We will be seeing our Jacob in the next chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 5

"Here you go," she said as she lowered me back onto the couch. Edward took my hand in his and caressed it with is thumb. I saw him give Rose a murderous look. Though this time I understood his anger. He had heard the conversation between me and Rose upstairs. How could he be happy when he knew my baby was hurting me? I tried talking to him, which did no good.

"Bella," Carlisle came over and said in an apologetic voice. I immediately understood it as time for my measurement. I was getting to weak to move up and down the stairs unless I absolutely had to, such as for bathroom needs. Carlisle went upstairs, got the measuring tape, and came back before I could blink twice. I slowly lifted my shirt, exposing the dark bruises. Edward sucked in a sharp breathe through his teeth and I badly wanted to hide the splotches. Carlisle measured and took mental notes.

"Your twenty centimeters now," he stated. I nodded slowly and lowered my oversized shirt. The quiet was starting to get awkward, so I decided to make conversation.

I cleared my throat as best as I could, wincing internally at how weak it sounded. "Does Jacob know that we are back?" I asked, looking at Edward. He turned towards me slowly and shrugged his shoulders lazily. Well so much for a conversation. I was extremely tired and hungry. I had once again tried to eat. No luck.

I had noticed my health rapidly deteriorating. I knew that if my condition was this bad, then my baby's condition had to be worse. Carlisle then came over with a hopeful look on his face.

"Bella, I have a suggestion that could possibly help you," he told me. Rose stood up in a protective way in front of me, immediately suspicious. Carlisle ignored her and continued. "I was thinking, that since your body is rejecting any kind of food that we give you, maybe we could put and IV in your arm and feed you proteins and nutrients through that." I thought it over. It seemed like a good idea, but would it be safe for my baby too?

Rose suddenly interjected. "Absolutely not," she snapped. Carlisle pulled in a steady breathe and Edward balled his hands into fists. Emmett took a step closer to Rose. Everyone else had come to listen except Alice and Jasper, who were up in the attic together.

"Rose, it could really work if we feed her that way," Carlisle said calmly.

"Yes but we already know that you want this baby gone, and we don't know what you might put in those needles to hurt him," she retorted. I could tell that Carlisle was getting frustrated. Esme came and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. I could see his shoulders relax and he spoke again.

"Rose I understand that you want to protect the fetus but shouldn't your first priority be Bella, then the fetus." I looked at her and I could see the dilemma on her face.

"They are both my first priority," she finally said. I saw Edward roll his eyes and heard a disgusted sound in his throat. I decided to speak up and possibly change Rose's mind.

"Rose, I think it's a good idea," I told her. I knew that bringing the baby into it might sway her more. She cared for him as much as I did. "If I'm better, then the baby will be much better too. It's a win-win," I added. She gave a warning glare towards Carlisle and sighed.

"Fine, but I will be watching," she said, defeated.

Carlisle nodded at her then spoke. "Okay, we have to do this in the office," he said mainly to Rose. She nodded and I tensed as I was slowly lifted from the couch.

I hadn't moved in a while and the sudden movement turned my stomach. I quickly looked at Rose and she understood immediately. In a second she grabbed the bin and I vomited. My throat burned horribly and I desperately wanted water. I didn't even bother asking. It wouldn't stay down long anyways. Edward rubbed my back soothingly and I looked into his eyes. I saw more pain and despair in them.

The stress I was causing made me also stress more. I abruptly felt queasy, but didn't vomit. It was just stress. Alice then came downstairs and looked at Edward. He nodded at her and they walked outside. I tried shifting on the couch to see what they were doing, but my stomach and my pain forbid it. I merely craned my neck and caught a glimpse of Alice talking to Edward with a stern expression on her face.

I briefly saw Edward nod before my neck began to hurt and I had to relax back into the couch. Rose had taken her post on the arm of the couch and ran her fingers through my lank hair. She gave me a smile and said, "Its okay." I saw her eyes slip down to my stomach and she added, "You're going to be okay." I smiled back at her and ran my hand over my stomach once, internally knowing who she was really talking to, but not caring, because I was thinking the same thing.

Edward came back and sat at the end of the couch and looked at me. Alice came in after him and went back up to her usual spot in the attic. He smiled at me once. It was a forced smile, I could tell. But it was a smile, which was something I had not seen since we arrived from the island. I couldn't help but smile back, and I mouthed to him "It's going to be fine". His smile slowly faded and his eyes dropped to the floor.

He then seemed to recover and reached for my hand. I took it and looked at him with thoughtful eyes. I didn't know what Alice had told him, but whatever it was, I could see him hiding his pain. I was glad that he was putting forth the effort to cheer up. My thoughts were interrupted with another sharp kick to my abdomen. I sucked in a breathe and tried to make it look normal. Edward looked at me with nervous eyes and I pretended like I hadn't just been internally punched.

Sensing my internal struggle, Edward reached out and grasped my hand in his, gently drawing out delicate patterns on my palm. Slowly, the pain passed away, leaving yet another bruise in its wake. Taking a deep breath, I rested my hands on my stomach, carefully avoiding the bruises. My baby was in there, my little baby boy, and I wasn't going to give that up for anything.