Circe – The Beginning

It started out as a simply craving that turned into a desire.

A sweet…desire that corrupted my sanity.



It was during my freshman that I noticed that something was not right. I had a sort of curiosity when it came to the desires of the human flesh. My curiosity became a type of yearning that coiled at the pit of my stomach. When I sought help they all brushed it off as an adolescent faze. It didn't take long before this curiosity became more like a craving, a need, like substances to my body. In wanted-no I needed to take some random guy and have him until I was able to sedate this need.

Funny isn't it? To be consumed by such need yet never truly understanding what I wanted. It was odd to feel this way when I had never had the taste of another on my lips much less the feel of someone inside me. That's right I was still pure, that's what they call it. I can't exactly tell you where this craving came from but I can tell you when I began to control it.


The sound of a door being swung open reached my ears followed shortly by sound of footsteps.

"Can you believe Iruka-sensei, I mean did he like have to take away my cell," exclaimed a girl.

"You think you got it bad. We got stuck with Kurenai-sensei. She is like the strictest teacher in all of history," exclaimed another.

"No, girls you both are wrong. At least none of you have to deal with Ibiki-sensei," stated a third girl.

In response all of them shuddered as their minds conjured up horrifying images of Ibiki-sensei.

"Ami is right. Still, I wish we could've gotten Kakashi-sensei. I here he's absolutely gorgeous behind that mask of his," squealed the first girl.


"Crap! We're going to be late lets go before we get detention," exclaimed the second.

"What's the rush it's barely like the second day of school," complained the first.

"Look Ino, I do not want to start my first semester of my freshman year getting detention," scowled the second girl.

"Alright already, chill Sakura, you keep that up and your pink hair will have gray hair growing out of it," called out Ino.

"Oh zip it Ino-pig," snapped Sakura.

Soon the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing reached my ears. Seeing as the coast was clear I left the stall. I wasn't planning on running to class since I had Kakashi-sensei. Aside from being considered as the hottest teacher he was also notorious for being late.

I made sure that my glasses and hair were in place before heading towards class. You could say that I had like a split personality. It was a type of game I played. I let people make their own assumptions about me and whenever they chose to cross me well then I would just take care of it. It was sort of like playing mind games and I loved it.


As I reached the door to my homeroom class the sounds of students could be heard. My class is by all means the rowdiest of the entire bunch.

I placed my bag on top of my desk before sitting down. Since the first day of school I made to sit near the front. I wanted to make sure that I would pay attention since I had a tendency to let my fantasies get the better of me.

"Class, it's great to see that all of you showed up on time. I'm sorry for being late the freeway was packed so," he trailed off.

"Liar!" yelled a blonde boy sitting in the back.

The famous Kakashi-sensei had arrived with another one of his wide lies. He loosened his tie which received him a few gasps from the females in the room before he turned towards the board.

"Today, I'm going to teach you all a little bit about my favorite author."

Did I mention he was also our English teacher? I guess not.

As he began his lecture I soon found my mind trailing off. I began to fanaticize as a stranger took me roughly on the very desk of my teacher. I felt as my eyes glazed over and as my mouth began to water as the onslaught of images continued to fester inside my mind.

No, this can't-not now.

"Hinata," my eyes snapped up to look into the gray eyes of my sensei. For a moment I thought a flicker of lust pass his eyes but when I blinked it was gone. "Are you alright?" he asked. The tone of his voice made me think that he knew what had crossed my mind.

"I…uh-yes, Kakashi-sensei," I answered as I tried to clear my mind.

He regarded me for a moment longer before he returned to the lesson. I let out a small sigh in relief before I focused on the lecture. I crossed my legs to ease the growing discomfort I felt between my legs.

Before I knew it the bell rang.

"Hinata would you mind staying behind and helping me with something," he asked with his usual eye crease.

I nodded my head before heading towards his desk. He waited until everyone let before turning his attention towards me.

"I noticed that you were…a bit distracted today. Mind telling me what it was about?"

I couldn't help but to avoid his stare. For a moment I stayed quiet, unsure as to what to tell him.

