Warnings: BoyXBoy Love! Good Tom! Evil Dumbles! Ron/Ginny Bashing! Good Slytherins!

Full Summary: Harry Potter goes back to school with a new and darker view on life. Having been abused and lie to all his life, Harry can't take it anymore and decides its time to make a change. He goes back to school a changed man; angerier, more powerful, darker, and more untrusting. Its time for everyone to see what lies behind the smile.

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prologue: running away

Can't take it anymore!

I've had enough of this!

It's time for me to go.

What I thought was the truth was just lies!

I'm so overwhelmed.

I need to escape!

I Dont know whats going on!

Its not safe!

Where Can I Go?

There is no place that is safe for me now. It's not with Dumbledor or at the order headquarters. I cant go to Hogwarts, I cant go back to Gryffindor, there is no place for me now. I just need to keep running, I just hope that SHE is alright. Please let HER be alright, I just need HER to stay safe until I find a place for us.

Harry stopped in front of an old abandoned Black manor, checking once over his shoulder before walking through the somewhat weak ward that was still intact, he would have to set up a new ward later. Harry ran up the gravel walkway and gripped the handle, pulling the creaking door open. Harry stepped in and was instantly surrounded by dark magic.

"who is there?" a ghostly voice hissed out as the magic wrapped itself about Harry tightly.

"my name is Lord Harry James Potter-Black. I am the heir to the house of Potter, Black, Gryffindor..." Harry took a deep

breath before he said the next part that he found out a few days ago, "and I am the heir to the house of Slytherin."

The dark magic disappeared and Harry took a deep breath before walking into the foyer.

"Dobby! Kreature! Winky!" Harry yelled out, summoning his three house elves. Dobby and Winky became his houselves during his sixth year when they grew tired of being free elves and Kreature became his house elf after Sirius left everything to him.

The three house elves appeared with a POP, Harry ordered them to clean up the house and to make livable for Harry. They set to their task quickly, starting with the sitting room so Harry would have a place to sit. Harry sat down on one of the slytherin green couch and pulled his knees to his chest, resting his chin on his knees. Harry became lost in his jumbled thoughts, thinking about the last couple weeks. He had learned so many things about himself, his family, and the man he once thought to be perfect. And it all started when he recieved that damn letter.

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