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Morning always comes too soon, and this day is no different. I prefer the cool of the night and the light of the moon over this clammy climate, with its warm bright light and noise and- today I'm going to see you. This might just be my best morning yet.

My frown eases away quickly, again, I am never going to enjoy getting up and started so early but this feeling in my chest won't let up and makes things harder as I go through my usual routine. Water, shower, -no clothes, not yet. Warm. -fruit, more water but it's difficult with my mind focused on only one thing.

I find my window, my eyes find you, up and dressed already standing in the kitchen. Am I scared? I wonder. I could go to you now. Right now… but I do not move, nor do my eyes leave your face as you suddenly turn on your heel and stride outside, to your bike. A feeling of utter annoyance -the kind that could destroy worlds, I'm familiar with it, washes over me as you just sprint away, out of my sight, and I'm left to wonder if the gods are laughing at me now, in return.

You never leave. And certainly not on Thursdays. I cannot really blame you though, it's not like you're aware there's a familiar psychopath watching you from his window every day, just finally planning to pay you a visit. If you knew I wonder if you'd ever come back…?

I'm being ridiculous. You'll come back. And you don't know, that's the game, it has to be a surprise for you to see me after all. So for now I'll just have to wait, and so I do.

Midday passes. The sun starts sinking and in my thousands of years I don't believe I've ever been this impatient before. I mentally scold myself for it though, what's the use? I had better think of what to do when you do return. I didn't exactly plan on just knocking the door politely, it doesn't seem like the kind of entrée befitting a man as myself. I smirk, smug. I suppose finding a fault in your home's no doubt state of the art security system should be a nice source of entertainment before you return.

I waste no time dressing myself and quickly walk the short distance to the steps in front of your mansion. I keep my ears perked for the roar of your bike, I'd recognize it from miles away, but so far everything's quiet. It will be an hour until sunset, and I know you have yet to miss one.

I circle your home as casually as possible and finally find a window open at the back, just slightly. Now to climb over the fence -it's quite high, I can't blame you for not wanting strangers to have easy access to that nice pool of yours -without attracting attention. It takes me a few tries before I manage to pull myself up, I have yet to build muscle with this weak, weak body, but my goals are clear. No amount of embarrassment over how ungraceful my tumble down must've looked will stop me from entering here now. To my immense surprise, and later contentment, I find there's no electric security present at all. Good. Truth be told advanced technology just isn't for me. I prefer the old 'stone to the window' approach.

And so I'm in. I close the window halfway again before slowly turning around. It's quite weird to suddenly stand right in the middle of a room one's been observing for months now. And it's also ridiculously large. I spot the sofa, the TV, see the arch leading to the kitchen. My throat feels dry. I swallow. It makes no sense to feel uneasy now, right after breaking into the home I've been wanting to get into for so long. It's a good thing you're not home yet, at least I don't have to worry about being discovered…

…and the lock clicks in place. I curse a handful of gods before dashing halfway up the stairs on the other side of the room. I didn't even hear you… but then again not every home has walls as thin as mine. In the end I simply blame it on being distracted. Doesn't matter. I crouch and peak through the bars of the balustrade as you stroll in carrying at least five bags. You absentmindedly toss your keys on a counter and kick off your slippers. I'm amazed at how close we are, even if you don't know. My fingers itch to touch- but I won't take my chances and scare you half to death jumping from the stairs right now.

I contemplate my next move as I hear you rummage trough some cupboards, but I'm not given much time before you start heading for the stairs yourself. I mentally curse again. What happened to the lazy you? The one who would sit on the couch for hours doing nothing… and now you're in a hurry? My heart thumps in my throat as I quickly but silently move to the first floor. It has four doors, but all of them are closed. I hear you coming up behind me already, so I move up the next stairs. Three doors. All closed. And you're still following.

The next floor has another three doors, here I finally spot an open one, and just in time. I watch you pass right by, moving up the last stairs leading to your own room, or floor, more like it. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding and slowly look around me. An office, it's probably yours, or perhaps your brother's, judging by the look of it. I always imagined your sister neater. But it's not important right now. I hear the sound of water running upstairs and dare to slowly follow up those final stairs, just in time to see a shirt fall to the floor through the open door of your bathroom. I shiver but don't regret my choice to do this in the slightest. As I move up I'm greeted by my own eyes in a mirror. Curse this skin that flushes so easily, making me look like a damn tomato. I sigh. From where I stand at the top of the stairs I can't see the shower booth so deem it save to move along further. There's one more door, slightly opened as well and through it I can already spot the glass door leading to your terrace. That's where I want to wait for you.

You hum softly as you shower, and I smell soap. I smell you, I remember it, faintly, at the back of my memory. You always smelled good.

I grin as I slip through your bedroom door, your bed isn't made. Of course it isn't. The glass on your nightstand is empty, and on the other nightstand, the one I hadn't been able to see before, lie some magazines. I open the terrace door, wide, and step outside. The air is still warm and the sound of water clattering down on your body I can still hear. I watch the sun. It's almost time. The ledge feels comfortable as I sit down and see your view, see the banks of the Nile near the horizon, see how unbelievably beautiful it is. The water stops, my heart that beats too wildly today does so too for a beat or two, and I turn my eyes back to the door. I'm ready to meet you now… to finally, finally see you face to face.

