Okay, so we're gonna do Paddy's Nightmare now. And I think the Nightmare King's getting the booze back.

Paddy Fulbright slept peacefully in his bed one night, undisturbed. Just then, the Nightmare King burst through the ceiling, wearing a red cape tied to a beer bottle-shaped emblem with DR written on it. "Never fear! Drunkman is here! And this is my faithful sidekick, Beer Boy!" With that, he spun around and the DR changed to a BB.

"Holy hedgehogs, Drunkman! This boy's snoozing like there's no tomorrow!" He switched back to DR.

"You're right, Beer Boy! We need to do something about this!" He switched back.

"I know! Let's give him a nightmare!"

"Good thinking, Beer Boy! He'll wish he didn't…he-he didn't…fail to come up with some lame pun-Alright, let's just do this."

Inside his nightmare, Paddy awoke in his bed when his house began to shake. Just then, Shaunie ran in, screaming. "PADDY, RUN! SHE'S COMING!"

"Huh? Who's coming?"

At that instant, the roof and ceiling was torn off from the house and the two looked in horror to see a giant Fanny.

"She's going around and eating any boy she can find-AAHHH!" Shaunie screamed when his giant sister picked him up and swallowed him.

"BLECH! That tasted disgusting! I wonder if you'll taste any better?" With that, the giant Fanny reached down and picked up Paddy, who tried to shake away. Before she could eat him, several male KND soldiers flew by on jetpacks, trying to shoot at her.

"KEEP SHOOTING! SHE'S ALMOST DOWN!" the leader commanded, but this only resulted in them being swatted out of the sky.

"Stoopid boys! Now, where were we?"


"AAAHHH!" Paddy screamed, waking up in his room.

"WHAT'S GOING ON, PADDY?" Fanny shouted, barging in his room.

"AAHHH!" Paddy screamed, hiding under his blanket. "DON'T EAT ME!"

"Eat ya? What are ya talking about?"

"Uh…nothing." Paddy said, coming out from the blanket. "Hey, Fanny, if you were 100 feet tall, would you eat me and Shaunie?"

"Ugh, stoopid boys." She mumbled to herself.

"Is that a 'yes'?"

She sighed. "No. Look, Paddy, I may find you, Shaunie, and every other boy annoying, which they are, you two are my brothers, and ah love ya."

Paddy smiled at this.

"Well, look at that, Beer Boy." The two turned to see 'Drunkman' standing in the doorway. "More family bonding thanks to the likely work of Drunkman!"

"Wowser Bowser, Drunkman! You're so cool!"

"I know, Beer Boy! I know. Now, let us go. More kids and nightmares await!" With that, the Nightmare King took off to the sky, leaving Fanny and Paddy confused and speechless.

"…'Course, if ah was 100 feet tall, I'd like to squash big idiots like him."

"And how."

Yep, now the Nightmare King's taking up two personas! Anyway, next time, we'll do the next person I can think of. Later.