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Kurt leaned in closer to cuddle with his boyfriend. Blaine had suggested they go swimming the past few days and was currently sporting a slight sunburn on his shoulders. He leaned down to kiss Kurt's nose and stopped in his path, lips still pursed.

"What's wrong?" Kurt asked, slightly worried that he smelled or something of the sort.

"Freckles." Blaine replied.


"You. You have freckles." Blaine couldn't look away from the bridge of his boyfriend's nose and his high cheekbones.

"Oh yeah, I get them sometimes during the summer" Kurt shrugged.

Blaine sat up really fast and leaned back to look at Kurt's whole face. He broke out in the biggest, most childish grin and exclaimed loudly, "but FRECKLES. You're so freckley! It's so adorable, I can't even explain how adorable yo- OH MY GOD I WANNA CONNECT THE DOTS."

Kurt looked at his boyfriend with a bit of fear and surprise before laughing and leaning back in to cuddle some more.

"Maybe another time, sweetie"