"I see…" he said.

His words caused my eyes to turn to his in shock. He couldn't possibly know what I have been thinking could he.

"Look Hinata I know that you haven't known me long but…how should I put this? There are ways to curb your…needs without it affecting your daily life." He rubbed his head before sighing. Seeing that I wasn't going to say anything anytime soon, he spoke once more, "we'll continue this conversation when you're ready to talk."


By the time I had reached my next class I realized that my heart had been thumping rapidly. It had been the first time that I had ever been caught.

He was right on a few things. I wasn't ready to talk about it and we didn't know each other enough for me to trust him. At the same time I knew that if I didn't tell someone soon it would get out of hand.


It was about a week later when I came to him. I had been in my science class when it happened. I had stayed behind to finish off my lab exercise when I found Orochimaru-sensei invading my personal space.

It was late after school so I was sure that there were only a few people around.

"Hinata-san, how's your exercise coming along," I felt I shiver of disgust go through him as he whispered those words into my ear.

"I'm almost done sensei," I responded with a strong steady voice.

I learned a long time ago never to show any sort of fear or shyness around shady characters like him.

He touched my hair before he spoke again, "you know you are quite beautiful for your age."

"Sensei , I would appreciated it if you didn't invade my personal space," I spoke clearly enough. In response he chuckled.

"My aren't you a feisty little girl." He responded with a little too much amusement.

When he came closer I stepped back instantly creating space between each other.

"Relax; I don't plan on taking advantage of you. I know that you might find it hard to believe but I only like to take willing females." He responded casually.

"Yes, you are right," I responded. He smirked at my answer but it instantly vanished at my next words. "I do find it hard to believe."

He recovered fast to a more casual manner, "I simply wish to…discuss an offer with you."

I regarded him slowly placing my hand inconspicuously around a surgical knife. "Oh, and what might that be."

"Just something I know you'll enjoy," he responded in a sultry voice.

"That's a little presumptuous of you and what makes you think I would enjoy anything you had to offer," I challenged.

He lifted an eyebrow before regarding me in a way that sent my nerves on high alert. "Hinata, dear, your mind may not but I can assure you that your body will not only enjoy it but will crave it."

With that he left me there. All I could hear was his distant laughter as I stood there paralyzed. As crazy as it all sounded I knew he was right.

During his speech I had felt the familiar tingle in between my legs. I felt disgusted. I felt disgusted and betrayed by my body's reaction. I soon found myself throwing up in the girl's bathroom.

Just the thought of that creep near me made the bile in my throat rise. As much as I loathed him I knew he was right. As much as I hated the thought of his hands on my body I craved it. I didn't crave him I simply craved the feel of someone's body against mine.

I knew that I was close to breaking my self control. If I wasn't careful I might just let any asshole near me. I couldn't let things continue this way.

Soon I found myself in front of Kakashi-sensei's room. I could only hope he hadn't left early. I let my knuckles knock on the wooden door. It didn't take long before I say his familiar face. He looked shocked to see me, I didn't blame him. Before he could ask I answered his unspoken question.

"I need your help," I said.


It didn't take long to tell him everything. I didn't tell him the part of Orochimaru. I didn't want rumors to spread I had enough to deal with. I had already planned to stay away from him. Besides if he did try something then I would say something to the principle until then that bit of information was irrelevant.

"Let me get this straight. You don't know when it started but you want it to stop," he asked.

I simply nodded in affirmation.

He put on a thoughtful look before he turned to me, "you know that it can't and it won't stop."

His words made me grip my chair in a death grip. "Sensei it needs to stop. I need it to stop." He gave no reaction to my growing agitation, "it's getting worse." I could feel my lips tremble, "I'm afraid of what I might do."

He watched me for a while before he spoke again, "I can't tell you how to stop it but I can't help you how to control it."


He had lent me his books. At first I thought that it was his way of playing a sick twisted joke on me but after reading it I realized that he was right. The book helped a lot to the point that I was able to concentrate in class again.

I was beginning to think that my troubles would be over.

Even Orochimaru left me be. Something told me he had found someone to play his sick game.

