Hello Readers! Welcome to my first story. I hope you all catch on fast, because I am far too predictable.



It was a cool evening, and there were several stars in the sky. I was sitting in the lush grass, staring up at the stars. Behind me, there was a large, looming castle that seemed so familiar though I had never lived in a castle. A breeze blew wisps of my blonde hair into my face, which seemed darker than usual due to the lack of light. My cerulean eyes were staring into the stars, and were hazed with want, desire.

I knew what would fulfill that want, but fate wasn't interested in my ambition.


That was my greatest desire. To leave, never knowing what tomorrow would bring. But that would probably never happen.

There was the sound of crushing grass at the back of me, and I drew my gaze to behind, still far deep in thought What I saw shocked me out of my dreamy state.

I caught sight of a silhouette, of a man much taller than me, and obviously a lot more built than I. The man never entered the moonlight, but stayed in the shadows. I seemed to know him, though I swore I had never seen him in my life.

I began pushing my self away from him, trembling slightly.

"Why are you here? You aren't suppose… I … no one knows…" I said as I tried to put distance between us.

The man laughed smugly, a dark sound, which made my heart thunder so hard it shook my ribs. Then he said words that chilled me to the bone.

"I've found you, princess,"

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