Howdy all you lovely people out there! And welcome to the TOPA remake! For those of you who have no idea as to what I'm talking about, this story is a remake of another fanfic I wrote called "The One Piece Attempt". Why am I remaking it? Well, I wanted to make some changes to Amie, plus the story in general. I know a lot of people really liked the original TOPA, and I hope that you guys like this version just as much, if not more. So, it's gonna be a three-chapter special! That's right, I'm posting three chapters now, and hopefully I'll be posting additional chapters weekly. And now, let's commence with the story!

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I never asked for this. Any of this.

All I wanted was to grow up, get a good job, fall in love, get married and have a mess of kids. Then, if I played my cards right, I would die an old woman surrounded by my family.

I didn't want my life to be turned upside down because fate thought I needed to be put forth for a different objective.

To run.

To fight.

And to die.

That is what happened to me.

You're probably wondering how exactly this happened, and I will tell you the story.

See, it all started one day, not too long… Maybe… it was in the afternoon where I came from, anyway…

I had just finished with my classes for today. No club activities or anything, so I could just drive on home, do my homework, and unwind…

And avoid any human interaction outside of my incredibly small circle of friends, who were busy trying to get home themselves.

Yep. All I wanted to do was just drive home through the wave of traffic that was inevitable at this time of day.

Of course, that horrible, evil thing called fate had different plans…

"Excuse me!"

I jumped, not expecting to be approached in the school parking lot only several feet form my car. Trying to be polite, I turned, seeing a man with long, black hair and sparkling gray eyes and a five o'clock shadow.

I had never seen him before in my life. Was he lost? Was he a criminal? A pervert, trying to attack young women like myself?

"Y-Yes…?" I muttered, fighting all the scenarios that were taking over my mind as I hoped and prayed that he wasn't as strong as he looked.

Instead of pushing me into a van, he merely held up something. "I believe you dropped this."

I looked at the trinket in his hand, thanking the heavens it wasn't a gun or pepper spray. It looked nice enough, a gold chain with a couple of pearls, and a larger jewel on it. Said jewel was a light blue in color, with a darker spiral inside of it, set inside even more gold with a final pearl dangling off of it.

Nothing like that could ever belong to me.

"Erm, sorry." I said, waving him off. "I believe you're mistaken. That's not mine."

The man blinked, waving it in my face. "Are you sure?"

Now this man was creeping me out again. "Y-Yes! I'm definitely sure! Someone else probably dropped it!" I practically yelled, stepping back. "Now please, I need to get going, sir. If you can't find the owner, might I suggest dropping it off in the lost-and-found office inside?"

The man seemed hesitant, then grinned, lowering his hand. "Very well. Have a good day, Amelia."

"You too, sir…" I said, trying not to run to my car as he turned around. As I unlocked my car door and shoved my backpack inside, I paused, eyes wide.

How the hell did he know my name?

"Hey, wait! How did you-?" I started, looking back towards the man, only to see a fellow student there, giving me a strange look.

He was gone…

And now they think I've lost my mind.

"Nevermind…" I groused, sitting in my car, rubbing the bridge of my nose as I idly reached for my sunglasses, wanting to get them on before I started the car.

A nonexistent creeper tried to pawn a necklace onto me. One that didn't even belong to me.

… That's it. I need sleep.

Thank goodness it's Friday…

With that, I put my sunglasses on and started the car, slowly working my way around fellow people and cars alike, trying to get out of the parking lot. Eventually, I managed to escape the parking lot, only to get stuck behind a long line of traffic, and I cursed under my breath.

Thanks to my imagination, I didn't leave the parking lot in time to miss the school buses.

I cursed my luck, looking towards the radio, hoping that at lease one station had music I could stand, only to freeze as I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

It was on the passenger seat, glinting away at me.

It was that dammed necklace.

Hesitant, I reached over to it, touching the larger gem with my finger. The hot sun beaming through the window had already warmed it, assuming it was recently put into my car.

I tried to look around the school grounds, hoping to catch a glimpse of the strange man that had it earlier, only to receive an angry honk from the car behind me.

Traffic was moving. I was holding it up.

Flustered, I continued driving, cursing out the world as I headed home and still met up with traffic from fellow students who thought it was fun to zigzag along the road…

Almost fifteen minutes later, way longer than it should have taken, I was finally home. I parked the car and got my stuff, taking the mystery necklace with me.

