This is OC and most likely would never ever happen but I had fun writing it. As it is a fic it does not matter if it is not really in character for these toon's I like it. Hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome as always.

Set 6years later

Nav (Nikki) has just been posted back to Hammersley


Mike Flynn's mobile phone rings. Mike is still in bed

"Mike Flynn speaking"

"Mike Maxine here your being crashed sailed to pick up the SAS guys from Samaru"

"Why us, can't someone else do it" Sounding not to impressed

"Sorry Mike but all the other boats are busy or in for repairs"

"When do we leave" Mike is not impressed

"1000hrs Mike"

"Ok Maxine will let the rest of them know"

"Fair winds Mike"

"Bye Maxine" Mike hangs up the phone dam mum is not going to like me.


The entire crew par the Co and XO are on the boat loading supplies for their trip.

"Anyone seen the boss or X?" asked Nav

"Most likely at Navcom getting our orders" replied Dutchy

Next thing the crew see two very unhappy officers walking to the boat. Who are talking to each other as they get closer to the boat they stop talking.

"Morning Sir, Ma'am" says Nikki as Mike and Kate walk onto the ship

Kate keeps walking ignoring Nav. Nav looks at Swain with a puzzled look what is up with her. Swain just shrugs his shoulders.

"Nav let the senior sailors know meeting in the ships office in 30mins. I will be in my cabin till then if you need me"

"Yes Sir"

Mike walks off to head to his cabin.

Nikki and Swain both head off as well

"What is up with those two today they both are not impressed over something" Nikki says

"Well we might find out in 30mins. Maybe it has something to do with us being crashed sailed"

"Maybe swain, Maybe" says Nav


Mike is on the phone to his mother in his cabin with his door slightly ad jar. And Nikki walks past hearing Mike talking on the phone

"Hi Mum"

"Got bad news we won't be there tonight been crashed sailed"

"Yes mum I know today is an important day but work is work not much we can do about it"

"Yes mum will let her know. We will come over once we are back"

"No mum don't ring Maxine"

"Please don't mum"

"Yes mum"

"Bye mum" Nikki quickly walks off. Mike got a mystery woman she says to herself.