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Prompt #9: Compass - "What is it with men and asking for directions?" she snapped, grabbing the map from his hands and taking a look for herself.

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"Neji, are we lost?"

He gritted his teeth at the question, focused solely on the map in his hands. "No Tenten, we are not lost," he replied for the fifth time. I'm just slightly uncertain on where we are. This map must be old or something.

Tenten glanced up at the gray, angry sky. "We should get under some cover soon. It looks like it's about to storm." She shivered as the wind began to pick up strength. "I haaaate the cold."

"Then let me think, woman," he grumbled. Checking his compass and the position of the sun, Neji dragged his finger along the map. "We were here about two hours ago, and then we went left...then we turned south at the forest..."

"Neeeejiiiii," Tenten whined. He slanted a glare at her. No effect. "Neeejiii."


"Lemme look."

"No," he replied. When she made a grab for it, he held it away from her. "I said no, Tenten. I can read a map, you know. They do teach that skill to jonins."

Tenten rolled her eyes. "Yes, Mr. I'm-A-Hotshot-Jonin, I know already. Congrats, you're a jonin. Whoop-de-flippin'-do. Now let me see the map."


"Give it."

"No way."



Each exchange was punctuated by accompanying motions - she'd grab for the map, he'd jerk it away from her. They did this dance for a good ten minutes before Tenten gave a final, "Dammit, Neji!" and lunged for the map. Of course he stepped aside, but he misjudged how agile she was. Stupid, since they'd trained together for so long that he knew just how flexible she was.

He spared a second to think of how dirty that sounded. One second only. On account that she twisted in midair and managed to tackle him sideways to the ground.

"Got it!" she crowed, holding the map aloft. She looked down at him to smirk triumphantly. "Now maybe we'll make some headway."

Neji didn't speak. He didn't even move. He was too focused on not thinking about Tenten's body draped over his own. She got back to her feet and fell to studying the map, leaving Neji to regain his own footing. He brushed his clothes free of dust and fell in step behind his teammate as she led them out of the forest.

So what if he'd gotten them lost. It wasn't like they would've died out in the woods. He was a jonin and she was a chunin. They would've survived.

Yeah, sneered inner Neji, you could've kept warm by sharing body heat. All. Night. Long.

Shut the hell up! he scolded his inner voice.

"Neji? Neji!" He blinked. Tenten was giving him an exasperated look. "Hey, you all right?"

"Yeah," he replied. "Fine."

Pffft, yeah right.

Shut up! He heaved a long sigh. This is going to be a long trip home...

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