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The Paid Wedding Date

Chapter 2

Go on, go on, leave me breathless.

Come on…

The daylights fading slowly

But time with you is standing still

I'm waiting for you only

The slightest touch and I feel weak

I cannot lie

From you I cannot hide

I'm losing the will to try

Can't hide it

Can't fight it

So go on, go on, come on leave me breathless

Tempt me, tease me, until I can't deny this loving feeling

Make me long for your kiss

Go on, go on, yeah

Come on…

I woke up with a start when the plane moved violently.

"What the hell?" I said when the plane shacked again.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentleman this is your captain speaking, we are experiencing some turbulence, and we cordially asked the passengers to adjust their seatbelts, we are sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for flying with us."

Great! This is so fucked up, I seriously hate this kind of situations… where is Edward? Oh my God, he is not in his seat. It's he alright? Should I look for him? Yes, yes I should.

"Excuse me Ms. have you seen the guy that was seating with me?" I asked the nice looking lady seating behind me.

"No dear, I'm sorry, but I think you should put your seatbelt on…"

"Yeah I know but I need to find him…"

I decided to go to the bathrooms, but the plane shacked again and I hit myself with the door that was just opening, and I run into somebody…

"Bella, are you okay?"

"Yeah thank… Edward? Oh I'm so sorry, there's turbulence and I couldn't find you and I thought I should look for you to make sure you were okay…" The plane shacked again, harder than the other times and I just scream in fear and hugged Edward as hard as I could…

"Are you scared?" He asked me with an amused smile while reaching around to hug me back.

"No, I mean, yes, this is pretty damn scary and it have never happen to me, I have always traveled in nice and safe planes but this is all jumpy and…

"Everything is alright, it's just a little turbulence, it started a while ago but you didn't feel it because you are a heavy sleeper." He said with a light chuckle.

"Really?" I asked with wide eyes. I have never experience… turbulence or whatever that shit is called.

There was another hard movement and I hugged Edward for dear life.

"Oh God, I can't died right now, my sister is waiting for me to be on her wedding, Alice and Rosalie want me to help them plan their weddings, I haven't even planed my own wedding, Alice wants to go shopping in Seattle, Rose wants me to be the godmother of her and Emmet's first baby, Oh My God Emmet, what's going to happen with Emmet if I die? Who would defend him from Rosalie every time she wants to hit him? I don't want to die." I said all this while hugging Edward with all the strength I had. Apparently I was way too funny and he lost it, he started laughing like I was the most hilarious thing ever.

"Bella look at me." Edward said but I didn't want to leave the comfortable space I found in his chest… which smelled really good.

"Bella please look at me." He said taking my chin in his fingers so I had to look at him. He was intensely looking at me, his eyes said more than his words, I could get lost in his eyes, I found such… peace and confidence in his eyes… I felt… secure. I have never felt this way before…

"We are not going to die; I'm not going to let anything happen to you, I'm going to take care of you." He said with a mischievous smile playing in his face. The plane shacked again and I hold on to him closer. I have a hate/love relationship with this turbulence crap…

"Maybe we are going to die… but no from turbulence…" He said looking at my lips and frowning.

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing… lets go take our sits before you hurt yourself…" He said taking my hand in his and walking me to our sits.

Half an hour later the captain said that we were arriving to Seattle. I release a relieved breath and Edward looked at me with an amused expression.

"I'm sorry… I'm just a little dramatic… I tend to overreact a little…" I said in my defense. He just shook his head and smiled that beautiful crocked smile at me.

He took our carry-on bags and we got off of the plane. We are taking a rental car from Seattle to Forks… I'm a little scared about the four hour ride there… in a car, alone… with Edward… alone…

We picked up our luggage and went to get our rental car, a nice silver Volvo…

"Wow, just as I remembered it… cloudy and cold…"

"Have you been here before?"

"Yeah… I was born in Forks… My dad has always live here, he and my mom marry really young… my mom didn't like it that much but she stayed because she loved my father and didn't have the hart to leave him… then we came in the picture and they stayed here, I moved to Phoenix two years ago… I haven't seen them in so long… How about you? Have you ever been to the great town of Forks? What am I saying you probably have never heard of it…"

"Actually… my parents live there… I was born in Chicago but my dad got a better job in Forks Hospital and we moved here when I was 17… I got a job offer in Phoenix and moved there four years ago… Surprised?"

"A little… I never thought you lived in Forks…"

We got in the car after deciding that Edward was going to drive since he knew the way… we are going to stay in my parents' house but he knew how to get to Forks I will tell him the way once we get there… in four hours…

Edward reached for the radio and turned it on in a classical music station. Claude Debussy, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Karol Szymanowski, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Carl Maria Von Weber, Hugo Wolf and many other classical music composers filled out the space with their glorious musical compositions and helped us lose track of the time in our way to Forks.

"I think we should stop at the gas station so I can change… I don't feel appropriate for the occasion."

"You look great Bella I don't think is necessary to…"

"Please… I need to look good; I don't want to look like the pathetic chick that just got out of the plane, plus my sister is obsessed with fashion and with being and making other be the center of attention I can't just show up to her "family get together before her wedding" wearing jeans and a shirt, she would kill me, plus Mike is going to be…"

"Alright then, but we are not stopping in the gas station, those restrooms are disgusting. You can change at this little bar/restaurant I know, the owner is my friend."

"Thank you Edward, that really means a lot to me."

We stopped at this place called "New Moon Bar and Restaurant" and we got off of the car and he led me to the entrance.

Edward's friend Felix end up being a really nice guy, he was a (HHHM)just like Emmett, Hot, Huge and Hilarious Man. He was kind enough to let me borrow his office and use it as a dressing room. Now the huge dilemma was to know what I was going to wear…

I put on the first dress I found, a short red dress that was classy and elegant with a little sexy touch here and there. I went out to ask for Edward's opinion and found him seating outside waiting.

"What do you think about this one?" He looked at me up and down and nodded.

"You look great." I know is kind of his job to say nice things since I'm going to be paying him for pretending to be my boyfriend and all that but, couldn't he just say something else? SHIT! His tie is red. I started biting my bottom lip, I always do it when I'm nervous.

"This dress is not going to work…"

"Why not, it's a beautiful dress and you look great in it…"

"Your tie is red… if I'm wearing a red dress and your tie is red we are going to look as if we are trying too hard to look like a couple, I don't want to give that impression to my family, I think I should just change the dress… I'll be right back."

I took out the blue dress and put in on, it was a little longer than the red dress but it was as classy and sophisticated, and the low back give me the sexy touch I needed.

"How about this one?" I asked Edward who was still sitting waiting for me outside.

"Beautiful, you look great, blue looks really good on you." Edward said standing up and taking my hand.

"This is the dress then… I think we should go…"

We thanked Felix for his help and went back in the road; we were close to my parent's house now and I was really nervous about the possibility of seeing Mike again…

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