red dead but wif good ending chapter 6

"john marstons back bitches"

John was playing some titanfall and cod and gta v with his buddy ol pal landon rickety.

"jon these gosh dang god damn fucked up bitch as video games are pissing me teh hell off, im from a different time motherfucker." landon said when he lost lol.

"that's just cuz dads a shitty teacher at video games mr landon rickety rickster." john mashtons son jack mars said,

"FUCK YOU JACK" john said as he threw a brick at john's dumbass face. he blocked it because he was such a bitch he already ran out of the house and into town to cry to the wimpazoids at the fair arcade where losers go to fucking suck.

"bitch ass." john said.

"Kill that bitch john. he aint worth it." landon said.

"I would but my wife would have my balls. ho shit speaking of balls theres a motherfucker out there whose testicels i have to shoot."

"oh yeh the dudes who are doing the fusing. you still gonna shoot them all in their testicles?"

"yes" john said as he shooted a big bong hit into his mouth

"well who should we get next"

"fuck if i kno. havier said they r all in texas states so like here in texas, mexico, texico, new texas, ok, new mexico, texaco etc"

"gotcha" landon siad. "you wanna go now then?"

"nah well go when my fucking bitch gets home and bitches at me for not doing chores."


they got high and played sick ass games like watch dogs until johns wife came home, carrying jack like a baby because fuck if i understand women.

"aright lets go" john said, shooting the door open before hopping into his ferreri.

but there was a problem. there was a big fucking thing in the way!

"what the fuck is that shit bitch in my fucking way damn."

so John saw the fucking mutant seal whale dragon lion mutant fish half made of fucking of a tower and havier eskwueala.

"Ahh boyo this is one fucking shit ass day." Marston said and hoped his loser ass son wouldnt call him ever today because he sucked.

John had to destroy the thing which I ugess is one of the 14 towers. but maybe the bad guys were lying about the towers who knows? I sure as fuck dont lol. Just wait and see and you will understand ;)

John used his big revolver that shoots rockets and blue up the pizza part, which spreaad over all of armadilpa and so no one was hungry anymore because they had pizza now forever and ever. part landod on landin and he got really hurt.

"LANDONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" john screamed as tears exploded out of his eyeballs.

"Im fucking okay john shit I'd think you fucking want to suck my dick or have a romantic dinner with the way your bitching now." landon said as he ate his way out.

"oh so you ok?"

"yeah I just need some rest. Im gonna go rent a hotel like holiday inn or something and go sleep for a bit. You take out those towers good ya?"

"yah home." john gave landon a cool handshake and said catch ya later ay and left landon to leave.

then john noticed that the monster dude was really fuckin slow so he just left his wife and son jack to deal with it lol. he found the hotel landon was staying at and was gonna sneaky suprise him at the pool when landon whent for a dip. but someone much scarier showd up.

it was fucking bonnie mcfarlan.

"john. we need to talk."


"i know where the next tower is, but your not going to like it."

"why. fucking why" john was ready to smack her he was so mad that his friend time was getting cut off

"its the fat tower john."

john marston trembled in his boots so scardedly he fell out of his boots. he fell into the pool and the water came up all around him and every thing began to go dark