I wasn't going to just leave it in my car for someone to steal. And I wasn't in the mood to try and make it back to school where certain doors were locked and I could put it in lost and found.

I had resolved to take it back with me on Monday, dumping it into lost and found. Or the garbage, depending on how grumpy I was.

As soon as I entered the house, I was greeted by Bo, our family dog. Well, maybe not really greeted as I was more tackled to the ground by said behemoth.

"Ack! Bo, not today! I'm in a bad mood!" I cried, trying to shove the slobbering Mastiff to the side so I could stand back up.

Finally I made it to the kitchen, noting that my parents were at work, and probably wouldn't be home for quite some time. With that, I decided on a quick, unhealthy snack to kick off the weekend, along with some television. And so I did just that, choosing chips and a soda and deciding on watching what I had left in the DVD player, which happened to be One Piece. A friend had lent it to me to watch, saying it was the cat's ass. I didn't fully agree with that, but it was okay. It had its funny moments, but really it felt like a bunch of idiots were trying to be pirates, if you could call it that. What they called "pirates" was really more like a bunch of lunatics trying to be heroes who would just so happen to call themselves pirates…

I felt myself grin at the episode that was on, which was when the crew first arrived at the Baratie. I had seen it before, but it was nice to see it again. Really, Sanji was rather entertaining. In fact, if I could pick a character I liked most, it would be him. Well, that and Zoro, but a guy who could use three swords at once was a pretty kickass guy.

As Sanji beat up a prissy customer, I think his name was Fullbody or something like that, I yawned, scratching my stomach, blinking as I felt my nails hit something in my hoodie pocket. I reached in, pulling out the necklace.

"I thought I put you on the counter…" I mumbled as I heard Bo snore from his end of the couch. With a hum, I barely picked up the yelling from the television as I stared at the necklace. Despite the fact that a guy broke into my car when I wasn't paying attention and put it there, it was a fairly nice necklace. Maybe not retail-worthy, but still nice.

Really, it wasn't the necklace's fault. I shouldn't hate it.

I wondered what it would look like on me…

With that, I nudged Bo's head off my feet, ambling to the bathroom and gazing into the mirror. From laying on the couch, my short, dark blonde hair was already messed up, and I could see bags under my blue-gray eyes from lack of sleep. It was strange how small I seemed like this, especially with a giant hoodie on.

I hummed, undoing the clasp and putting the necklace around my neck, fingering the jewel when it was set as it hit my chest, barely sticking out from underneath my shirt.

I guess it looked okay. It would probably look better without the hoodie…

… But the hoodie was sooo comfortable…

With that, I went back to the TV room, Bo watching me.

"Well? How do I look, boy?" I asked, arms outstretched.

Bo merely yawned, going back to sleep.

"That horrible, huh?" I muttered, scratching the back of my head as I made it back to the couch, trying to stretch out around Bo, who merely snorted at me. After I finally managed to at least get one leg on the couch, I snuggled into it, sighing as I continued watching. At this point, Sanji was fawning over Nami, who didn't look exactly thrilled by it. I remembered my friend chittering about Sanji and how he never ceased to flirt with her, even in the most inappropriate situations… Personally, I don't know how anyone could cope with that. If it were me, I'd be a flustered, stuttering mess.

I yawned, feeling a little too comfortable nestled in my hoodie on the couch, Bo's snoring becoming more and more like a lullaby and less of an annoyance.

I hadn't had a good night's sleep all week, and it was finally catching up to me.

… Well, I guess a quick nap wouldn't hurt.

With a final yawn, I shut my eyes, allowing myself to be lulled into slumber.



Both have great power…

It just depends on how it's used…

I was dreaming. That was for sure.

Of course, my dreams usually involved some strange surroundings, and usually a talking cat with a pistol, trying to convince me that the mafia was trying to steal the world's supply of cabbages, so this was definitely different.

I was walking around, trying to see if I could find the source of the creepy disembodied voice that seemed to echo throughout the never-ending darkness. I idly noted that I was naked, but that was besides the point. All this talk of demons and gods was freaking me out. Damn symbolism…

We wanted a miracle…

All we got was a curse…

Okay, this creepy-voice-thing was starting to annoy me…

"Hello? I know you're out there!" I called, stopping. "This isn't funny, you know! It's my dream! I control it! Now I want to see you!"

"There are no dreams. Only nightmares for us…"

I whirled around, seeing someone standing a few feet away. It was a woman, if I were to guess, clad in a white dress of sorts, back turned to me. Her arms seemed to be covered in a strange tattoo, swirling and dotting in strange patterns.