When you finally enter your bedroom there's another one of those white towels wrapped tightly around your hips, and you're frantically rubbing a second one through your golden locks. I smile.

The first thing you probably noticed is how I forgot to close the door behind me, and as you step outside looking impossibly, adorably confused - because you always close the door when you retreat for the night, and open it only when it's 'sunset time' again- I stand up slowly and meet your eyes.

"Hello, Malik."

The towel in your hand drops to the ground.



Something buzzes right next to my ear, and for a moment I figure it's a giant mosquito and my skin crawls at the thought, but soon enough I realize it's only my phone. Groggily I pick up -what time is it anyway? -and am greeted by my sister's scolding voice.

"I knew you would still be sleeping. You promised me you'd pick yourself up while we're away, right Malik? Malik… hello? Don't you dare hang up on m-"

Oh the wonderful sound of silence. I groan, the damage has been done. There's no way I'll be falling asleep again when it's this hot already.

So I kick the blankets away and gulp down some water before pulling on whatever shirt looks thinnest, and head downstairs. It's cooler there anyway. Halfway down I hear the annoying beeps of the fax machine, and sure enough when I check the continuation of my sister's earlier rant is presented to me on paper. I snort and move to the kitchen, empty kitchen I soon find out and instantly deem my mood ruined when the realization of how I'm going to have to go out to provide myself with food dawns with considerable force. Damn it.

Well at least I won't have to walk, and the city's not that far… but I just hate having to go around people these days. A crowded supermarket, busy streets with idiots crossing out of nowhere… no thank you. This has to be the only disadvantage of being home alone, having to do my own grocery shopping. I get on my bike regardless, squeezing the handles a little too tight. Fuck it. I can just get enough food for the next few weeks and sprint home.

At the very first intersection I'm presented with at least ten cars that seem to have simultaneously broken down, and there are people shouting all around. That's it. I'm not going. I turn and head right back, wind pleasantly lapping at my damp shirt. The people here are like herds of blind sheep, if there's a road blocked they wait regardless, not one of them even considering the option of just looking for another way. And I see it everywhere, everyday. People live boring lives, and they're all the same. I shouldn't care but I do and it drives me crazy. I'd rather stay away from those crowds and be pleasantly oblivious of the way the world turns to shit more and more each day. I zoom past the turn that would've brought me home though, my tank's full. I can go on for a while. I'm already awake now, and just sitting home, hungry, and with only the company of our wonderful fax machine, probably won't do me any good either.

So I drive. Watching the city, the streets, the people just pass me by. Fast, for hours, and finally stop at a corner store at the edge of the city when I realize it won't be long before sunset. The kind of food they sell here only belongs in the snack cupboard, if it were up to my sister, but right now I think I'd be able to last a month on just potato chips, soda, ice cream and cupcakes. And maybe crackers, if they have those. After I've emptied half the store and think of a way to balance all the bags on my bike I drive back, slower. What will I do when I get home? Isis told me to pick myself up. Right. Become a working adult, living a responsible adult life… to come work at the museum… to go out more… to be social for once..!

But I can't.

I'm not motivated at all. But Isis doesn't understand. Rishid doesn't either, but then again he'll side with her no matter what lately…

Doesn't matter. I'm almost home and have a full month ahead to not think about any of that.

It takes quite some maneuvering to carry all the bags into the house without dropping any, but I manage, and am almost proud.

There. Flip flops off, ice cream in the freezer and candy -no, dinner, in the cupboards. I'm all set now, and it's time for a shower. I thump up the stairs a little louder than usual, just because I can, and discard my clothes on the way to my bathroom. There. They can stay on the floor.

The water, lukewarm, borderline cold, feels wonderful. I can't help but feel like covered in dirt after riding for so long, but I have soap. I'm good.

After I close the taps and make up my mind on how I'm going to just wear towels from now on I step back into my room. I should open the door up, it's almost time…

…it's open. I didn't do that. I'm sure I didn't…

"Hello, Malik."




You don't hesitate when you say my name, and you're not questioning me. You simply observe, mouth shaped a perfect o before you step forward and narrow you eyes. You remind me of Mariku, your very own unwanted alter ego, with your hair wild because of your frantic rubbing, and eyes to slits, muscles taut. Time has done you good. This close it's obvious you've aged. You're taller, even slightly taller than me, this body. Four years… you're nineteen now, but still so beautiful. More beautiful. The color of your eyes, your lips, I'd almost forgotten…

"…did you miss me?" I say, and I can't help the grin as it spreads from ear to ear.

"Should I ask you what you're doing here?" You sound slightly accusing, but that's probably to hide how surprised you truly are.

"Ask me anything…" I take a step toward you, you stay were you are, meet my gaze even. I don't ever want to blink again.

"…how've you been?" You tilt your head and grin, wider than me. I laugh.

"I've been thoroughly entertained, you could say…" I muse, taking another step while you raise an eyebrow. "How about you?"

"Been bored out of my mind…" you say, quietly, taking a step forward yourself, hand outstretched, and I don't doubt you for a moment.

You palm rests against my chest. Solid. Warm.

The sun sinks behind me, coloring the sky purple, bleeding red. But for once your eyes are not staring in the distance, but directly into mine. You lean in, close, until I feel your breath in the nape of my neck as you speak.

"It's good to have you here…" and my arms circle around your bare back, and I pull, feel the rough skin of your scars are we collide. Warm. You're so warm…


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