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Just recently, everyone started to notice how bad of shape the organization was in.

Sora was killing all of them. It seemed like no one was going to be spared.

Everyone had always been able to ignore it. Even when Sora had killed off their first members, they could still ignore it. It wasn't until Roxas went to Sora that the pressure really started to bear down on all of them.

Demyx sat in the lounge, strumming his sitar. He wasn't given any missions lately and that suited him just fine. He was the only one that didn't get missions lately. Demyx didn't question it but went along with it instead. He sat lazily strumming his sitar more, wishing that someone would show up from their mission. He was bored out his mind. He quickly got his wish.

The sound of a portal came and Xaldin stepped out. He didn't look tired or mad, so Demyx skipped (yes skipped) up to him.

"Hey Xaldin, back from your mission already?" Xaldin gave a nod in reply.

"Well you don't look tired, wanna go somewhere with me?" Demyx happily said. Xaldin stared at him for a while before shrugging his shoulders.

"Great where do you want to go?" Xaldin just opened a portal and walked through it.

Demyx walked after him, letting the portal close after him. He was so happy; normally people didn't want to spend time with him.

When the darkness cleared Demyx found himself on the beach. It wasn't Destiny Islands, but someplace new. Demyx gave a small cheer when he saw the beach and ran right into the water. He looked back and saw Xaldin sitting on a piece of driftwood.

Demyx swam for a bit longer, relishing in the new water and the new environment. After a bit though he went and sat with Xaldin on the piece of driftwood.

"This place is so cool! Where is it?" Demyx asked cheerily.

"It's a new world I found a while back when exploring the darkness. They call it Earth. Right here though we're in a place called California." Xaldin said.

Demyx didn't say anything in reply. Instead he watched the sun start to set on the water. It was a beautiful sight, like the sunset at Twilight Town. There were more colors, more pinks and purples and yellows, while Twilight Town's sunsets were mainly red.

"I would like to live here when we get our hearts back." Xaldin said, suddenly breaking the silence.

Demyx thought for a minute. "Well why don't you right now?" Xaldin looked at him like he was crazy.

"Well they don't accept our kind of munny, we would be living on the streets and finally, we don't have hearts." He said matter-of-factly.

"Oh come on. We do to have hearts! You can get a job you can buy a place! Don't let excuses stop you from doing something." It came out in such a rush it surprised even himself. Xaldin looked at him shocked.

"But I wouldn't know anyone here." Xaldin said after he thought for a while.

"You can make friends. And besides who said you were going alone?" Demyx said an unusual smirk on his face.

"We can start a whole new life here! This world hasn't been affected by darkness yet, no one knows about it but you and me. We'd be safe here from Sora and Xemnas. Let's do something for ourselves for once." Demyx said with absolute conviction.

Xaldin gave a small smile.

"Alright let's do something new."