"They told us it was a gift… and it was, at first…" She whispered, arms trembling, her dark hair moving as she seemed to bow her head. "But all it caused was grief… We were to be miracles, and we were… but as prosperity came to others…"

Finally, she turned, and I gasped. The woman's eyes were hooded, and blood soaked the front of her dress.

What was supposed to be her chest was nothing more than a crater of flesh and bone.

"We withered and died…" She finally finished, reaching towards me. I stumbled back, bumping into someone and whipping around to see them.

It was another woman, seemingly younger, dark curly hair hanging around her face, wearing a black blouse that also dripped in blood. She lifted a hand, and within it was human heart.

The scream in my throat died and I covered my mouth with my hands, trembling.

This was an utter nightmare…

I had to wake up!

As I began to pinch up and down my arms, the new woman's head rose, revealing her face that was covered in the same markings as the previous one was. Her eyes, which I could see, were like smoldering charcoal, burning with rage.

"I am a god…" she snarled, clutching the heart and causing it to shrivel, blood falling to the floor. "You are only blasphemy."

"Wake up, wake up, wake up!" I whimpered, arms burning from pinching. I moved to my sides, trying desperately to finally wake up.

"I shall be the one to reveal the truth." The woman sneered, heart in her hand finally bursting into bloodied mush. "All will tremble at my feet, and hail the coming of the true goddess of the sea!"

With that, she drew a sword, raising it above her. "AND YOU SHALL PERISH!"

I screamed, falling to my knees and covering my head, hoping, praying that I would finally wake up, or that at least my mother will kick me out of the couch and scold me for napping in the middle of the day.

It never came. And neither did the pain of the sword that woman had. I opened my eyes, seeing nothing again. I shook, clutching myself.

"Please…" I whimpered, staring at the ground. "Please make it stop!"

Instead of another vocal response, the floor lit up brightly with a blue light. I tried to shield my eyes, shutting them tightly, but the light was strong enough to show through my eyelids.

I hoped and prayed that this meant that I was finally waking up.

With that, I felt the floor underneath me vanish and I screamed as I plummeted.

This was it. Finally.

I was going to wake up.

I had awoken with a start, floundering around, trying to get my bearings as whatever I was in jostled with my movement. I felt lost and confused after that bizarre nightmare…

… And my new surroundings weren't helping.

I blinked owlishly as I saw a bright blue sky above me, clouds drifting with the wind as I heard seagulls somewhere in the distance. I blinked, panicking slightly as I finally launched myself into a sitting position, feeling my eyes bug out of my head as I saw nothing but the ocean no matter where I looked. All of this was tinted blue, as I noted that my sunglasses were on.

Somehow, while I was dreaming, I must've sleepwalked all the way to the Bahamas, stole a boat, and drifted out to see.

How I got to the Bahamas by sleepwalking was a mystery.

All I knew was that my parents were going to kill me.

I felt the panic increase as I clenched the side of the small boat I was in, noting that it still had an old-fashioned wood finish, and I felt my hands tremble against it.

"How can this be happening?" I muttered. "How did I get out here!"


I jumped, whirling around and gawking at the large ship that floated next to me. It too looked like an old-fashioned ship, and I gazed up to see a familiar face staring down at me. It was a man, with long black hair and a five o'clock shadow, waving down at me as if this wasn't at all bizarre.

"YOU!" I shrieked. "You're the creepy guy! The one who put that necklace in my car!"



Another head popped over the railing of the large boat. This was a younger man, looking a bit younger than me, with sandy hair and bright gray eyes.

"His name's not creepy guy! It's Daniel!" He called. "And I'm Walker, his apprentice! It's nice to finally meet ya, Amelia!"

I gawked. "This is all your fault!" I snapped, pointing up at them. "It's your fault I had that crazy dream and wound up in the middle of the ocean on a decrepit dingy!"

"Hey! Be nice!" Walker called, frowning.

"Now, now…" Daniel said smoothly, waving Walker off. "Sorry about all that, but it had to be done."

"BULLSHIT!" I yelled. I then blinked, realization hitting me as I felt around my neck, realizing I had the necklace on. I then grinned triumphantly. "Ha! Now I get it! It's the necklace! If I take it off, I'll go back home!"

With that, I reached with clumsy fingers to the clasp, undoing it and holding it out away from me, eyes closed, hoping that I would soon hear the snoring of Bo instead of the seagulls.

