Neji and Tenten: Fifty Things

By: DemonClowSorceress

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of those characters. I merely write to satisfy the wait between chapters.

Yet another Fifty Things installment! Here I shall bring forth the bits of Neji and Tenten that we all love!

#1 - Routine

They have to train together. Their sanity depends on it.

#2 - Meditate

He always seems so refreshed afterwards. So one day, she decided to see what the big deal was.

#3 - Weaponry

It's truly amazing that she can keep track of everything, considering the amount of metal and gunpowder and general sharpness of all her toys.

#4 - Pests

"Stand back," she said, unwinding her detonator's wires and clipping them onto their ports. "I can't be held responsible for anybody in the blast zone."

#5 - Odango

He had a burning desire to find out what her hair looked like out of her signature hairstyle.

#6 - Fate

Fickle whore couldn't cut him a break, not once.

#7 - Translation

"Hn" and silences may make many people scratch their heads in confusion, but she always knew what he was talking about.

#8 - Genius

His personality makeup was a particular brand of smug intelligent bastard.

#9 - Compass

"What is it with men and asking for directions?" she snapped, grabbing the map from his hands and taking a look for herself.

#10 - Exam

He knew when he heard her encouragment shouted above the din of the crowd. He knew he couldn't lose in front of her.

#11 - Bravery

They have very different definitions of the same concept.

#12 - Accident

"You didn't see that kunai, Neji. You didn't see it."

#13 - Duo

Konoha's consistancy was always measured by its pairs.

#14 - Surgery

She had to remember that her idol was working on him. It was the only way she could keep sane until the OR light flicked off and they told her if he made it.

#15 - Advice

It's like, no matter who you ask, nobody can tell you how to approach the weapons mistress or the Hyuuga prodigy. They only say, "Don't even try it."

#16 - Fortune

She had to be smiling down on him. Nothing else explained how he managed to find the one person who could save him.

#17 - Balanced

At first glance, nobody could understand how they worked together.

#18 - Hands

It happened naturally, then progressed from there.

#19 - Panicked

"Prodigies don't panic," Kakashi admonished gently. "They just get flustered in a very dramatic fashion."

#20 - Perception

They each viewed life differently, but they agreed to differ.

#21 - Emergency

One day, they pushed too far. Considering how long they've practiced together, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

#22 - Light

She was his guiding star, and as long as she burned, he'd continue to follow her.

#23 - Dark

He was always trapped in the blackness of his hate. So she held out her hand and has been leading him out ever since.

#24 - Cage

His mark was a more confining prison than anything mortal men could ever construct.

#25 - Week

The seven days following one of the most heated arguments between two highly skilled sparring partners were seven days that Konohagakure became a powder keg, awaiting the spark that could blow the whole village up.

#26 - Onsen

The sight of a teammate you may be crushing on in a towel is something you might be slightly uncomfortable with. Especially if you and said teammate are alone.

#27 - Survival

It's surprising the lengths one will go in order to stay alive in a hazardous environment.

#28 - PDA

In all fairness, Naruto hadn't really expected him to actually do it.

#29 - Heartstopping

There was blood everwhere, and he couldn't find her. There were bodies all over, and she couldn't find him.

#30 - Cohabitation

You know it's happened when you have to ask, "Whose brush is this?"

#31 - Run

When the hawk came in, he dropped everything and booked it right back to her side.

#32 - Coldhearted

It's well known that he's an emotionless rock with a body carved by gods. But he has his rare moments.

#33 - Oxymoron

"How the hell can you call something that attacks your vital organs Gentle Fist? What idiot Hyuuga thought up that dumbass name?"

#34 - Eyes

It's amazing the amount of joy - and pain - one could see if one looked hard enough.

#35 - Gossip

It hurt, the words that his jealous fangirls flung at her. The worst ones were the true ones; talentless, plain, and worthless.

#36 - Vicious

They'd done many things to him, but nothing those old farts have done came close to what they said today.

#37 - Bride

"Tenten, I - " But he couldn't finish his sentence, and she knew why.

#38 - Uncertain

She certainly wasn't expecting a stammering Hyuuga to be standing outside her door at three in the morning.

#39 - Kidnapped

His heart stopped cold when he heard that she was gone.

#40 - Dungeon

She was about to give up when she heard the inhuman roar from outside her cell.

#41 - Seduction

Somehow Tsunade figured saying "The first one's always the hardest" wasn't the right thing to say. The ice-cold glare of one Hyuuga Neji could have been her first clue.

#42 - Tears

They didn't cry much, but when they did, it was only when they were alone...or together.

#43 - Viper

She could be a dangerous enemy when provoked. Especially when she played dirty.

#44 - Kaiten

Some people saw just a jutsu, an accomplishment worthy of the prodigy. But she could see every bit of hard work, practice, and sheer determination with every rotation.

#45 - Ribbon

She couldn't be so cheaply bought off on this day.

#46 - Blind

For having an all-seeing field of vision, he could sometimes miss what's right in front of his nose.

#47 - Morning

They knew when they woke up that they had to talk about what had happened.

#48 - Mesh

It was a weird combination - a pair of moon-pale eyes that saw everything, and a penchant for blowing up everything in sight.

#49 - Mindreading

Her 100/100 accuracy wasn't only restricted to sharp pointy things that made people bleed and die.

#50 - Teammates

They'd come so far together.

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