."

"this is the place where they do the fusing!" landon whispered as he screamed.

john shot the pink haired guy. "Fuck him." he said.

"Yes." Landon said. they walked into the elevator that had a cow in it, which they shot and made burgers of on the way down ot the basement, where the fusing was being created.

it was dark and green glowy shit was everywhere. like thecnology too.

"this place is pretty gay." landon said.

they heard clapping. all of a sudden the enemy guy was standing in front of them.

"who the fuck are you?" john said.


"you bitch. I knew it was you."

"i wasn't alone...there is many people who is causing fusing. i'm just the guy who watches over the tower. we are all part of the Fourteen Angry Good Guys On Texas States"

"so if I kill this tower, there's no more fusing?" john said!

"no. this is only one. there are many more like this. and 13 other guys like me. and if you destroy me and this tower bad shit goes down for you. you have to make a terrible choice."

"but're part of htis? so I could say you're behind this?"

"FUCK. john don't you see? if you destroy this'll lose your ferrari."

"!" John s-creamed (scream and jizzed himself in fear).

"so what'll it be john? kill me and this tower and lose your ferrari or walk away."

"this seems tricky!" landon said as he licked his lips furiously.

"fuck all, this ain't hard. I'm hard." john said as he whomped his gun into his hand, and shot haveairs balls off. he shot the glowing fuck an assload of times before running back to hte elevator with landon. he put dynamite at his feet and exploded them to the top of the elevator. they each got in a ferrari and flew back to jarn house to play xbox. then they made fun of jack for his wii.

but back at the twoer, that was now destroyed, one last fusing happened at the tower that was now destroyed because haveair activated it before he was dead in the tower that was destroyed. a big fucking mutant fish seal whale lion dragon monster half made of fucking pizza climbed out of the tower that was now destroyed. it had haviars face.