But no, the seagulls were still there. Damn seagulls.

"I'm afraid that's not how it works." I glared up at Daniel.

"So, what, I have to fall asleep again!" I called.

"No, no! I mean, you can't go back." Daniel said. "You still have things to do!"

"What things!" I snapped. "I'm out in the middle of the ocean! Is this some bizarre thing you like to do? Put poor girls in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and see if they can get back home!"

"Ease Blue." Daniel called.

I blinked. "Wha?"

"You're in the East Blue! There's no such thing as the Atlantic here!"

… What?

"You're bullshitting me…" I snarled at him.

"'Fraid not." Walker said. "See, we were sent to bring you here, because you have an important timeline to follow!"

"Timeline!" I called.

"Something like that!" Daniel said. "See, you were chosen by birth to complete a great task. In order to do this, you have to follow a certain timeline."

"Why can't you dolts do it!"

"Too much interference." Daniel said calmly. "As I said, only you can do it. That's why you were sent here…"

"Well, wait!" I called. "Where exactly am I if not the Atlantic? The Pacific? The Mediterranean?"

"Like I said, you're in East Blue!" Daniel called, blinking as Walker whispered something to him. "Oh, geez, is it that time already? Well, crap!"

"Time? What time!" I was panicking again, along with angry. I was still incredibly confused as to where I was and how to get home, let alone do whatever the hell the two batshit-crazy dudes wanted me to do!

"Look, I'm really sorry we can't continue with this conversation, but it's starting, and we can't be here for that." Daniel said. "So, we're gonna leave you to it!"

"Hey, wait!" I called. "What the hell are you two doing!"

"Getting the hell out of dodge!" Daniel said. "Oh, wait!"

He disappeared with Walker then, and I heard something cranking away. I then blinked as Daniel appeared again, holding a backpack. "A couple of parting gifts!"

I yelped as he dropped the backpack and I caught it with clumsy hands, feeling the necklace dangle between my fingers.

"I'd move for this one!" Eh?

I looked up and screamed as something large and round began to fall at me. I jumped out of the way as I heard a sickening crunch and a splash of water, feeling the entire dingy shift. I looked back and paled, as there was now a large, splintered hole in it.

"I'll see you around soon! Then I'll get into more details!" I heard Daniel called. "And here's something to entertain yourself with!"

I whimpered as a rather small guitar-looking thing plopped into the water as the large ship began to move.

"See you soon! And stick with those guys! That's part of the timeline!"

"Who the hell-!" I started, gawking as the ship had vanished into thin air.

Apparently, that was that guy's thing. Vanishing and leaving me in distress.

I felt anger and panic as I frowned, tears stinging my eyes as I felt water hit my elbows. I sniffled, grabbing onto a plank that broke off my sinking ship and held onto it, the backpack floating next to me as I grabbed the other thing he left me with, recognizing it as an ukulele.

I then sobbed, bowing my head as tears freely leaked through my eyes. Here I was, stranded in the middle of the ocean with a backpack and a bloody ukulele by a couple of whack jobs who claimed I had an important task ahead of me and that I had to complete it.

Really, all I wanted was to go home and be with my family. My mother, my father, even my lazy dog. I sobbed as I thought of how worried they'd be, and how I had no hope to contact them, let alone for someone to find me.

"Help me…! Someone, please help!" I whimpered clenching my hands into fists, the backpack bobbing and the necklace fluttering in the water. Then I raised my head up, tears stinging my eyes and cheeks. "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!"

With that, I continued to shout for help, begging and hoping, all the while sobbing, feeling helpless and pathetic.

My throat hoarse from screaming, I lowered my head, sobbing again.

This was it.

I was going to die out here.

My thoughts were halted as I felt something clutch at my hoodie and yanked, and I gasped, eyes wide as I began to flying, out of the water and through the air, landing in a soggy, blubbering heap on the floorboards of another dingy.

"Hey, hey! Are you okay?"

I whimpered, looking up, two figures dominating my vision, and I felt numb, panicked again even.

I was saved, all right. But the people who saved me were people who I thought I would never run into in my life.

One was a kid of maybe eight, with a pink bowl-cut, glasses and panicked eyes. The other was a boy closer to my age, with a blank, confused look on his face. Said boy also had black hair and equally black eyes hooded by a straw hat. He also had a red vest and shorts on.

I knew them, even though I shouldn't.


I was on a dingy with Koby and Luffy D. Monkey.