Still life was definitely good.


This is not good! It's only been one week, one fucking week. This can't be happening.

The images I had managed to suppress were now back but worse than ever. Nothing not even the books could help me this time. I was beginning to lose my sanity. It had gotten to the point that if I didn't find release soon I would lose it.

Every male that I encountered caused this unbearable tightness between my legs that made me want to jump them.

As much as I wanted my first to be with someone I loved I knew that I couldn't wait until then. I would have to find someone fast but the real question was who?


I licked my lips as I looked around the school court yard. As I looked around I came to the conclusion that I didn't want someone that had been passed around. I wanted my first to be experienced but not too much. I had no interest in a man slut. No, he had to something special.

I also didn't want a boy I wanted a real man. No, not an older man like Kakashi-sensei just a man.

That left me with upper division class, in other words the seniors.

I let my eyes wander in the direction of the seniors. The choices there made lust pool into the pit of my stomach. My craving told me to grab one and get it over with but I suppressed it. I would bide my time. I will have one of them but when I say so.


It was after school when I found him, my first.

I had gone towards the art department to leave some stuff when I passed by the workshop. I was surprised to find someone here after school hours. Curious, I went to one of the windows just to see.

The first thing I saw was a pair of hands. From the rough contours of his skin I could tell that they were male. I was fascinated by the way his hands continued to work with such skill that it made certain images to flash across my mind. I watched as his nimble fingers caressed the smooth surface of the wood. Then his face came to view and my breath hitched. The first thing I noticed was the flame of red hair before falling on the smooth contours of his face. My eyes glazed in want as my eyes landed on his lips. They looked smooth and untouched. The desire to bite into the flesh of his bottom lip made my heart thump with excitement.

For some reason the way he looked at his art work made my desire for him pool all the way down between my legs. I wanted to have him look at me the way he focused on his art work. I wanted his hands on my flesh and I wanted to sink my teeth into his flesh.

He will become mine.


It took me a day to figure out his information. His name is Sasori Akanaka, current senior at Konoha high. It hadn't taken me long to figure him out. I had left him a note indicating the place and time.

I was a bit anxious. I watched as the clock ticked away and just when I thought he might not show up at all he does. He's there in front of me dressed in his navy blue uniform with his blue blazer left wide open. His white shirt is void of any tie and the first two buttons are left undone. My eyes take note of his messy red hair. The sight of him is so deliciously tempting I can't help but pout.

His right is in his pocket as his eyes slowly regard me. I'm surprised his eyes haven't started to wonder off. I had made sure to remove my ugly glasses along with my school blazer. I was currently sitting on the desk with my legs crossed causing my skirt to hike up with the top button of my shirt left undone. For this specific meeting I had decided to leave my hair down.

"You came," I said with a smooth tone.

"You said you could help," as he finished these words his eyes began to trail down my body. I smiled as a felt a familiar warmth coil at the pit of my stomach. "The question is why?"

This time my eyes flickered with hidden lust. "Well let's just say I wish to play a game."

He quirked in eyebrow in response, "a game," he asked.

"Yes a simple game between you and me. Basically you play by my rules. You do as I say and you'll get what you need."

His eyes pierced mine as he mauled over my words. "Are you sure you know what you're offering," he asked. Even his voice sent chills of delight down my spine.

I simply smirked in response. "Yes," I respond.

He didn't seem completely convinced so I felt compelled to explain further. "You need someone to complete your collection do you not."

I could see his mind work through the pros and cons. "No strings attached?"

His question had a double meaning he wanted to know if it was going to be purely physical. My smile widened in response, "I promise it will be purely physical. Outside from or sessions we don't know each other. The moment your project finishes we're done."

He stayed silent to the point that it made me think he might not agree when his lips turned into a slight smirk. "Okay, but I get to choose when and where."

I lifted a finger and wagged in the air. I let a mischievous look cross my face, "Oh, no you don't. I let you choose where but I choose when."

"Deal," he responded with a smirk that made my insides boil with excitement.


Freshman year was definitely going to be exciting


I could hardly wait

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